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  1. They look good to me. But I haven't touched them since the photos.
  2. I have a post about some of those plants for sizing g
  3. I did a thread somewhere about acrylic pouring medium for cheap alternative to realistic water. Shallow stuff only. Discount art store brands of medium can be pretty cheap for 1L of medium. Definitely cheaper than branded terrain stuff. Haven't done deep pours of anything though
  4. This is what stickers are great for
  5. I'm not getting a printer anytime soon and no resellers have more than one I want making it about double with shipping. So out of my price range. Also no friends with printers who will print stuff for me, and no ability to use library maker sites.
  6. I looked at ebay and shipping is still tons sometimes hard to find scale or dimensions from the limited amount of stuff I find. I don't want vintage or collectible prices. This just might be a fallow period in availability for what i want. I don't drive so truck stops aren't an option. I don't really go out that much either, but pharmacies here don't have those kinds of toys. Nothing that's a replica of a ~100 year old car anyway. No toy stores or model stores have stuff that's civilian from those eras ( not looking for supply trucks or tanks or armored cars). Sigh Thanks for the suggestions.
  7. Here's a picture of the blisters with spikeshell and nagendra minis for scale L-R then top to bottom 1 barrel cactus 2 nopal cactus 3 aloe 4 Ferns 5 grass clumps
  8. I got a bunch of stuff in the mail for scattered and basing. Aloe, a few kinds of cactus, grass, ferns. Smaller than lots, but realistic for game purposes (1/48) . It was also very cheap, being about the same $$ as one pack of paper plants locally (which also doesn't have choices I want available). ThIs seemed like less work and better value for my needs. Pics soon. I don't expect to be done thus year.
  9. I'm having problems finding any pulp era cars -especially non-military that are in any way affordable. A 3d printer for home is not feasible and not seeing enough in resellers to make a purchase that is efficient with shipping. Open to die-cast, 3d print,model 1/43 to 1/56 whatever else. ( I cam find modern cars no problem at the dollar store, but cannot find ANYTHING what I'm looking for.
  10. Decided not to back I'm in only for add-ons and the retail price difference fits in the minimum 10$ add-ons pledge. I've got a mountain to paint, and even if these fill gaps, I don't have a NEED. Also had to replace (windows 7) computer and will have to replace some peripherals that will only work on generic drivers. Things I used ALL the time.
  11. I still want that Model A? T? Car. Cannot find ANYTHING appropriate for pulp vehicles. 3d print is not an option and nobody has enough of what I want that I'm doublig prices in shipping. Can't find models, railway, or die-cast.
  12. Yeah I just tossed the leg. I may toss the mini. I was able to glue the head back on soldier lady without pin. These minis are tiny and I just don't want to deal with the effort. They aren't really playable either. I'd rather spend more time painting.
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