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  1. Harshnagg! Great job, I really like the contrasts
  2. Absolutely awesome! Saving this for future inspiration for my next giants
  3. Absolutly awesome! I like it really, really much. The scales show that you had to spend hours on painting them patiently. A huge project finished ... what's next? ^^
  4. I like your paint job very much. Very cool to see so much bronze colors on him, including the cloak! I also painted the old version and the new version of this mini, and I always went for red dragon scale cloak and more gold colors with black. Holding my version in front of the screen to compare, I think I like yours better :D
  5. Very beautiful, I like them very much. It's very inspiring to see some painted Nolzur's!
  6. This is a very beautiful paint job! I love the colors and the contrasts!
  7. very cool. Cleaver guy brings back some fond memories :)
  8. Wow, these look really great! I'm still waiting for my shipment of Nolzur's, and you gave me some great inspiration for these. What tricks did you use on the transparent parts? They look kind of semi-transparent now, but not too dark to cast shadows?
  9. Hi there, I have another player character from my D&D Storm King's Thunder campaign to share. It belongs to a player with a phoenix bloodline sorcerer. So this is the fire guy of the party. He liked the dynamic pose and the flame of the Halmar miniature, so I painted him up. I'm not good with OSL at all, but I tried to add a little bit of light on the clothes and the hair. Have to practice more before I try glowing undead ^^ I hope you like it.
  10. Hi there, here's another player character from my current Storm King's Thunder D&D campaign. One of my players has a rock gnome lore wizard. He didn't like the gnome miniatures from Reaper very much, but he loved the Halfling wizard. However, he insisted on wearing shoes and also to get rid of the familiar rabbit at the miniature's side. So this is a modified version with new shoes. I admit, they DO look a bit like giant wodden clogs, but hey - my player liked them anyway. Hope you like it!
  11. Hi there, here's a player character from my current Storm Kings Thunder D&D campaign (we're kind of a year behind the D&D publishing schedule ;)). The player has a moon elf rogue who is a master archer. Perfect miniature for the player. I had some difficulties with the pale moon elf skin and the hair, but I'm satisfied with the result. Hope you like it! Here's a view of the whole party: 1st - Dual Wield Rogue (Dark Sword) 2nd - Halmar, Young Wizard (Reaper) 3rd - Halfling Wizard (Reaper) 4th - Halfling Rogue (Wizkids Nolzur) 5th - Svela Dwarf Paladin (Hasslefree) 6th - Arathaniel (Reaper)
  12. Hi there, another PC of my recently finished Tyranny of Dragons D&D campaign: Lafisar the wood elf druid. My player loved the miniature's pose, so this Elquin mini became the party's druid. Hope you like it!
  13. Hi there, I haven't been posting here for quite some time. But I have some finished minis I wanted to share with you. This is a a player character in my recently finished D&D Tyranny of Dragons campaign. A shield dwarf warlock, Fey Patron (Prince of Ice) with Pact of the Blade (or here: an magical ice axe, that's why it's white). I really liked painting this miniature, it has great facial details. I hope you like it. [edit] Here are the rest of the player characters of the campaign. I posted some of them some time ago in 2016 ^^
  14. Thank you very much and I'm glad you like it :) Painting such a huge miniature doesn't really involve a lot of small, intricate areas to show off awesome painting skills. (Been painting on and off since Bones 1 and I'm not too good when it comes to clean and detailed brushwork, think I reached a plateau here). Blending is also easier on big surfaces, so I would say most of the work was the modification and patience to finish the whole thing. My players loved it, by the way. The summoning was complete, and an actual to scale Tiamat came on the Battlemap. It really scared them, as it should be :D
  15. Finally done, pictures taken and posted in Showoff forum: Thanks for following this project :)
  16. Hi guys, I haven't been here for the better part of a year, but I'm back with a huge "miniature". Its the Lysander model from Toscano, more of a statue than an actual miniature model. There have already been at least two of those in the forums, and they inspired me to paint my own. Also I paint to use the minis for D&D, and we were finishing a specific campaign where I needed a Tiamat miniature. Lysander has five identical heads, so I modified them to resemble the five evil dragon types from D&D lore. If you want to know more, please visit the WIP thread here. So may I present to you Tiamat, the Dark Queen of Dragons. I actually finshed painting the beast last December, but just got new photo hardware today to shoot the thing. Sir William Peacekeeper is facing Tiamat and Severin, the Cult of the Dragon's leader alone. Poor fool.
