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  1. I went and looked at the pictures. Yeah these weren't tribute figures at all. They were characters from the movie right down to the color choices and face paint of some of the examples.


    They are miniatures, so painting them in the colors of the film was really foolish to begin with. That does leave an opening for them to defend their minis but really, it was IMO a lazy money grab at a semi-cult classic. The funny thing is, a lot of the actual tribute miniatures are also a bit of a gag.. so are likely protected by parody laws.. while these are pretty cut and dry and don't leave much/any room for that angle.

  2. Must admit I don't own a macro lens...what focal length and highest aperture number have you got?


    Oh, I think I miscommunicated.. I am not presently seeking photography help. I was offering assistance to the person in front of me. Macro lenses go with miniature photography like peanut butter with jelly IMO. I personally like soft focus but I realize Bokeh style photography is not for everyone.

  3. So, for your next experiment, you might want to consider this: that shot has the out of focus background look indicating a relatively open aperture setting. You might like to try either using a background that doesn't -almost- look like something while out of focus, i.e. something more abstract and less like a tree, OR maximizing the depth lf field by closing down the aperture to the tightest setting and trying to get it in focus, which is more like the way our eyes would perceive the scene if we were 30mm tall.


    You've got the white balance thing down....


    That's a macro lens.. that's how they take pictures..

  4. I try to photo with daylight and a flash with a softbox pointed 45 or higher. I like macro lenses too.

    Here's an old photo I did.. I haven't taken pictures of anything recently but setting the white balance mode, using a tripod and a remote to minimize shaking, and a good flash and macro lens get your pretty far.


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  5. If it's not glue to the base, maybe consider doing a log (stick) poking up from the snow like it's melting off or something. It'll help sell it as a snow base and not a big piece of styrofoam or something. The model itself looks nice. Maybe a wash or something to help it pop but the colors look great.

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  6. I dunno.. Man of Steel had a good first watch vibe for me. Then the aftertaste set in and kinda killed it.

    BVS lost me when Bats started killing people. The fact that he was using guns was like what?!? I don't even remember if that was supposed to be a dream or what.. but the whole thing was very wha?!? Then we get to the main event. It was terrible. So many plot holes, so many things that made most people stop and think "who would do that?!?"


    Moreover.. there was a distinct lack of subtlety in BvS. Subtlety, characters we can identify with, character development.. These are the things I look for and without subtlety all the other things in whatever form, if present, might as well be delivered through a speaker in a drive-thru.

  7. I got my order from Zealot's Twisting Catacombs in a while back so between the bookshelf in Bones 2 and those, I've got a pretty good stash of library shelving. I would say though, that all you really need is some balsa and popsicle sticks. The books are another matter but I haven't read that particular scenario so I dunno the breakdown on what's needed there.

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  8. They look fantastic!


    The Warlord/Wargames factory thing had already been covered pretty well by other posters; the only thing i have to add is that, sadly, it seems as though Warlord is jacking up the prices on Wargames Factory stuff.


    While that does sting.. let's remember that WGF was selling dirt cheap and that might have had something to do with the fact that they needed to sell off their assets.. Warlord seems to be much better at understanding how much things need to cost to keep the lights on. I am kicking myself for not jumping on the skeletons when they were still available though :/

  9. Hasslefree just previewed one of the brothers one their Hasslefriesian facebook page so they'll have them both available relatively soon (at least as resin masters, metal will usually take a few months more)


    I just saw some updated progress on this the other day. They're going to be really good. It'll be street clothes versions it looks like. The WGF (Warlord) Male Survivors box might be the best bet for them in their FBI disguises.

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  10. It looks good. I would consider for the reflection on his facemask shading the ground with a ground color leading into that dark horizon. As it is, the darkness right there gets lost in his gear. The rest is very nicely done. Looks like you're gearing up for some This is Not a Test.

  11. Does anyone besides myself use Pine-Sol or any other pine oil floor cleaner to strip the paint off Bones minis?  The only problem I've come across when using that is that the Bones mini will smell like pine oil cleaner if you forget and leave it in for a few days, no matter how many times you wash it afterwards.


    I had it make some HIPS minis bendy before so I tend to only use it on metal.. In fact I have some metal Warmachine models in a vat of Pine-Sol right now being stripped so I can throw them up on e-bay.  It's interesting that it wouldn't effect Bones but I guess it makes sense due to the fact that they're closer to the material a spray bottle is made of than a styrene model.

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  12. I am pretty sure mine were soft enough to just go where I thought the should.. The casting on that was fairly sharp for me though so it was a bit less of a hassle. I'm considering ripping them off though to either try reposing them or just insert some wire and make my own from putty in the shape I want.

  13. Castrol Super Clean is pretty much purple colored Simple Green IIRC. I've used it on plastics before but not Bones specifically. As others mentioned Simple Green is tried and tested though if you don't want to dance with the devil in the pale moon light..


