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  1. I mix Corpprea Black, which is traditionally walnut brown and sapphire blue, I think. It makes a nice dark grey that reads as black.
  2. Yeah a bit of a pain, but not a ton of work or time, really.
  3. More brown washing Not sure how much more I want to do, really.
  4. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/941525798/rafm-miniatures-siege-equipment 10 types and crews as add-ons The award winning Rafm Miniatures Siege Equipment was first created in the 1980's. These miniatures have been in production for years but we need your help to retool them, and produce new moulds to continue selling the figures. With your help we can update these items for the modern era. This Kickstarter offers eleven items including Bombards, Ballista and Catapults. These items were originally sculpted in 25mm scale but fit nicely with 28mm figures. See the
  5. I did a light grey drybrush and brown ink/medium wash. Will give it some time to dry. Might be able to do some more dry brushing before i have to wake a kid up.
  6. A "free" spray will give you rounded hills and stuff. You can cut stuff down, but is better for volcanic stuff. It is easy. I shaped it a BIT with wax lined aluminum foil. It's easyish to do long and flat. Carving isn't so easy, and covering with spackle has been annoying, lots of cracking with what I used. And paint wouldn't fill gaps. Where I left off. I did a thinned gray and regular brown base coat.
  7. I had to buy more spackle Will see about some more texture tomorrow
  8. I know but I don't have the ability to do that. I did the free spray works fine. I had big clumps that weren't useful for anything so I am trying something new
  9. Really like how this one turned out
  10. He looks like a bug bear to me. Highly enjoyable.
  11. I few years ago I emptied a can of spray foam for some hills. I decided to hack up one to see if I could do some scatter that was more rock pile than grassy hill like I've previously done (insert link to foam experiments thread). About a month ago I hacked the foam hill, and last night I glued it to a dead DVD as a base and clamped it. This is what it looks like now. I'm going to let it dry a bit more then give it some goop, then a modge seal. Then drybrush, and maybe some flock.
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