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  1. I dunno, "scenearies" has me a little worried about the English translation and/or copy editing. Not sure how useful it will be with no scale75 paint in my stash. People who say they have some books of theirs - @Heisler, @Auberon is it just promoting their products? How is the language?
  2. This has been cancelled as unlikely to fund. It's a shame. Anyway last update has form for mailing list and email specifically requesting pros and cons of the project.
  3. I think I might wait until retail and see if I want to complement my Brinemere/Dreadwind stuff. If anything I'd get the pirates of legends, because it's got fancy pants and regular sailors of note. Some casualties would be nice. I guess I could always make some from a sailor box.
  4. Have they talked about sprue compatibility anywhere or done size comparisons?
  5. That's a free stretchgoal box
  6. So we have use for a rotary tool and I bit the bullet. I'll use it to cut a doorway and maybe a few windows and pre-drill the staple ladder. I'll start this up again then, but much work is delayed while I wait for the replacement dishwasher that was ordered because current one was delivered broken 3 weeks ago. Most of my terrain/painting time is just gone now. I'm going to use acetate for the window.
  7. Ugh. One of the grass and road boards warped a bit. I'm weighing it down. Also some bits were apparently sticky and stuff got ripped off. I'll need to touch up. I measured the corners, and I have 2 12x12 spaces and 2 10x12 I guess I was a touch off on measurements. Anyway... I'll get to those eventually. I might try reversible sections to avoid stuff. Will have to see how it works out first. I'll try a small pond in one, and a swamp in one, and if those are okay, then I'll try a similar kind of flock to what I did above on the opposite side. Other related stuff besides the river edges, would be a dock/harbour edge. I might look for artist masonite for something more sturdy to avoid warping. I can also work towards a piece that works for my lighthouse to tie those in. Now to see if I can find some reasonably priced pouring medium to use points on amazon, or else just buy from local art supply.
  8. I'm thinking of the felled trees with the beaver. I dont have any of those and could be a fun path through a forest setup.
  9. I did not. I might use some upholstery staples. Nice and big. I only have mini staples handy otherwise.
  10. Yes. Someone did it here in a thread I've long lost(edit found).I used it on a few things including one of my zombicide minishttps://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/64819-lexomatics-fall-2015-wip/&do=findComment&comment=1276025 (wanted him to relate to something specific).https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/53639-baugis-basing-basics-for-beginners/&/topic/53639-baugis-basing-basics-for-beginners/?p=935004
  11. Something like this maybe? https://www.canstockphoto.ca/exterior-metal-ladder-of-old-lighthouse-1856019.html
  12. Yeah I like the idea, but also no lighthouse I've seen has that irl. And other options I don't feel like I can satisfactorily fake. Maybe I'll come up with something, but this is for a really basic tower except for the top... which was part of the appeal. I intend to use clear plastic caps from a few hair products as the light. I guess I could do a ladder like on a silo or chimney.
  13. I finished cutting stuff- had to use a handsaw because it was sooo thick. That lonely 1 ply round is a normal tube of paper towel. These are... 20 ply? More? And here's a few towers cut with the lighthouse and minis for scale. This will probably be it for a while until I cut some bricks. Only trying it with the towers, not the lighthouse.
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