  17. Xherman already did the rock joke :P But this paint job is really cool. I like what you did with the different shades of grey. And as a base junkie myself, I adore the base. In February, I will be preparing and painting minis for Storm Kings Thunder, too. I'll look at yours for inspiration then :)
  18. Step 8: Face Details I had some time to paint the faces over the weekend. At first I thought to paint them all "realistically" with pink/red flesh colors, but decided against it. This way, the heads contrast even more: Black head: Muted colors for the teeth, brown-green tongue. There are nice artworks of black dragons with these foul and stinking colors. The picture unfortunately doesn't show it very well :/ Blue head: Opted for violet/purple flesh with the blue dragon head. Many D&D pictures show the dragon like this, so this was a no brainer. Red head: Went with traditional colors here. Green head: The newer D&D 5E art pictures the green dragon with a lime-green/poison-green tongue instead of the older art showing red tongues. I liked that, so I tried it here. White head: Went with a dark blue tongue and skyblue eyes with the white dragon head. And here are they all together in one shot: Tiamat is almost finished. I need to touch up some areas and finish the base. Where do I go from here? Any suggestions?
  19. Step 7: Body and Wing Details It took me two evenings, but I think I finished the body and the wings. This was my reference (can't find the original, bigger image) for the general color scheme: Started to paint the base. I don't want anything green on there, it's all dead stuff from hell where Tiamat is coming from. Maybe I paint the little mushrooms in a brighter color? I plan to make the eyes glowing orbs like in the reference picture. But I also don't want to ruin the faces with bad OSL, as I haven't done any OSL ever. I think I'll go for very bright eye colors in the middle of the eye and then blending into the respective color (yellow, blue). I went with simple black/red wings. This is how they picture the D&D 5E red dragon and Tiamat in the Neverwinter game. Also, I don't know if there is any need to do something with the seams of the different necks. It looks a bit unnatural with the different colors next to each other, at the moment. On the other hand, ... it's a dragon. What's natural, here?
  20. Step 5: Basecoat / Head Details Okay, this took me about one week of late night painting. Watched half of season 6 of Star Trek TNG while painting the red scales. Also, need new Vallejo Cavalry Brown ( = red basecoat). Tiamat ate it all. But I get ahead of myself. First, I painted the heads and necks with about two to three coats. The white one was painted with Offwhite first (a little bit of yellow in the white) and then highlighted with Foundation White. For high contrast, I used a dark grey and a little black. The D&D white dragons have this nice black eye shadow, and Lady Tiamat also needed this. The green head was done pretty quickly. I had just painted Blightfang a couple of months ago and just did the same routine here. It took a bit longer with the blue head, as I had to find a suitable color first. I went with Prussian Blue. The black got a boasecoat of Dark Grey, a Grey highlighting and then a black wash. I mixed in some green for the neck frills. And finally, I painted the rest of the scales in Cavalry Brown. After that, I took an evening for the mustard/sand colored scales of the neck front. I changed them a little bit from head to head: Yellowish for the red head, a little more sand color for the blue head, a little less saturaed/beige colored for the black head and a little lime-colored for the green head. I went with white for the white head for the moment.
  21. Step 4: Priming With the heads done, it's time to prime. Here is the figure primed in black and white via airbrush. Never had to prime a model as big as this before. I used a friggin' airbrush and it still took about two hours. Also, my airbrush is clogged now because of the latex in the primer (Vallejo Primer). It didn't go out even after a 48h bath in airbrush cleaner. Anyhow, here is the primed miniature, ready to receive some paint! The black head: The blue head: The red head: The green head: The white head: All five heads together: The whole miniature: And from behind: Tiamat and her small consort. He's the dragon that doesn't share.
  22. and with that, I'll return to the Tiamat figure. Step 3: Still modifying the heads Next, I bought a small saw in a hardware store and got rid of the horns, frills and ears of some of the dragon heads. Added a little bit more greenstuff to get closer to the D&D dragons. Black head Sawed off all horns, frills and the ears. Then I glued on my previously made horns and sculpted a little bit around the area. Also added more spikes on top of the head. I tried to saw off as much nose as possible to flatten it (the black dragons face looks very skull-like). I also extended the spinal spikes to form the typical neck frills of black dragons. Blue head Sawed off the horns and small ears. Blue dragons have large, frilled ears that can be furled shut. They fully open, if the dragon is angry/excited. So I extended the existing frills a little bit to emulate this. Still needs skin between the greenstuff spikes. Red head Added another set of bigger horns and three pairs of smaller spikes under the eyes. This is the only dragon head where I really liked the existing nose horn and the frills :) Green head Sawed off the horns, nose spike, and a little bit of the frills, then added more spikes to the head in the place where the frills were. Also added long spinal spikes on the neck. White head Sawed off the horns, frills, ears and all visible spikes. Then added a curving spine on top of the head. Later, I added the chin spike. I also tried to smoothen the surface of the side of the neck a little bit. I could add green stuff to make it smoother, but I was fresh out of the stuff. This will have to do :)
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