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  1. Is Dollar Tree equivalent (as far as cheap, 1/43 cars go) to Dollar General? I think I've seen 1-2 Dollar General in SoCal, but I've absolutely no recollection where. Dollar Tree, however, are on about every other block...


    Dollar General is not a dollar store.. it's kinda like Big Lots. It depends where you are in SoCal. I'm closer to central Cali but I saw a Dollar General out at Fresno. In San Diego I had the best luck finding 1/43 Diecast at Rite-Aid and other general purpose drug stores. They usually have a display on a toy aisle or at the front. Dollar Tree rarely has appropriately sized cars and when they do it tends to be a plastic kinda like tupperware sorta. I picked up a pair of SUVs from an actual Dollar Tree and they're not anywhere near the quality of most diecast. The doors don't open, the wheels are detailed like Happy Meal toys, a lot of details like headlights are actually stickers. Oh.. and.. it's covered in those stickers so that's a bit of rubbing alcohol to clean up. However, they were the correct size and make great wreckage or with a bit of work could even serve as an actual vehicle. (disassemble, insert clear plastic sheet from packaging for windows, paint job, maybe replace tires).

    If you end up wanting to detail a vehicle google up zinge (I think it's zinge industries or zinge models or something). They have a TON of mechanical bits for order, including tires, engines, lights, railings, etc.


    Another note.. 1/43 is a very common size for slot cars and 1/48 is an extremely common size for military models, particularly aircraft.

  2. I'm hoping someone with clout at Reaper sees this.





    Pig Iron, time to move on...

    After much deliberation and soul searching both myself and Lisa have decided to close down Pig Iron at the end of March 2016.

    We've been wrestling with this decision for many, many months but the constant pressure of running two businesses at the same time has taken its toll on us both and we feel its time, after nearly fifteen years, to take a step back and live a more 'normal' and relaxed life. On top of the business side of things we’ve both felt the need to explore other areas outside of the gaming industry but the constant 'background noise' of Pig Iron has always taken priority.

    Wargaming, sculpting, painting and scenery making will still play an important part of our lives so we’ll be keeping the Facebook site open to keep in touch with the wider gaming world.

    Moving forward, it would be a shame for the miniatures to disappear and we’re currently exploring ways of keeping the ranges going with other parties and we’ll keep you updated on any developments over the next month or so. Any suggestions are most welcome so please get in touch on: [email protected].

    All current and new orders will be fulfilled until we close the webstore down but we won’t be getting any more stock from Griffin Moulds. If you need to get in touch regarding your order please email us at the address above (Don’t forget to check your spam folder for any replies).

    The last fifteen years have been an exciting challenge and very rewarding plus we’ve met some great people along the way and hopefully made some cool miniatures for your games.

    Sincere thanks to all the people who have purchased our miniatures and supported us in other ways over the years.

    Lets not say goodbye, lets say, “Stay in touch…â€

    Simon and Lisa - Pig Iron.



    They have a big following and the aesthetic is in the ballpark of Reapers' other Sci-Fi troops..


    I'm honestly hoping Reaper will buy these guys out.. and I'm not alone. I know it's a long shot but I thought I would post it up and see if it gets any attention.

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  3. Walls of random size and some corners so we can build our own Labyrinths. :lol:


    Coral, cave, lava, crystal, and rubble walls in sections similar to the ones on the Mr Dandy store would be cool. I would just worry that outside of the KS, the prices might get kinda kooky.


    I would like to see a modular building set too.. similar to the one offered by Escenorama. From all the things I've seen from Bones so far, the vinyl bonesium would work fine for a nice chunky kit like that. (no I'm not saying Reaper should recast Escenorama stuff btw.. but if they looked at those for inspiration it would be pretty obvious what I am talking about.. same 2 pairs of building "bottoms" and 2 pairs of building "tops" including destroyed sections that are included so they can be built as intact or ruined with mix and match)

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  4. I'd like to see a pack of different styles and different sizes of drones on flight stands.


    While I do completely and totally agree with this (and ground based drones too as well as drone operators), I would like to point out that some of the things from CAV can be used as drones. It's not a perfect solution but I thought I'd point it out in case you hadn't thought of that.

  5. Bones vehicles/ machines for all systems.


    Fantasy : Catapult, Siege Tower, Oxen Cart, Carriage, Hearse, Trebuchet.


    Chronoscope:  Police Car, Cars, Motorcycles, Jet bikes, Armoured Truck, Tank, SCIFI Hover Tank.


