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  1. My pale blue craft paint is a good match for colour. I did a base coat . Will do some sponging of white in a few spots, and maybe a satin turquoise, then seal with modge Then I'll need to figure out the rest. Not sure if I'll try to prime grey because it covers better than my white primer, and also won't be as difficult to cover with white craft paint as anything else.
  2. I haven't played it. I listened to a podcast for a bit. It seems darker than something like Kids on Bikes from my memory. I have a different game by the company that seems fun but no idea if I'll ever play it.
  3. It works much better when mixed with an acrylic medium. I tried with glow in the dark but that didn't work, but matte medium with a drop or more of ink depending on desired intensity makes all the difference. It behaves more like paint, but is still translucent (more so, because the medium dilutes it).
  4. Would've been great for this cancelled project, or the actual kids on bikes, or rememorex, or a ton of games.
  5. This will have to do for now. This is short, or it's been on a while. 8 days left. 1-4 minis, kids on bikes (and/or skateboards) style, shipping included.
  6. I did a few touch-ups- other pictures later when I can find enough light to get my phone to focus. Jacket is teal. I really want to go full crazy now and make the boots and belt and epaulettes orange. I'm Worried the pink hair will look awful. The gems will be "opal" using my interference paint. I love this sculpt but it's also really hard to get access to the face and chest to paint. A lot of this series have awkward reaches.
  7. This pulpy fellow was nearby when I grabbed a few minis to paint.an early pic snuck in with my Crooked Dice minis. Here's an update. I was reusing colours , so he has a fancy shiny pants.
  8. Diana got green pants. Her skin is still gloppy. SF lady got pink hair and a shade of interference Blue on the pants. And here's the vigilante who I decided to have fun with.
  9. Check your emails. Digital rewards rewards available.
  10. And I started to do some of the Crooked Dice minis from the recent-ish Pulp kickstarter (same one that got me the Ancient Book above). A Bones Chronoscope figure who'll go elsewhere also sneaks into the intro pic. Liking the lamé effect so far. Doing a different jacket. Only realized after starting that she has a 60s SF raygun. Oh well. And Diana Jones
  11. I decided to work on the Chtulhu Chronoscope sailor minis for my lighthouse. I might need to get a few more ship's hands.
  12. My child received a set of board books one Christmas and once the box was open it served no purpose to anyone but me. I rescued it to turn into a "fancy display box." I will tape up the edges of the acetate, then cover all the non-sky surfaces- on the inside and outside - with paint. What I need now is help choosing a/ some colour/s. Dreadmere gulper for scale (approx 5x6x10.5). Please post colour combo suggestions though I'll probably do a pale blue on the inside sides. Help me decide.
  13. Not much to see. Sticky stuff on base. Tomorrow I can flock with pine litter and... flock! A few touch ups and sealing the main building. Base and tower are modular for storage.
  14. I got a bunch, but not that one, and not the pass. I figured I could do a bridge in foamcore (that I can), and while I wanted the waterline troll and the goats, the rest wasn't necessary. I now have goats. I can waterline my own troll.
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