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  1. That's why I got them. But it's more my space gets invaded by others and there isn't enough time to clean it up so I can use it.
  2. I never assembled mine. I think I just have a bunch of old tape drives though.
  3. Dark Dice podcast is kickstarting an anthology of adventures and rules based on their podcasts. Link to Kickstarter for notice Link to Patreon blog post for info.
  4. I love these. Darn. Too bad about shipping of that is even an option.
  5. A bunch of professors types , maybe some students. Classroom/ office decor
  6. I'm having to balance the fact that I haven't been able to paint since last May, I think? Or not much anyway. I have a few things, could get a bit more but lots doesn't grab me, and friends aren't interested in splitting bigger sets so... Glad I grabbed that lighthouse though. My super tall one isn't stable enough and has broken a bit from multiple falls while a kiddo tries to pull out fave minis to play with.
  7. They look good to me. But I haven't touched them since the photos.
  8. I have a post about some of those plants for sizing g
  9. I did a thread somewhere about acrylic pouring medium for cheap alternative to realistic water. Shallow stuff only. Discount art store brands of medium can be pretty cheap for 1L of medium. Definitely cheaper than branded terrain stuff. Haven't done deep pours of anything though
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