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  1. Thanks. I discovered pieces will fit in my bins on the side, so glue is drying. Thinking ahead: Debating a more grassy look by Maledrakh, or something more earthy by Katiepult as influences(though I dont have good ground cover or ivy to replicate these finishing touches).
  2. Light grey then light grey and cream on the stone
  3. Tan then tan & cream on dirt. Light grey on stone (with the old paint to show the difference).
  4. I did the wash, and a little extra shading on the dirt. Still need to lighten the stone a lot. Maybe 2 more drybrush coats. Maybe more. Also needs to drybrush tan on the dirt and maybe cream
  5. I know, right? But this is just the prime. Ugh. New site update or new mobile browser sucks. I thought I posted this in the morning. Keep accidentally navigating away from the post I'm writing. Just did it now too Anyway, a basecoat. and a few drybrushed layers later... Can you tell the difference? Have drybrushed grey and tan and lined stones, and splashed random colors everywhere. Here's where I am. Tomorrow I'll do a wash then cream and light grey drybrush. Then I'll see what I feel like
  6. I found a second warped piece boiling that and putting that under the same weight overnight. I'll have to do another (third) piece tomorrow because it looks like a different height.
  7. So I thought I had it bent back into shape but today was warped again. Trying third boil, then I have no idea. Currently under lid, leaving it in heat longer, and letting it dry under weight on flattest & most level surface I can find. But here's a teaser of non White Vault gaming possibilities
  8. Not sure where the ones I have are... or how I'd make it work. I MIGHT be ok. I did an actual fit test and will be able to store stuff in my bins. But that won't work if I can't get stuff flat or if I want my extended green bit confit on my boards. Boiling (and weighing ) helped but not quite enough.
  9. I decided to do the Mystic Circle so I could do all kinds of occult and folk horror scenarios. Currently "cooking" in the utility sink. The base parts were pretty warped. I may glue them to some foamcore for a little extra stability, but mostly traced, because I need to keep them " modular" for storage (the arches, I think they still qualify as dolmens, but I forget, will get pulled on and off. Unless it really doesn't work ). This will likely be an all June project, because I had an unexpected computer death and porch reno and need to deal with that.
  10. Uhoh... yellow? It's supposed to be "safety orange." I was thinking for something expeditionary. Maybe my White Vault play mini survival game.
  11. Super delayed action posting Goblins x1 Townsfolk x1 The Spiders of Emrith Kul x1 Rune Wights x1 Arakoth the Ancient x1 The Dwarf King's Crypt x1 Dungeon Dwellers x1 Charnel Pit of the Ghoul Queen x1 Shadows of Ravenhome x1 Yog-Sothoth x1 Brinewind Extras x1 Dark Depths Expansion x1 Brinewind Expansion x1 Power Up: Pirate Maiden Figurehead Option x1 Extra Kid Heroes x2 Power Up: Henchwomen Option x1
  12. I did for docks, boardwalks, and walkways.
  13. By my count 77 pieces! I'm not sure how I painted that much but I did. The treant I was most careful with, though High Rollers too.
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