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  1. Now I want one! A cute idea I read for him was, show the kids your planting magic elf seeds, green Tic-Tacs in a bowl of white Tic-Tacs or something. Then the seeds grow put candy canes sticking up in the bowl and have the elf hugging one.
  2. I'm working on skeletens now and the husband wants them blue, black and grey. My first try was a disaster but I found some black wash and was wondering what its for. Is it like quickshade stuff? Please help, thanks!
  3. This just happens to be my current project, Thank you for sharing the video. I didn't think to add highlights, I will go back and do that to the faces. Didn't paint mine green skin though, the husband wanted them a dusky skin color. Though I love your goblins.
  4. I just put down yellow with a little orange on top then a little red on top of that, I'm sure there is a better way, a less sloppy way. But I'm happy with the way they came out and my husband thinks it's awesome. Their his minis I'm just painting them the way he tells me to.
  5. Re-did the bases so they aren't standing on burnt cookies anymore. The ground is still a little hot though.
  6. After many, many tries I finally (sort of) got the eyes on. And I also went back and fixed the torches, thanks for all the help and suggestions. Some other minis I've done, Stumpy Mc Gee! His arm is missing, must not have come all the way out the mold. LOL
  7. They work great for me, plus they are brand new. Got them for a Christmas gift and haven't used them till just now when I started painting minis. Also I read on here that if you wash a brush with conditioner it helps keep it from fraying. I tried it on one brush that was giving me fits and it worked.
  8. And i don't think using a pen is cheating, its just another tool, use whatever works for you. Might have to get one of those.
  9. Love your fire I'm gonna have to try that.
  10. I'm just starting out painting minis, right now I'm painting goblins and one of my questions is...can I get some tips on painting eyes? Usually I just dab black on with the tip of a toothpick. So very tiny! Oh and fire...any tips on painting torches? Any other suggestions to would be great.
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