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  1. lexomatic

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I like the gate set, but totally not among my needs. Must focus budget tight.
  2. lexomatic

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    My translucent bones have always been firmer than regular bones. That isn't the norm?
  3. lexomatic

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I'm in deep for the undead pirates but other stuff could change my mind. Was not into the otters, for example. If I get everything I'm way over budget 300 so far. Just not sure what I'd drop. Probably Greek expansion. Sooner or later I'll have to bump my pledge.
  4. lexomatic

    Mantic : Terrain Crate 2 KS

    Recent post with samples look really good. " We've been through these pieces with a fine tooth comb and have highlighted any issues (like bent plastic, soft details, thin sections or warped areas) that the factory will fix before final production. "
  5. lexomatic

    Dwarven Forge KS6 Caverns Deep

    Got a notice of my first shipment. I'll be getting texture patches before anything else in my order. I know there were updates, but it also seems weird to be told items are "back-ordered." Just seems weird, considering I have NO other Dwarven Forge stuff. Not sure I'll be able to make much use of it. I'm guessing I'll be getting stuff mid-November. I'm going to be away for a week too, so who knows if I'll actually get stuff.
  6. lexomatic

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I'm. I'm not getting core so I guess retail it is.
  7. lexomatic

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Damn I could participate but not live
  8. lexomatic

    Bonesylvanian high holidays

    Hmm. Looks like the eye shadow doesn't show up too well.
  9. lexomatic

    Bonesylvanian high holidays

    And a coat? And pupils. Night over. Her name is Tish 77595, then Max 77600, then Van 77598.
  10. lexomatic

    Bonesylvanian high holidays

    And we have eye shadow. Now I need to hunt for inspiration
  11. lexomatic

    Bonesylvanian high holidays

    Some more base coating. Lady vamp is being based on author Hilary Monahan's current Twitter profile pic. Go eye makeup attempt. clothing is a bit more purple than intended but that's ok.
  12. lexomatic

    Bonesylvanian high holidays

    The basics. Both Bonesylvanian sets and Mr & Mrs Bones + vulture unpainted. The 2nd batch with the mummy had to be reboiled. Then I primed the vamps and Frankie with grey /green/medium and washed /lined with blue liner and medium. Then a bit of vampiric skin and sample green for Frankie. Then a quick turquoise and medium wash on vamp skin followed by more vampiric skin
  13. lexomatic

    Bonesylvanian high holidays

    Bonesylvanian and Mr & Mrs Bones and vulture. Pics to be added later.
  14. lexomatic

    Question of painting translucents?

    You can do green to blue on the translucents. I did turquise followed by phtalo blues, then prussian blue. Not sure what it was for though. Acrylic artists ink and minitaire/freak flex tints (badger) and Tamiya clears are the paints I'm aware of. I like some regular paint for definition. These have been made opaque Go lightly Slime elements Stuff linksd off-site has been removsd and is no longer available.