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  1. I know the sci-fi crowd tends to take a back seat (at least vocally) towards the fantasy crew, but I would like to see the following. Soldiers in Hazmat Gear Bomb Disposal Techs (those huge padded suits..) 28mm Flying Drones (minigun version (or whatever) and a sensor/medic version) ... sci-fi not like modern drones.. Space Pirates (think Firefly not Capt Hook with a laser gun) Spaceship crew with tools (preferably both standing around and also looking like they're working on things) Spaceship crew loading cargo Gunner of Heavy Weapon Platform (something that could be attached to the
  2. Machine-men (Warforged) and Machine-men Titans. Anyone who plays in any DnD game that uses Warforged will be thrilled at this. Gnomes Cavalry Horses Horses in Barding Undead Horses Pegasus (didn't see one when I looked) More variations of ghost/specter type stuff Animated Armor (of various designs)
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