    EDIT: Easy Off oven cleaner with the mini in a ziplock bag should work too.. Again though.. it's something I've done on other plastics.. not Bones.

  14. Question for the 13th of May: How have/would you celebrate a big raise? How do you think *I* should celebrate the raise I got yesterday?


    I'd take the family out to eat then realize that all of that needs to go to student loans and sigh. If you have a gaming group, celebrate by covering food and snacks or whatever it is your lot does. I find I enjoy celebrating things like that most when the fruits of those labors can bring friends together over dinner or beer or whatever..

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  15. I liked Civil War a lot. Iron Man's guilt has been building since he found out about the arms deals in the first IM movie. He seems like he's developing a deep psychosis from Avengers 2 to this point, wanting to control everything. The fact that he helped build the helicarriers (basically helping Hydra) in Winter Soldier shows he is still ready fire aim. From his comments, Cap seemed afraid of being turned into a hit squad and used for political gains... which seems pretty realistic given the power levels we're talking about and the difficulties that come from layers of bureaucracy and rules of engagement.


    If anyone read the comics with Avengers of the 80s and 90s going through some pretty similar things. Eventually this led to in-fighting and the team fracturing and disbanding. I'm curious if they're going to go down that road. We know Infinity Wars is coming. RDJ has also said there's probably going to be one more stand-alone IM film. I just wonder if there's going to be a cut off point where they stop the timeline and have to do a reset to get younger actors.

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  16. I just managed to find a almost mint copy of HQ at local charity story for £10. No prices missing only few scuffs to the box, was well pleased. Also your minis look ace

    I have a mint copy that I've accumulated the pieces to over the years. The only thing not mint is the box.. which seems super hard to find in that condition :/


    I intentionally DO NOT open minis until I am ready to paint them. I leave them boxed up, because last time I was painting (7 years ago) I got overwhelmed and quit - still haven't finished many of those. So now I'm more methodical. I worry only about the one, or three, or 16 on my desk at once. Never more than 20 though. If they stack up that deep I get depressed when I sit down.


    Better not come around my workshop then . . .  I weighed out the reclaimed/recycled loose figs I currently have awaiting my attention tonight and the grand total was not quite 20 lbs.


    As far as Bones quality goes, I've found it to be hit and miss depending on who was casting what that day at the factory in China.   By way of illustration: you noted that your townsfolk looked great, those pieces in my Kickstarter package were the offspring of Thalidomide patients - and they went straight to the parts bin.


    The Egg  




    We move a lot due to the military, so things get side-tracked. I blame it for the stockpile of unfinished miniatures I have. We just cleaned out the garage last week and I decided I'm going to start inventorying my unused models and listing them on ebay. As I started mentally going through what that entailed I realized that I would basically be setting up a miniatures shop that rivaled many FLGS. The good thing is, a lot of it is GW.. which is kinda like investing in gold. They keep jacking up the prices to the point that the plastic dudes I got for about a buck each are now worth something like $3 each.. $25 - $40 kits are something like $75+ now. I'm already thinking I'll have enough for a flight to visit my wife's family in TX and still afford a 3d printer too lol. Better still, sitting down to paint minis will be a bit less daunting...


    ...until Bones 3, HINT Nakamura, Mercs Recon, and my other outstanding KS orders get here :down:

    edit: After typing that I realized that includes the Monolith Conan KS which has like 100+ minis too.. SMH.. I may have a problem..

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  18. Well, I have done two of the things on my list.. now I need to draw and sculpt.. Though I'm not sure they can be done at the same time.. a shower would make sense too so maybe I can work that in somehow.. Hm.. sculpting makes the most sense here..


    Oh.. watching some more Gundam Z probably should happen so sculpting in the shower and drawing while watching gundam.. what could go wrong?

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    Question for the 12th of May: Do you have any hobby/gaming rituals? Blowing on dice? Always playing a specific piece of music? Making sure your paint water and drinking water are on the correct sides of the table?



    When I'm prepping for an adventure I try to make sure I have miniatures for as much as possible. It kinda irks me when I don't. To the point that I started learning to sculpt.



    When I'm sculpting I tend to drop the putty not being used in the water I keep to the side. In my mind it's colder than room temperature so it will slow the curing.



    I am not a full-fledged brush licker but I re-point my brushes with my lips.


    You haven't gotten the memo yet? :blink:



    :unsure: Which memo??? Arg!

    If it's about the paints, I do it after rinsing them.

    If it's that this makes me a full-fledged brush licker then I am in firm denial ^_^


    I'm just gonna leave this here for you.



    Seeing as how I'm already tempting fate with cigars and booze, is there another way to repoint the brushes because I don't do it for any other reason as it was all I know..

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