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  1. I have to check if there's anything. Most of the terrain I was into is in sets I don't need. And my need for the minis is limited.. Great stuff, bad for duplication and filling gaps.
  2. I'm torn, mostly because I dont own any sets. I have a few boxes of extra minis and used to play with friends pre covid. Just not sure when I'd paint stuff. Have a lack if western minis as well.
  3. i stumbled across this neat article on social media. It seems doable enough - balsa, hydrogen peroxide +sun light, and marine epoxy? Not huge application, but I suppose it would allow glass skyscrapers, greenhouses, and... mostly windows? Will post if I try. Please share if you try.
  4. Got mine today. Roughly 10 days from UK? Card,tea, minis
  5. New update suggests it will be starting fulfillment. Pics of all the minis cast, and then individual envelopes in a bin.
  6. I cant find any of my old threads. I used to have links in my signature which doesnt display in mobile, and I'm rarely on a computer and its awkward on a phone (like I havent been able to make it work, but I'm assuming its possible). I can't search just my topics with an empty search term. So how am I supposed to find things now? How does everybody else do it. I think a modern can lock this file. I've gotten desktop working better since I posted.
  7. My concern was unwarranted. They had only processed backerkit. Just a very quick and decent response.
  8. So this is going to be fulfilling internationally soon. I got a refund because my fridge broke and... well I don't need any of this anymore. In the meantime since this was supposed to deliver I got sufficiently competent in building my own terrain and I don't want to deal with the hassle trying to resell unopened stuff here after the hassle of getting a delivery with no porch. Anyway, they were gracious to give me a refund, however, I got significantly less back than the 80% I was expecting. More like 49.5% (59US of 120$ spent including pledge manager. ) While I intend to reach out to clarify , it has definitely put a damper on my opinion of the company . I effectively got my original pledge back, but not additional funds from the pledge manager. I definitely feel I could have gotten more locally.
  9. Hmm. Authors only involved in add-on stories. meh.
  10. Did anyone at Reaper check the glow in the dark ship after painting? Would be good to know how it survives ink and paint.
  11. Can @Glitterwolf or mods amend the title or tags to show this is 3d print? I imagine a few people would just avoid this thread of they knew.
  12. Thanks. Super easy - though I think I'd go a bit wider on the streets to make it more era neutral. Feels like a sidestreet for modern layouts. Which is fine, but... Getting fibre board at a building supply and cutting things down to a more manageable size is the way to go you can get about 4x8 for about 5-10$ depending on where you are. I did order some mdf boards from arts supply because they were small enough to ship and cheaper than anything else comparable, but still way more than building materials If you have a bunch of foamcore buildings, you can also do a sidewalk separately to fit around stuff to widen the road that way or adjust a board layout while not making it permanent and keeping modularity. Next bits I'm working on are river/bank pieces and a dockside and then small corner bits to give me a full square, and some interchangeable bits to give me some swamp and pond and a park picnic area.
  13. Anybody else have pledge manager issues? tried logging in today to check stuff and can't. Don't remember noticing any widespread issues requiring password reset again like at the beginning. Last access was end of July. So any issues since then? "The provided login details did not work. Please verify your credentials, and try again. " There's really no rush so I'm gonna wait til customer service gets back from vacation.
  14. There was one in the Reapercon forum
  15. Very happy with the book. Lots of useful stuff for beginner to experienced. Some of the safety stuff I didn't know and I'm happy to know now. Also now I have evidence to use against accusations that I helped my kid building a diorama.
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