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  1. Amidst the unrelenting chatter there came a cry.. "More Julie Guthrie Serpentfolk" it said.. Caught on the wind the cry faded away.. ...then another cry was heard that said.. "oh.. make sure two of them are javelin wielding!"
  2. I think I want that hanging over my fireplace!! I want that as a 54mm mini!!!! It strikes me as more the sort of thing you have done as a giant bronze statue placed in the most conspicuous part of your entry way. Or.. perhaps as a topiary.. ooh..
  3. I've got all of the board games.. Haven't gotten through all of them yet though. The minis from the Ravenloft set are among my favorites of the board game figures and are some of the best in terms of quality as well. ToEE and Drizzt have some pretty shallow details and a high number of things to straighten. Gameplay is as described above. The mechanics of it are kinda like a mashup of 4th ed, munchkin, and Twilight Creations Zombies game. The core game does change ever so slightly too from what I remember. I had heard a rumor that there's another board game coming out soon as well. I'm ho
  4. I'm amazed that the surface is so nice given the age. I would've expected lead rot if you'd told me it was an unprimed model from that era without any pictures!
  5. Nice. I feel like everything else is painted very well though and the eyes are kinda plain by comparison. Dog's eyes tend to have really big iris areas so I think you could probably justify it even though I wouldn't normally do them at that scale.
  6. There's a company that makes 20mm miniatures in post-apocalyptic styling specifically for hot-wheel/matchbox gaming. I can't link directly but just google Stan Johansen Miniatures and add mad max or post apoc or whatever.. it should come up. EDIT: Just make sure when you find the page that you click the 20mm not the 28mm. Otherwise you'll probably have the same scale issues.
  7. I have.. a LOT of this scale diecast and plastics.. would it be helpful if I posted pictures of what I've got? Just an FYI. A lot of interstate gas stations and touristy type stops have these types of cars. I have also found them in tractor supply stores, drug stores, hardware stores, etc. I picked up a lawn mower/tractor, a green landscaping cart/truck (kinda like an ATV but with a truck bed), and some other really unusual cars.
  8. The Wal-Mart here in California had some of those big rigs. I got the cattle hauler and big box truck. I've been buying up "1/43" cars as well as similar scales.. I've found that a lot of cars marked as 1/43 are actually closer to 1/50. A lot of time the scale is just a guess and the cars are actually built to specific lengths or wheelbases. IMO the difference isn't noticeable until you start comparing though. If you have some here and there on a tabletop or one randomly in a diorama, it'll most likely go unnoticed.
  9. While my personal preference leans more towards the more recent WotC designs, this is one of the best looking old school style beholders I've seen. The base and paint job really sell it too. Well done!
  10. I randomly got a $15 coupon from Warlord and applied that to the main rulebook which is on it's way. I already own a box of the soldiers, which as has been pointed out are more like maybe 25mm. I'll largely be converting mine into hobgoblins and maybe a few D&D style orcs, though I might sculpt the legs out a little longer so they don't look tiny next to human-sized adventurers. I'm looking forward to the Gnolls as well but between the ToEE plastics and Bones gnolls, I'm not sure how well the FG ones will work if they're vastly undersized. Tre's sculpts are really nice but they tend to
  11. Awesome! I met Jim Silke at SDCC a few years back. Got a signed sketchbook from him and chatted a while. Back then I asked him if they ever considered a Death Dealer movie and he said it was too much of a hassle. He doesn't get enough credit for Death Dealer. I love Frazetta's work and even have one of his limited DD statues on my bookshelf but Jim is Gath's daddy. Frank just gave him a badass look.
  12. Someone did an awesome conversion of Reaper's Benedict Baker as Sweeney Todd but I can't find the pictures of it. I always forget that they don't actually make a barber of fleet street..
  13. Thanks everyone :) Mori - In comic art speak, that's a color hold. I'm glad you like my work :) BLZeebub - ToH.. it's not ringing bells. Either way, happy to hear you dig my art. I'm still getting a handle with sculpting in GS/Putty and have done a bit in 3d too. Xherman - Thank you! The non-NDA miniatures I worked on were a few for Chapterhouse and a dropship from a Sci-Fi KS. I have been and am involved in a few other things but details aren't available on those. It is exceedingly hard to find work doing any one type of art I've found, so I've tried to keep a handle on different media.
