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  1. Oh, she loved it. 🙂 We got her a gift off of their registry, too, but I wanted to give her something more personal that I thought she would like. It is fun to paint these up for friends...
  2. I may end up doing a bunch of image dumps - I've painted a lot this year and maybe I should just post them in sets. This one, though, deserves its own post, I think. I painted up the Green Dragon Hatchling from waaaay back in Bones 2, showed it to my wife, and she made some suggestions - so here you have it painted up as a Swamp Dragon from the Discworld, as kept by Lady Sybil of Ankh-Morpork. I gave them a collar and name plate, and since they're a tame dragon, I gave them a few chew toys, including a Rolly Ball just like Rex of "Snake Discovery," as can be seen here: https://www.twitch.tv/snakediscovery Comments, criticisms, and suggestions welcome!
  3. I had to do some digging, but I found the pictures I took. This was June of 2019, my wife did the freehand though I colored it. My friend had purple hair at the time, so it was partly her character, partly her. I think I'm between your two versions in execution. 🙂
  4. Very, very nice! I actually painted her up once as a wedding gift for a friend - she played a cleric of Milani (from the Pathfinder universe - she's the goddess of rebellion against Tyranny and her symbol is a rose growing from bloody pavement) in our game so I also put a rose on the shield. Not as nice as yours, though. As someone pointed out - I really love the counterchanged shield, and the OSL looks really, really good as well. I'll have to see if I can't dig up a picture or something.
  5. Why are they carrying around six swords? Are they afraid of breaking them, maybe? Regardless, they look great! The purple metallic in particular looks amazing.
  6. So a bit over a week ago (Dec 1, in fact,) I decided I wanted to refresh my translucent minis (having fun with those, but that's another post,) get some freebies. When shopping through the newer Bones, I gasped, and came across Enrieth. You see, my wife and I have two bunnies, and her favorite is named Marilyn (for reasons which I hope should be obvious,) and I thought it would be a perfect gift to get Enrieth, paint her like Marilyn, and give it to her. So I did! I'll post a picture of the inspiration bunny, too. Comments and suggestions welcome!
  7. They look... they look.... delicious!
  8. Thank you for the compliment! I tried, but the focus wasn't great, to be honest, so I went with the above pictures. Here's what it looked like, any suggestions would be very welcome - I have yet to really photograph my minis well. I have a reaper light box and a camera with a tripod.
  9. I did it! I painted up this wonderful guy sent to us in the Ghoulie Bag. Not gonna lie, he was stupid fun to paint, everything from the chiseled physique to the pumpkins on his back to the bone-handled sickle to the bits of pulp drool coming out his mouth. Comments and advice welcome.
  10. Hello! I recently had my first in-person game in a year and a half, and started getting the yen to paint my vast hoard of unpainted Bones. Having painted a few, I thought of the Forums, and thought - well, I should post them here! I always love to search for other people's paint jobs, perhaps they may want to look at mine. I did, incidentally, participate in Bones V, but I messed up my pledge (I thought I closed it in like October, but apparently didn't,) but it's not like I didn't have enough from II and III. Anyway, this is a sculpt I marked down as "I really want to paint this," -- Olivia. For some reason the look on her face just appealed to me. I generally start off with Brown Liner on my Bones, and in this case that was probably a mistake - since I wanted her to be dressed in a de-saturated yellow robe I never quite got rid of the brown. Ah well. I also tried to make the vial she was holding half-full and look like glass... I think I succeeded but I'd love to know your thoughts. Comments, Criticisms, and advice most welcome!
  11. I think the steel looks pretty good! It reads as a blackened with razor edges to me, almost like Stormbringer from the Elric novels or something like that.
  12. Hah! I got that guy! Brother Jim is correct - this is a Shadowlands Goblin Mini for the game "Clan War," a miniatures wargame based on the CCG "Legend of the Five Rings." There was an RPG as well, but it started out as a CCG. The reason the goblins are standing on each other is that since this is a war game, the minis represent individuals within the units. Since goblins are small, they occupy about half the space as humans. The sculptors got very creative in depicting how they occupy the same 1" square. I'll see if I can't snap a few photos of the ones I have. They came in a set of three or four, as I recall. I think I have all but one.
  13. I assume they're eyes, but I don't know exactly what the sculptor had in mind. For a horrible thing-from-beyond, they work very well as eyes. I love how you make them gleam - they look great!
  14. Question for you - because the devil's head on the shoulder is the same color as the wings, it kind of looks like the wings belong to the other devil rather than the fire demon. Did you mean that? It's kind of cool regardless. :) I also love the black flesh tones and the armor. Gold/bronze is a good color for that.
  15. Yeah, this was pretty much exactly the color scheme had in mind when I looked at mine. I like what you did there and will probably imitate you in many ways (the sincerest form of flattery, right?) Thanks for posting! :) Don't think I'm going to do my eyes half as good as yours, though. Hey, any chance of a close up on the face?
  16. Awesome! It looks great - you weathered it nicely so it blends in with the environment. I also love the writing int he book.
  17. That's an interesting comment, as I was going to say that the lightning patterns on the wings make the stripes on the body look "electric." I honestly think the body stripes wouldn't "read" that way without the wing patterns, but as a whole, they definitely do. This is awesome!
  18. Excuse me, can someone pick up my jaw? It's around here somewhere
  19. OMG!!! You covered his tie in DP symbols!!! *Ahem.* Nice job.
  20. Love the color choices - it is a very organic looking purple/pink!
  21. You've got some great subtle coloration in the eyes - I absolutely love that. Is that yellow with red glazes around the edges? It looks very real. I also love the base - it is tremendously creepy.
  22. It is pretty clear the character is supposed to be the Shadow. :) He looks awesome. Like everyone else, I'm in awe of your black highlighting.
  23. The sword seems a bit thin for those suggestions - it is almost certainly possible, but I suspect it will be difficult. The channel idea is intriguing - though again the sword is fairly thin. If it didn't have those runes on the side, it would be fairly easy. Likewise if I wanted to fix the kobold's mace, for example, replacing the haft with a pin wouldn't be hard. I may try clamping it straight after some heat treating, see if that "resets" the memory. I suspect it's a shipping thing - if the Bones stays in the same position for too long it will develop that memory.
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