    More street stuff, like fire hydrants, lanterns, mailbox etc etc.

    The police cars are a good call. I use a lot of diecast vehicles and affordable cop cars that are not specific are a little tricky to find. Armoured trucks like a bank truck are even harder to find and are so useful for RPGs in modern era as well as tabletop gaming. Pretty much everything in your list is stuff I'd love to see.

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  6. So, being empty at the back, does that make it the Podium of Evil?  Add some drawers and it's the Dark Lord's Executive Desk.



    This reminds me of the Wolfram and Heart stuff from Angel. Haven't watched that in forever. Some evil business executive stuff would be insanely cool and I'm not sure anyone is doing stuff like "Conference Table with Pentagram" or "Prison Cubicle". Some other ideas came to mind involving elevators to hell and sacrificial receptionist desks and stuff but trying to think of ways to translate that into miniature scenery makes me feel like a bit of a creeper.

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  7. A gang of masked bank robbers.

    Rubber masks (maybe offer 2 heads to choose... rubber clown or animal mask and regular ski mask). Some with bags or duffles of money. The Joker's gang at the beginning of Dark Knight, Banes' gang in Dark Knight rises, the robbers in Heat, Point Break.. etc..


    A drone controller. Probably a person kneeling with some sort of datapad or wrist mounted device and some crazy looking goggles over the eyes like the guy in Elysium with the machinegun during the data theft.


    Robot police. I don't mean cheesy looking 50s' hyrdraulics or steampunk. I mean like the EM 208 from Robocop (2014), the robots from  Elysium, or the ones from the train scene in Sucker Punch.


    Drones - Shadowrun style. Not a UAV or bomb defusion device with a gun strapped on.. but some really futuristic drone type stuff. Infinity has managed to do this as have a few video games. A lot of other miniature companies though are just doing what I first described as not to do.


    Hardsuits - You would sell these all day and twice on Sunday. Defiance had promised some of these and got loads of money.. and bailed. Antenociti's Workshop had some and they were popular and beloved but they were part of a range he pulled the plug on when he stepped away from doing infantry. There are very few others out there doing this. Just google the word Hardsuit.

    Please don't say the Bulldog is this. It might be classified this way but it's not a good model. The Blackstar Corsairs from the Bones KS are almost between Power Armor and a Hardsuit so I feel like you guys really could do this.. you just haven't felt financially motivated to do so.



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  8. Interesting. I would have thought it would be hollow on the bottom so that Characters could be all around it on the game table....

    Oh well.


    The Apoxie Sculpt is curing in the Instantmold. The Paint Minion wanted to see it work, and she ended up doing all the work!


    Will post a WiP tomorrow...



    The sacrificial altar thing coming out with the Mythos expansion in Bones 3 is closer to this type of thing.

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  9. Shadowrun type figures... cyberpunk in general.


    Mass effect type stuff.


    Robots and tech stuff.. drones and whatnot.. but.. preferably with details. Stuff like the bulldog mech feels very underdetailed and when you compare larger kits for sci-fi to things like giants and dragons, you shouldn't be surprised if you put out a big sci-fi kit with detail that doesn't match the fantasy stuff in quality and people don't buy it. Some of your sci-fi stuff is great but a lot of it is nowhere near as good as your fantasy figures. This usually results in me passing your Chronoscope figures over and going with other companies who do put a lot of detail into their kits.

    For examples of what I mean, see Human Interface Project, Puppetswar, Hasslefree, Maxmini, Anvil Industries, Knight Miniatures, Antenociti's Workshop, etc. This to me is funny because when kickstarters for Bones comes around I hear "nobody buys our sci-fi so we don't feature it in Bones". The market for the other companies out there is doing just fine though so ...please, step up your game on the sci-fi models.


    For reference, check out the concept art by Pirahna games, Gorilla Games, Bungie, Atomhawk Designs, etc. and kits by Industria Mechanika.

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  10. More 3.x prep work turned up some more models that are frustrating to find at all, let alone at a reasonable price (not sure if any of them were mentioned)


    Troglodytes (the lizardfolk not the cave people that come up on Google) - I've seen some nice sculpts but they are not in abundance.


    More Derro and Duergar


    Vargouilles - Easy enough to convert but it'd be nice to be able to buy a clutch of them at once since they tend to swarm.


    Stirges - I thought I had mentioned this but even if not, a swarm of these would be immensely helpful.


    Mephits and Imps.

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  11. If you're still looking for stuff that fits..


