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  1. Here's another one of the pieces from my work for the Shadows in the Void rulebook, featuring the mysterious Esh Aven.
  2. I decided to go ahead and post up another image from this series (with client permission of course!). This was my original version. For print I ended up lightening it drastically at the client's request.
  3. I bought a large format Caravaggio book when Borders was going out of business. It is currently hiding from me.. probably with my copy of the Divine Comedy :(
  4. Ah, no worries.. I have studied both. I actually have a copy of the DaVinci sketchbook but the Michelangelo book I was referencing was on loan from the local library. TBH, a lot of their drawing look really similar to me. If you like that style check out some Caravaggio too.. I honestly think I prefer him to DaVinci and Michelangelo..
  5. Looking good! I think I might've done some studies from that book (or at least one that featured those Michelangelo drawings). That miniature makes me want to get my brushes out (for something other than inking especially :P ) The Sith looks pretty good. I wouldn't get too hung up on copy/not a copy.. especially if it's not something you're going to sell. Some of my most helpful studies have been recreating drawings and paintings or drawing from statues.
  6. Thanks XHerman, I've enjoyed working on this project and just submitted another image.. probably the most hours I've ever put on a piece. Working on a moody sunset piece right now for that same (7.. I said 6) series of images. As much as I have liked this, I can't wait to be done too. I'll post some of the others if the client approves them otherwise they have to wait for the game to launch.
  7. I like these, your edge control is admirable
  8. Humming along on this project. Hopefully wrapping up soon. This was the first of the 6 image series that will be the illustrations for a Polish space battle game.
  9. I was taught by my HS art teacher to make wet palettes using old tupperware.. What he showed us was to take an old flat container like a sandwich container or similar, cut out a piece of plastic or really anything rigid. Wrap that in paper towels and wet it with tap water (yes tap water). Use it for your blending, seal up the container to preserve your mixes, then toss it (or peel off the paper and re-wrap for a fresh palette). I know this doesn't help with your current issue but I think the problem with any sort of long term wet anything is that regardless of using any sort of purified water is that time and exposure to any foreign element is going to introduce microorganisms into the environment. Putting a sponge in a wet container is literally how you make a petri dish.
  10. I like the linework on that sketch. The lines of the armor make me want to see that character mounted on a horse or something for some reason.
  11. I've been hosting my images between Deviantart, blogspot, and Facebook. So far I've been lucky and they've all behaved (somewhat). Good luck getting it sorted.
  12. Thanks Highlander! We just moved back to San Diego about a month ago. I also replaced my graphics tablet with a graphics display.. still trying to get a handle on that. Trying to juggle that with my family and bodybuilding is taking some getting used to. Once I hit my stride I'll have more to show here :)
  13. Thanks Xherman. The arm I draw with is numb and randomly spasming.. I'm on a lot of muscle relaxers so it'll be a while before any new art is made. I keep trying to sketch but it's very frustrating.
  14. Big study dump incoming I did some quick environment studies to help prepare for the above. Highlights from gesture drawings Some perspective studies Photo study Robot concept study - Rotato the Walking Furnace Still Life If you folks like seeing study progress like this I can post more :)
  15. Your art reminds me of a Ian McCaig/Miyazaki love child. Thanks for sharing!
  16. I see good progress. When you are working from reference you are creating really strong pieces. Are you doing imagination work as well? Be careful working from comic artists.. I learned the hard way that there's more bad habits learned than insight gained on that particular discipline. I've personally found gesture/life drawing infinitely more helpful. Either way, thanks for sharing your art. I'm eager to see your painting progress!
  17. Thanks for the kind words everyone. Today is the deadline and I was meant to take it to color but all day yesterday was spent in the ER so here's where it's going to leave off.
  18. Thanks so much for sounding off guys. Between here and the place where the competition is, I've gotten feedback that tells me the sewer piece is going to be it. Now.. not to say the others won't be developed ever, but for this contest, I'm definitely going to be moving forward with that one. Secretly, I wanted to paint the disarming situation.. but hey..this one is turning out pretty fun :D So.. words words words.. where's teh picturez!?!?! (right?) Here's the tighter line art. The final will be larger, but for now I'm happy with the read it gets at this size. Thanks for looking!
  19. So I've neglected this thread a while... BUT There's a good reason! I've been working on stuff that I can't show. My current project is for Assault Publishing, who has tasked me with illustrating their entire rulebook! I'm about halfway through that project now and will roll right into another project for a new British company in the following months. Phew.. that's a lot! In my free time I've been doing studies and I was participating in an ongoing league of artists that do monthly competitions. That got the axe but has recently been revitalized. So for my first match, I got to pick our topic, which is adventurers. I came up with some ideas and had quite a few sketches. I narrowed it down to my favorites and thought, what better place to ask opinions on this than one of the most prominent fantasy communities? So here it is. These are 3 sketches that I am considering turning into finalized illustrations. Please sound off on which one you think should get the full treatment! 1) Sewer Rats 2) The Archive 3) A disarming situation I'll check back Monday when I will start work on whichever piece gets the most attention between this site and other places. Thanks for looking!
  20. Did you have a Batman and/or Robin in mind?
  21. The arms could've also been done on the shoulder join for more surface area to glue but they clearly wanted to avoid an awkward back due to the nature of the sculpt. If the arms were sculpted so that the deltoids were more like insertions, creating a wedge shape, it would be a bit easier as well I think. When you sculpt up a whole figure and then cut things off, you have to make due with what you can manage vs sculpting the pieces separate from the start. This is one of the major advantages of 3d sculpting IMO.
  22. Nice mini and awesome paintjob :D
  23. I probably should've just posted the pictures and saved a headache :P NOTE: These are not mine, they are examples of the material I'm trying to identify (the white stuff) Huh.. after looking at another picture of the Fractured Dimension one.. that might be .. something else.. I thought they were the same material but maybe not.
  24. I've been having a great time sculpting with ProCreate and Fimo and GS and Fimo. I'm of the impression that if you want a very smooth look that pure GS might be the way to go though. I popped in though to ask if anyone was familiar with a sculpting medium that cures with an almost enamel look. I've seen it used on a few blogs or WiP pictures but I'm not sure what exactly it is or what it's uses are. The two places I most recently saw it were using it for two seemingly different things.. one for large teeth and the other for a very large demon (one of the WiPs from the Fractured Dimensions newsletter/WiP blog). EDIT: To clarify, when I say it looks like enamel.. it has a vaguely translucent property to it. I have a 3d background and we call that look subsurface scattering.. but it's the look teeth get at the edges where light barely passes through.
  25. I love Gurney.. after reading his books I tried explaining some of the concepts to other artists who weren't familiar and it's funny.. almost every time they looked at me like I was crazy. Shape melding?!?! That destroys the focus and muddies the subjects! Windmill effect?!? That's just bad rim lighting! Then they see it in practice (especially from Gurney) and then it's like "oh.. yeah.. of course!". Thanks for sharing that video. I had read over the gamut section but without the video it was kinda hard to follow and that made it easy peasy!
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