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  1. You gotta love these little guys! Nice job.
  2. I really like the green robe with the purple skin.
  3. WAY better than mine! Great job. Nifty little piggy, too.
  4. Very cool! I'm not a woman, but I am a cancer survivor. It shows how we can accomplish more together than we can separately.
  5. Nice. The color choice is perfect. You almost can't go wrong with dark red and green.
  6. Cool! Grenadier did a bunch of animal/humanoid minis, but I definitely don't have this one.
  7. I particularly like the pink/lavender cloak. It really goes well with that mini.
  8. Excellent work all the way around! You gotta love those two egg snatchers! Scratch two hirelings, but I guess that's what they are there for, right?!
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