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    Looking into sculpting .... haven't tried it yet but think it would be fun ....
  1. SlasherDan

    Minor Complaint

    You think that is bad .... what's up with this?!?!?!?!? Looks more like a Ghoul than a wood elf.... I think the problem is that they're starting to push their workers into putting detail into everything that the basic stuff is being pushed to the side. Hopefully they start putting more QC into the greens before they're allowed into production.
  2. SlasherDan

    Minis we would like to see (fantasy version),

    How about a elf ranger ... that looks like he's been in the boonies .... Leafy like armor .... Twigs and such tried on to stuff. Have gear on him like rope and a bag .... blah blah blah ..
  3. SlasherDan

    Minis we would like to see (fantasy version),

    I'd like to see some more Hobgoblins. But of other classes. Rangers, theifs, assassins, clerics, wizards ... I like that the Half-orcs got some attention and the same for the rest of the goblin and kobold line ... and the gnolls as well .... but I think we need some more Hobgoblins. :-)
  4. SlasherDan


    All I can say is that I would like to know when to expect these ..... I wish Warner did a few Male fighters ... the Loryn Stormblade is a female .. though I love it ... but my wife came by and said, nice looking chick .... I tried to deny it but there is clevage ... just not as much as Warner is known for.
  5. SlasherDan


    As far as I know there have never been release dates on the greens. Now castings in the gallery are a different story maybe that's what you are thinking about. That's correct. For variety of reasons, we don't attempt to apply hard release dates to the greens. kit And there have been times when a Green comes up and two weeks later it's in the stores.
  6. SlasherDan


    Okay I'm not getting the Olympus comment .... When are we going to see Hobgoblins??? As usual I love Werner's and Julie's work. The others are good too.
  7. SlasherDan

    Minis we would like to see (fantasy version)

    Sorry for this not being on a thread that I am sure still exists .. But when are we going to see some Hobgoblins done up?? I like the fact that we finally got some Bugbears, Gnolls, and other "evil" races. But some Hobgoblins would be cool. Or are there some and I jsut can't find them???
  8. SlasherDan

    New Greens

    Is it just me does it look like Reaper used photoshop on the Elven Sorceress and Dwarven Cleric by Werner??? Look at the feet of the minatures and then look at the base of the minature. It just looks like they are not mated right .... Then compair the bases to each other and you'll notice that they are identical ....
  9. SlasherDan

    Gallery Update!

    What's with all the UBER muscle barbarians??? I mean really .... do you think someone with ALL those muscles could swing and axe with out having a peck, Bicep, or Quad getting in the way??? I haven't seen anything that muscled up since watching "Fist of the Northstar" .... I mean I know it's fantasy and all but ..... some of those barbarians just look abnormal to me. Not that my opinion matters at all seeing how I don't really have the skill to sculpt but .... ewwww .... Like the praying paladin, the Anti-paladin, and the ranger ....
  10. SlasherDan


    ROFLMAO!!! Thank you, I needed that!!
  11. SlasherDan


    Funny, cause I was thinking the same thing about Dwarves, Elves, and humans. The next neglected race is the Gnome, followed by the Halfling. Though I like Elves and Humans .... I'm just tired of using them simply because it's easier to find a fig that properly represents them. I feel the other races need to see some attention. Otherwise there is going to be some Games-Workshop-Itus here where only one or two races get all the attention and the rest of the line slips into the abyss of "We don't support them because they don't sell" ....
  12. SlasherDan

    "The Two Swords"

    Definate Spoilers Do not read if you haven't finished the book. I liked how RA had everyone assume that Obould is dead just because he fought Drizzt. Low and behold, the Chosen of Grummish is alive and well!!!
  13. SlasherDan


    Half-Orc's??? Okay so there are like .... three minatures out there. Well two that I know of, but why isn't there any more?? Is the Half-Orc looked down on in the Reaper studio??? Are they losing out to other races that are viewed as "more popular"???? Where's the JUSTICE!!!???!!! I DEMAND HALF-ORC JUSTICE!!!!!
  14. SlasherDan

    What are the release schedules ...

    I double dog dare you to!!! I'll search for it ... THANKS!!!
  15. Just wondering what they might be ...