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  1. No, two for the price of one Penguins. . . Now that's a good deal. Who played Arthur in the live action Tick?
  2. Nice, matsumoto. I like the idea of the Union and the CSA having a common foe. Here are a couple I came up with: Remember the Alamo Date: March 7th, 1836 Location: San Antonio, Texas Scenario: Antonio de Padua María Severino López de Santa Anna y Pérez de Lebrón, or Santa Anna, is basking in the glow of his victory over the Texans at the old Spanish mission, The Alamo. His victory is short lived when, the next morning, he finds his army besieged by a nightmarish force of gouls, ghosts, and zombies. The Texans have risen from the dead to avenge their defeat. Participants: Undead Texans vs. The Mexican army Key figures: Antonio de Padua María Severino López de Santa Anna y Pérez de Lebrón, William Travis’ skeleton, the ghost of Jim Bowie, Zombie Davy Crockett. 1777 Date: Winter, 1777 Location: The American Colonies Scenario: George III, in ordered to avoid the lose of the British Colonies in America, strikes a deal with the Unseelie Court. At the cost of his own sanity, he wins they support of the magical creatures of the British Isles. With Banshees, Sluagh, and even Old Shuck the hellhound swelling the ranks of his army in America, George III sees the tide of the war turn back in the monarchies favor. . . That is, until Ben Franklin strikes a deal with several Indian tribes. With their shaman on the side of the rabble, the war in the colonies enters a new magical phase. Participants: The British Army with Unseelie allies vs. The Continental army with Indian shaman allies.
  3. The lack of a Valeyard in their 6th Doctor line both shocks and disgusts me.
  4. So, I had a tube of putty, the blue/white stuff, and somehow (there's blame to be placed and some of it's mine) it got left in a hot garage for several months. It's now formed a nearly impenetrable shell around itself. Is there any way to reclaim this resource, or should I just toss it?
  5. Brazil nut M&Ms; the sheer size would make them awesome. Will my first date with the cute brunette from the office go well?
  6. Under Pressure. In honor of 80's game show icon Peter Tomarken (RIP), "Pass, or press your luck"?
  7. In a word. . . Overrated? Should I take the Aggies over the Orange in the first round?
  8. I was skeptical at first, but I am now ready to declare the World Baseball Classic the greatest thing since Chuck Norris. I have been watching the games relgiously, and if you aren't too, then you are only hurting yourself. Today's nailbiter between Japan and the US of A was the best baseball game I have watched in years. It had everything. Drama, solid pitching, good defense, situational hitting, and, best of all, controversy. So, has anyone else been tuning into the games? Also, what teams do you want to see in the finals?
  9. Because the man is always trying to keep the Bull Orc down. The Brazilian Job or Ocean's 13?
  10. The happiest place on Earth. . . Tijuana!!!! I'm now listed in two game system's rules: as a special thanks in Warlord and as a playtester for Sabertooth Games new Universal Fighting System card game. . . Is it sad that this is one of my proudest accomplishments?
  11. Sandi. You don't know her, but you just are going to have to trust me on this one. Is Oklahoma really OK?
  12. Why. It's the question that answers everything. Bowling or mini-golf: better nekked sport?
  13. I think I left it in my other pants. Favorite Gene Wilder movie?
  14. Vince McMahon Better Jackie Chan sidekick: Owen Wilson or Chris Tucker?
  15. Over promotion has a history of biting American Olympic athletes on the rear. Remember the Dan Vs. Dan (I think it was Dan. . . Might have been Don) ads Rebook was running years ago? The sunk tons into advertising two American's who were expected to compete in track & field and be each others big rival. . . Then one of them didn't even qualify.
  16. Too over-the-top? Did you see the scrawny girl's death scene in the third one? If not, I think it's still going on! On a related subject, worse sequel: Weekend at Bernie's 2 or Another Stakeout?
  17. Normally, I don't go in for the Olympics, but with my car having been wrecked yesterday (I'm okay. . . In fact I wasn't in it. No one was in it. It was parked. ) I find myself housebound today. Strange thing is, I started watching women's hockey on CNBC, and I'm totally hooked! So who else is watching the games, and what events are you tuning into?
  18. I've looked at it, but it's not really my bag. . . Baby. What will be, in the gaming industry, the "next big thing"?
  19. I'm probably going to pick up a CSO starter box next time I'm at the FLGS. Between the Peacekeepers and the Rangers, they are the faction I like the look of the most. Though I'm also digging the Dravani.
  20. Only as a last resort. Feng Shui: Legitimate philosophy or Mandarin for "White people will believe anything"?
  21. I've been toying with picking it up when it comes out. The fact that they still don't have the monthly price point listed on the website is kind of a turn off for me, as it smells of bait and switch tactics. As for it being set in Eberron, I'm kind of okay with that. I played in an Eberron campaign ReaperBryan ran, and was interested in the city of Sharn (spelling?) region of the setting. Are there Dragonmarks in DDO?
  22. As the late great Mitch Hedbeg once speculated: I think Bigfoot is grainy, that's the problem. There's a large out of focus monster out there. Anyway, awesome looking dragon. Its leaf like scales have me thinking of a fall foliage motif.
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