    Crooked Dice has a bunch of stuff that has a SW feel.

    Hasslefree has some not-jedi and a few other things.

    Heresy has some general sci-fi that could fit.


    Getting more specific than that, I'd have to go back over the thread but I've been eyeballing stuff from those 3 for SW gaming so hopefully that'll also suit your needs.

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  12. Oh, Giralon (four armed apes). Would really like to see 2 or 3 poses of them and I think they would be great for the core set the same way we had ogres and yetis this time.

    Salamanders (fiery/spiny half snake types, usually with some kind of polearms) as well if I didn't mention them. I know most people might be like "well you already asked for yuan-ti" but yeah.. Salamanders would be very welcome.



    Spiders in clear bones to be used as glass, ice, or otherwise transparent spiders. Perhaps a clutch of eggs done in this way too.

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  13. Grimlocks

    Chthonian worms (I want them for Wystes but whatever..)

    Hobgoblins in more traditional armor



    any pirate models that haven't been done in Bones yet and the Dark Maiden (with the ship not the weird pieces of wood)

    Winged hydra or 3-headed dragon.. either way (it's for a pre-made module for DnD)

    Umber Hulk

    Megaraptor pack

    properly sized Cloaker

    more Mind Flayers

    Scorpion Men (scorrow)

    Warforged adventurers

    more Golems (preferably variations of the more common ones in case we need 2 stone golems at a time etc)

    scoundrel type classes (bards, rogues, etc)

    younger magic users

    Snakemen (yuan-ti half and pure)

    more variants of the eye tyrant (beholder), especially armoured, younger (or Gauth), and big fat elders..

    Necropolis Crypt Bats


    Also, we have great Orc, Gnoll, Ogre, Lizard, Goblin, Bugbear, and Kobold general purpose.. I mean.. really really awesome, but a lot of adventures require warlords, magic users, etc. We kinda have this with Kobolds and Goblins and really with the others but I'd like to see magic users and/or clerics or shamans for the ones that don't have them and leaders that really look like a leader more than maybe just a sergeant or whatever.


    Really can't get enough civillians/villagers/townsfolk, human and non.. even the more civilized monsters like above could use some NPC types.



    Pretty much everything I've mentioned here is stuff I've been searching for so I can run these WoTC modules for DnD. I have options for a lot of this stuff but a lot of it would be great to see in bones.

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  14. Sorry for the thread necro but I'm in a position where 3 kickstarters, costing me in excess of $440 combined are all past the dates they claimed they would deliver by. 2 of them have major communication issues and the third is simply skirting around the question of actual deliveries.

    I have informed all 3 of them that I desire a refund along with notice that I will seek a chargeback if I don't hear back in a reasonable amount of time.


    I would like to know if anyone has experiences since the last posting with recouping losses. I don't think all of these were through Amazon payments, but I also am unsure of how to check.

  15. Sorry if these are repeats..




    Flame Salamander (big snake men)

    Yuan-Ti types


    Also.. I like the Battleguard Golem.. it's got a Warforged thing going on.. would like to see more of that and a clockwork dog along the lines of an Iron Defender.


    (if people are feeling overly pedantic, assume that anything DnD has the obligatory "not" in front of it)

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  16. I'd like to see Bones bits: skulls, bones, coins, corpses, mushrooms, rocks, swords, backpacks, other weapons. Most boardgame bases have no texture, and their size is based on gameplay, rather than the miniature sculpt. So you have blank areas on the base, such as the left model, with a simple dungeon base. You can see how static grass fills in the base for the outdoor model, but I think a skull would work best in a dungeon. Thanks!





    I agree on this for the bits.  A few of these types of things can be found in the dungeon scenery sets for Bones 2.. but I would love to see things to flesh out a dungeon.  I'm personally working on creating a set to play Heroquest with and running down candlesticks and books and treasure chests (I have the one from Bones 1) is a pain.  On that note..


    Open and Closed Doors markers for wooden, metal, stone, and barred style doors is on my wishlist.

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  17. While looking for some stand in models for Heroquest.. I decided I'd like to have an actual model for Sir Ragnar.. who is a knight that has been taken captive.  While I did find some semi-unarmed knightly figures.. none of them actually look like prisoners.  So.. I thought I would request a few similarly themed models for other such situations.


    Knight captive

    Knight defeated (not killed.. but bested)

    Drunken Knight

    Disarmed Knight


    I would also love to see this guy





    I guess while I'm at it I should ask for a pony too..

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