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  1. I got a tracking number saying mine departed Atlanta on Friday, but it has to cross the pacific so I imagine about two weeks until it hits the doorstep.
  2. I think that spider was a poor choice, doesn't have mass appeal to give the KS a real boost. Very happy in the end, well done Reaper, breaks this project into the top ten KS of all time.
  3. That ticker is moving quickly now, come on Reaper, you can still get more of my money if you've got something up your sleeve.
  4. Arghhh! All these awesome big guys are killing my shipping! Shipping sitting at almost $75!
  5. Keep in mind, I'm never going to buy another Reaper mini retail ever again. If Reaper wants my money this is their chance to get it. I have at least 1000 Reaper minis (mostly metal) in the garage, they've gotten all the cash I can justify spending at MSRP. I have all I ever really need, but I can't resist supporting them in what I think is a great project, especially when they are offering me such a great deal. I merely wish things were more flexible. I don't see anyone interested in expansion 1 not getting it if it were split into add on parts as well as the bundle, I do see lots of people w
  6. I would pay $50 for 7-8 sets of Derro, but I won't pay $50 for Expansion 1. Thus Reaper loses out on my $50 altogether (actually probably on much more because I'd like quite a few hordlings and others as well). The Expansions are a good idea. But if I don't want that bundle Reaper could still benefit from my money by letting me pay I higher price per individual model and in doing so getting to pick and choose. Logistically more difficult, yes, but I'd pay a premium for it. The project is a success, I'd merely like the chAnce to put more money in the bank and get more minis I am interes
  7. I don't find a lot of this kickstarter appealing in terms of what is on offer, but there can't be any debate that if you want the minis you'll not see better value for your money. The core set is 100% a winner, as are the add-ons. My only criticism is the use of expansion sets this go around. It's a calculated gamble Reaper is taking, I hope it pays off. If it doesn't we won't see Expansions again and we'll see something else. My disappointment is with there not being options got me to get all the minis I want easily. I want to be able to spend more money, but the expansions just don't off
  8. Upped my pledge to include the extras I want and shipping. Hoping that Reaper gives me reason to up it again before the week is out. Come on guys and gals, I know you want my money, show me something interesting (or, bite the bullet and split those expansions).
  9. I agree, a lot of it I own already, how many skeletons and zombies do you need when you have a hundred laying in a box already. Reaper can get lots of my money if they split their expansions but if they don't I too will pledge far less than what I did in KS one. Funnily enough I'm in a better financial position now, there just isn't much to peak my interest. I want about 1/3rd of expansion 1 and 2 and nothing in expansion 3; so I can't justify the $50. And for everyone telling me just to wait for retail, that's fine, but be aware I haven't bought a Reaper mini in 5 years outside the KS so
  10. Bryan, is there any way Reaper can be convinced to split the items in the Expansions so they can be added as individual parts? I'm sure this has been discussed but it can't justify spending $50 on a set a minis when I want or could make use of less than half of them. I would however spend $150-200 extra on minis I wanted from those expansions. I assume that I'm not alone. While I know it would mean more work, it could also mean several hundred thousand dollars added to the kick starter. Pretty disappointed you guys are making the effort to split the main set into parts but not the expa
  11. Royal Guard pilot with veteran instincts for 23 points seems like a bloody good deal for an PS8 interceptor with 3 attack and 3 defence.
  12. I can't decide if I like the idea or not. How would you prefer an introduction of new pilots and cards for older ships? I was thinking as a card like booster, but it doesn't have much visual appeal to new players.it would be easier to keep in production, wave 1 seems out of print again. Cash grab is a bit over zealous maybe, certainly a shrewd move. I guess the real limitation is the number of ships available in the series, we'll have to see them branch out into more and more obscure stuff in the next waves (tie defender, rendar's outrider), which is fine by me but may not be commercially
  13. No comment about imperial aces? I've got 3 interceptors already, so I'm not sure...the box makes me want 2 sets to get the sweet PS 6 pilots but I'm not sure I can justify 7 of the same ship (although I suppose I have seven TIEs). Granted, I find myself gravitating to larger 200 point games so I might be alright. Anyone else on the fence?
  14. Can you give us an idea of what your opponent is typically playing when using the Dwarves? Reven is a capable faction, we should be able to give you some idea of what to take and how to use it against Dwarves. Start with the Bull Orcs and build around them using the Tomukh doctrine. Excellent value for points models are Narg, Gaaguk, Korgug, and these models can anchor your force. Also, Reven have the most variety in troops available to any faction, so if something isn't working you have a huge number of options.
  15. One thing I would also like to point out is that there are a vastly superior array of Special abilities in 2nd edition Warlord that allow units to do all sorts of things they couldn't do in first edition; and in having access to these SA units could be made more flavourful and were given abilities that really characterise how the developers wanter them to feel and perform on the battlefield. First edition play cannot even come close to mimicking some of the fantastic manuevers and tactics that cen be used in 2nd edition. I suggest that if you can find a local veteran player in your area (
  16. Not to mention that you can construct any army to play towards initiative if you find it to be vastly important.
  17. I shouldn'tg be recieving anything but books, so I would have thought I would have got them some time ago. Just got mine in earlier this week. Sadly it was not packed in ideally and there was some damage (repairable, but with painting needed ) Hopefully yours gets there all in one piece.
  18. Have all of the rewards been mailed out? I've not heard anything about it, and haven't recieved anything.
  19. Warlord continues to have many of the things that have aalways made it special (not totaly unique, as some of these things appear in other games in different combos): #1) Extremely flexible army design. There is very little that is prescribed. This became even more the case in 2nd edition, with the removal of many artificial restrictions on troop design. In fact, there are very few constraints on what can be included in a given troop, and the number of troops that need to be fielded in a given game. Most armies also have the flexibility to be played in many different ways. #2) Mixed
  20. If you just wanted to start with a single pack you could use them as Leader models and use the Kak Urg datacard. I think Hobgoblins leading Orcs might be pretty cool, and Kak has a datacard that fits my vision of a Hobgoblin pretty well.
  21. Taenar the Scaly, Cultist Leader (OOP), #2797
  22. Use wire, green stuff will break without support. Edit: although a 1/4 inch is fairly thick, I still think the wire would work best as it would more readily let you get the shape you desire.
  23. I think the way you paint it would make a real difference in whether it look cute or not. Tough to say though.
  24. 03456: Animal Companions I http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/bear/latest/03456#detail/03456_w_1 Have you looked at that bear? It is fairly small, but I think it is a great bear. Otherwise what I would do is stop into various toy and knick knack shops and check to see if you can find a cheap little plastic one that does the trick for you.
  25. Skadi's weapon is a bear headed hammer. Easy to convert if you don't like it.
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