  14. My name is Mike and I've lurked here for a while. I've done some comic art and concept work for small miniature companies and thought I would share a little bit of my work.
  15. There's been so much suggested, it kinda feels pointless but here goes another suggestion anyway. The goblin wolves (they're wolves with goblinoid faces like a proper barghest) would be very helpful. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/worg/sku-down/02710 New or different sculpts would be cool but even getting the base 2 in bones would be awesome.
  16. The Wargames Factory/Warlord Zombie Survivors can be built as civillians. The poses are more action-y though than just some random clix standing in a neutral pose like an NPC. Specter Miniatures has some civilians but.. they tend to be pretty specific to rescue or escort mission type stuff. If I remember I'll dig out some of my other links later.
  17. I think you'd be better served adding it in the pallete. I used to put their thinner medium and slow dry in all of my eyedropper paints and that got expensive fast and in some cases resulted in separation of the different substances including the acrylic from the thinner hardening inside the eyedropper over time. You can get little mixing palletes for usually less than a dollar at craft stores or you can make a wet pallete with a few paper towels, a piece of un-needed plastic, a few ounces of distilled water, and a tupperware container (the water has to be distilled). Craft paints usually
  18. Testors Dullcote hasn't reacted badly for me though I doubt it's as strong as the Vallejo varnish. I'm thinking I might pick up a bottle of that next time I'm in town and use the dullcote to flat it back out.
  19. UPDATE: I bought a can of white Tamiya Fine Surface Primer and tested it on a few Bones Gnolls unwashed. The finish appears to be smooth and free of tackiness.
  20. I learned a trick from a watercolor book. You use the complimentary contrasting color (opposite on the color wheel) to darken the color you want. Use pure black to get it darker though because the darkest you'll get mixing like that is going to be dark brown. So mix a red and green at maybe 2:1 (more red) until it's darkish then add a bit of black. The darker the starting colors are the less you have to mix. So a deep forest green and a deep crimson red will likely get you there faster with less black needed. Hopefully it works. Going really dark like that is hard, tricky, and typically wastef
  21. I've not read through everything here but I thought I would throw my experiences onto the pile. I used Krylon Plasticoat (Fusion I think is the name) White and it gave me a sticky finish on some Bones. I was able to overcome that with two coats of Testors Dullcote. I used Army Painter Green Spray Primer. That can is putting out very rough sprays on everything (not just Bones) but it was not sticky. I don't think any of the bones in question were washed and probably had various levels of dust.
  22. With the demise of the Boneyard, I would like to see a conversion pack focused on the backpacks that have crossbows attached, quivers with bows for being worn on the back, and other things we can add to fantasy troops to give them more of an adventurer look. I was browsing the Reaper site for minis and I kept finding some that matched what I need except they'd have no ranged weapons. Most players I know are in the habit of having a melee and at least one type of ranged weapon. Ideally.. Backpack with Crossbow Quiver with Bow Backpack or satchel with scroll cases and/or wands A strip of
  23. A sedan style car tends to be roughly 5" Dollar General is not a dollar store.. it's kinda like Big Lots. It depends where you are in SoCal. I'm closer to central Cali but I saw a Dollar General out at Fresno. In San Diego I had the best luck finding 1/43 Diecast at Rite-Aid and other general purpose drug stores. They usually have a display on a toy aisle or at the front. Dollar Tree rarely has appropriately sized cars and when they do it tends to be a plastic kinda like tupperware sorta. I picked up a pair of SUVs from an actual Dollar Tree and they're not anywhere near the quality o
  24. To me, one of the problems with KS projects is establishment of preconceived notions. We see one KS structure this way and another kind of similar and eventually we start to assume that's how it should be. For example, I saw a person flipping out because the rewards for a terrain KS were not the goal of the KS. The goal was to fund a bigger laser cutter and a new facility or something. This is one specific example but dealing with this one specifically, this is inherent to the nature of KS projects based on miniatures or toys or boardgames. People didn't pitch a fit about Megabots offerin
  25. Kudos on assembling this. I was so upset at the lack of quality in the figs I can't even assemble them without getting thoroughly upset. If they hadn't delayed it to supposedly ensure the quality of the figs it wouldn't have been so bad. Anyway.. what sort of primer did you use? It looks like you're having to do a few coats to get your base colors down.
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