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  1. Yes my toddler plays with my phone and completely messed things up before I could save. I don't really have 3 hours to enter everything again.
  2. Some good news, local art supply store had free shipping promotion So I could replace my acrylic inks at not super expense.
  3. Toddler decided they wanted to paint without me and did a whole bunch of palette filling. Unfortunately that paint couldn't go back on the bottles. I know some paints are oop, so I'll be looking at the list in this forum. But there's some paints I really liked. I'm limited by what's in stock locally, which means one location that carries non GW paints. I'm periodocally going to post aboit stuff that I no longer have enough to paint to try and get suggestions for replacemrnts that people have liked. This is really brutal for me budget wise so... ugh Maybe I'll have a few hours to go through things later today.
  4. I have lost the money budgeted for this to bad luck purchase so I'll have to skip. The walls were great, but I also don't want to deal with enough for shipping and dealing with customs for taxes
  5. A local option https://www.reapermini.com/search/77276 Or the bones pirates, finaela / Mariel Twinspar, potentially with upper body of Mab grindylow if you want something more monstrous, but not so bestial?
  6. There's a certain kind of artist paint-I forget the exact type, but Pingo introduced me by using some. I only have blue. You layer it over a background- white or black- to different effect. Big $ layout for a specific project (bigger bottles than Reaper at 10$ Cdn a pop) but if you have a few of them could be a cool effect. Edit. The kind I have is Golden Interference paint. But also maybe too close to color shift for OP.
  7. I'm debating it for a motte and bailey setup. Roughly 100$ of add-ons gets you Canadian shipping (but not taxes) and 8x8 square + tower. Need to see if it makes sense to do a bit more up to 12x10
  8. I remember it being announced they would only be available as a set
  9. So that's what people were talking about. I would've been interested in seeing more. I imagine it's the molds that are more at issue and depends on pledge manager spending.
  10. I just saw the pigmen way back in thread. Looks like they didnt get officially revealed. Anything they were associated with? I assume It was from Twitch, whicu wouos explain me completely missing it.
  11. Pledg.it is so bad as a pledge manager I got a notice of shipping about a week after delivery.
  12. Unless it's changed You'll get charged for each pledge manager transaction, and will see stuff in the cart. Would be like the pledge calculator. Taxes on import more than shipping. I think it was 60/30 for me last time ( 3 expansions + lots of add-ons).
  13. Let's call it last before show off
  14. More day 2 Alpha Flight Northstar Guardian Puck (listening to Barry White) Sasquatch Can't see the soft underbelly otherwise
  15. Day 2 Some have more base work amd highlights than others
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