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  1. NissaCam

    03321: Damien - Modified Bones

    Thanks so much, guys. I really appreciate all the kind words. With regards to the GS - yup, first try. I did a little fimo sculpting as a kid, but nothing this intricate or tiny. It feels like cheating a little, though, because the particular items I chose to sculpt were really easy. I didn't know any of the useful tips for sculpting with GS I've read up on since, so my method was kind of ridiculous. I used a ziplock freezer bag as a work surface so nothing would stick, and a bit of water to help that along/smooth out my fingerprints. A dull craft knife was my tool of choice. Basically the two big books were just thin sheets of GS flattened under my thumb and then cut into rectangles - thicker, slightly larger ones for the covers, and around three thinner, smaller ones for the pages. For the folded book, I stacked the pages, folded them in half, chopped a bit off the back and folded the cover around them. Then a thin line near the spine to mark the binding. For the flat book, I stacked the three pages, warped them a bit to look curved open and pressed a line down the middle, then stuck them to the cover. Scrolls were pretty much the same, just rolled into tubes and then one corner massaged a tiny bit to curl outwards. Painting really made all the difference - lining between the pages to give them depth and such. JackMann - I'll try that, thank you. I was pretty happy with the highlights on raised sections (compared to my previous work, not compared to some of the amazing versions of Damien I've seen online and goggled at), but the back of that coat, man... I had no idea what I was doing.
  2. NissaCam

    03321: Damien - Modified Bones

    My buddy Baugi encouraged me to post this here - the first mini I've been really happy with since I picked up some basic technique. This is Damien, Hellborn Wizard - but while I had an NPC badly in need of a mini, he's a shirtless human caster, not a shirtless tiefling caster. Important difference. The horns were an easy fix, and making him point instead of throwing up the, err, horns was also pretty straightforward, but removing the tail took a lot of careful carving with a tiny craft knife. It left some visible scarring behind, but a bit of brush-on sealer and some dark paint fixed that up enough to get by. This is my first attempt at doing pretty much anything with a base (sculpting with Green Stuff, specifically), at blacklining, at thinning paints and at layering highlights. There are issues, but it's worlds ahead of what I've done in the past. Most of that's to Baugi's credit, as he's the one that's been pushing me to try out more complex painting. Oh, and the pouch in the back is from a Victoria Miniatures sprue - the only bit from the base I didn't put together myself. So, yeah. Any questions or advice, totally welcome.