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  1. I decided to do the big treant today to have something that I could do quickly. Here's today in a few pics. They got a bit out of order. Green beard, orange mushrooms, black + browning shadows, brown + light brown in highlights. not sure what more I'll do. May not get to paint until the weekend.
  2. The Alpha Flight minis might put me over.
  3. The "wet dock" lookafter 2 coats gloss varnish.
  4. Touch ups. Everybody got whiter teeth. And Pyp got edging Vigintor got eyes touched up Same with d12. Got a bit too clean but fixing things the other way is beyond my skill/patience. Also the beard. Next will be shadows. Not sure if I'll do that tonight. Teaser. Gonna make another of these and cut out holes for the bases
  5. I did some eyes : black & yellow, thanks, @Pingo
  6. I will reiterate my hatred for small multipart minis. D10 base separate from D'Tenian after falling off the table just now. Glue attempt 3. Never had to do this with early Bones.
  7. Has to re glue d10 & d20. Did not take to bases. A little leery of toddler handling... butbif it comes to it, I'll pin.
  8. Bases and extras glued. To do: Shadows to slop on bases, eyes, a few touch-ups and seal
  9. Fyi it says painted, but mine didn't look painted. I had none in the kickstarter so have no comparison. Here's 2 stages of drybrush - golden brown then ivory craft paint. Might call this after sealing.
  10. I have a set of walks ways and stairs, and some other stuff coming in summer, so I'll keep it all here. Today was base coats. Tomorrow will be drybrush snd details.
  11. Day 5 here's the bits to attach to d8, d4 and d12 Thac0vius 'construct familiar.
  12. Day 4 D8 more basecoats needs a toichup on the eye and the shoes and to start the quiver. Then glue and touch-ups D12 base coats. Not sure about this. And a better pic of the d4 from yesterday but no extra work. Need to do the hands, then glue and touch-ups.
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