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  1. You gotta love these little guys! Nice job.
  2. I really like the green robe with the purple skin.
  3. WAY better than mine! Great job. Nifty little piggy, too.
  4. Very cool! I'm not a woman, but I am a cancer survivor. It shows how we can accomplish more together than we can separately.
  5. Nice. The color choice is perfect. You almost can't go wrong with dark red and green.
  6. Cool! Grenadier did a bunch of animal/humanoid minis, but I definitely don't have this one.
  7. I particularly like the pink/lavender cloak. It really goes well with that mini.
  8. Excellent work all the way around! You gotta love those two egg snatchers! Scratch two hirelings, but I guess that's what they are there for, right?!
  9. OK, I'll say it: You should take pride in your lions! Well done. I will admit I'd never heard of Ravens Forge Miniatures.
  10. I do like Sandra Garrity's work. The blue/green/yellow triad works very well on this mini. Nails and makeup? Sheesh! I'm just glad to get my eyes focused.
  11. Excellent, realistic stone work. It looks simple, but can be hard to get just right!
  12. Nice! Making Bonesium look like metal. ...and nice freehand work, too!
  13. Nice work! (stupid, obvious comment of the day) I particularly like you minotaur horns.
  14. Just got back in town (& to a keyboard)! Funds sent and glad to do this for some good folks.
  15. I actually shot my mouth off on the KS comments about "The Bosses" buying donuts, but this is even better. Count me in for a few shekels!
  16. Great little mini. I really like the choice of yellow and green. I usually end up with blues and grays on my dwarves. Always nice to see some older minis!
  17. I know this has been said before (and repeatedly),but don't let your experience with OW color your view of Barrowmaze Complete. If you are that upset with OW, which I fully understand, just support BMC. I have BM 1 & 2 and am looking forward to the new and improved BMC. Just because you hate your friend's girlfriend doesn't mean you can't like your friend.
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