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  1. Now with overhead view Strange I was trying to edit and quoted. I think I will do one more go round with the long grass so it fits better with the top. Next will be a few small pieces for individual scatter for hilly terrain. I also feel like painting my bones 3? 4? Sacrificial altar to go on this.
  2. 2nd coat seems to have done the trick. Will check tomorrow and maybe give it a spray
  3. I deviated from my established formula...and I won't so that again. Final first coat of final flock soooo patchy.
  4. So stuff is on boats. ETA for boat to Canada (Prince Rupert) was June 16. Current ETA is June 6 from the live tracker. I'm not sure if the first date from the Kickstarter page included any customs time or not. But things might be arriving in a few weeks. Wow! Then I'll need to find time to do all my campground/park stuff to match all my hills.
  5. Don't let anyone tell you you need some 200$ static charge generator and grass applicator. This is tap and blow up on 2mm,4mm, and 7mm static grass.
  6. A good 12 hours after hairspray and another round of long grass to come. ... I feel like I have successfully discovered a recipe for muddy ground. I think this is why people generally cover with plaster, sculptamold, spackling, etc. I just didn't want to wait any longer. I think it is also suitable for volcanic rock, though I'm no geologist.
  7. Morning After first static grass Hard to tell so far what's patchy and what's colour variation and what might be too much glue. Standing up well with just a tap upsode down and blow up and across no applicator technique. I'm not expecting the 7mm grass to stick much.
  8. Took a peek, might be ready by noon. Maybe. Anyway... at least I have a better idea of the time frame. Don't like the look as much as static grass, but I like having it under. This piece was a learner and I'm definitely doing a minimum like this. I would totally slice off the top as a do over. This will be fine, and usable, but would've been better with a slightly smoother surface. Still capable of having some minis stand it'll mostly be used for line of sight and buildings.
  9. So 14 hours ... I do not like this amount of time waiting. This takes up too much space so I cant do anything else. I guess the food thing is I can do stuff tomorrow morning and then be able to make do more Monday at noon and wednesday at noon.
  10. So if glue isn't misting but water is, is the glue too thick? Should I thin more?
  11. Igh cool and dampness and sealing glue still not dry 10 hours later. Seriously, modgepodge then hairspray then more modgepodge is easiest.
  12. Meh. I went ahead with a first flock any way.
  13. I did some drybrushing and then a beige wash we'll see if that's enough.
  14. I'm getting to those crevices. I have a plan. I'm out of brown craft paint for now. Trying to get a 16 oz bottle of that and black.
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