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  1. lexomatic

    Amazons and Dwarves by Bad Squiddo Games

    I've had a couple of her ks and was happy with both. One was also super quick. One-ish person operation so things can get bogged down, but never stops communication.
  2. lexomatic

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    Got mine today. Probably wouldn't get it again. Agree with Haldir's comments. I wanted more villager types and I get a few extra things instead of buying them all individually.
  3. lexomatic

    Black Crab Miniatures 2, necropolis scum

    I quite like some of these but budget can't handle more rn.
  4. lexomatic

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    Ugh. got update from the post office that there was an address error and if they can't fix it it will be returned to the store and the delivery date has been changed to June 6. Not sure where the error is, because I've received mail no problems before (though when I'm normally at home I can just walk and not pay for shipping). SUPER ANNOYED.
  5. lexomatic

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    My villagers pack is in the mail. Can't wait.
  6. So I have a concept for a mini but I want desaturated colors. I mostly have bright colors. Would it be correct to mix in some greens to brown it up? How do I keep it reading red? Is it ok to still have some of the bright but use it as a highlight? Looking for links to stuff you've painted, free videos that address this, or an explanation of process that will still let me experiment a bit. Thanks for sharing your experience/knowledge.
  7. lexomatic

    Mantic : Terrain Crate 2 KS

    Can't decide between 2 crates (paying extra for stuff I don't really want) or pick n mix. It's frustrating that I can't switch back to the 60$ level if I decide it doesn't make sense. People talking about increased confusion/error and not getting what you want has made me leery because I want specific stuff and really don't want specific stuff. Currently leaning pickn mix (including shipping will be about the same as getting the 2 crates with the unwanted stuff). With Campbell heights stuff (Mall, Office, Campground) minus the survivor stronghold (I only like the loading bay from that). And Bellevue Square (Hospital, cottage, park) minus the Market
  8. lexomatic

    77044 Bones Turanil Male Elf Paladin

    Link to the WIP here. I'm calling it done, because he needs to be playable Tuesday and the raccoon eyes aren't getting better in my temporary setup.
  9. lexomatic

    77044 Bones Turanil Male Elf Paladin

    I did some eyes and I'm going to call it done because they aren't getting better and I strained my eyes trying (visor packed away somewhere + insufficient light). A serious case of raccoon eyes
  10. lexomatic

    77044 Bones Turanil Male Elf Paladin

    I took better pics due to figuring out a backdrop.
  11. lexomatic

    77044 Bones Turanil Male Elf Paladin

    I ended up blending the green and pink into a brown I used for leathers. I dont mind him being a little flashy. Used a maroon wash on cloak shadows, breastplate and leathers. Then a dark blue wash on the chain, followed by drybrush of interference blue on the chain. Still need to do some eyes and a few touch ups but mostly done. Probably no more pics until show off
  12. lexomatic

    77044 Bones Turanil Male Elf Paladin

    Orange is for insanity, blue is for despair.
  13. lexomatic

    77044 Bones Turanil Male Elf Paladin

    Black wash on non adamantine metals. Tried Vallejo squid pink and livery green to shield. Hexed lichen didnt flow well so I may add again later. Drybrushing steel, finishing face and drybrushing ground, and painting leather/cloth and I may call it.