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  1. This is a fun campaign. I played it over 2 years. We are slow.
  2. Glad I didn't check out today. I was about to. Considering Considering that would be a change, it would be a good idea to have that clearly visible in the actual pledge manager. Also it would be confusing with the orders tab, which suggests multiple transactions.
  3. Got mine too. Deciding whether to add anything besides what I paid for. Options: Denizens, Storm Giant (painted as Athena for the wife who is big on classical mythology), mystery as yet revealed, requests from local friends/gaming group that either I'm paid for in advance or don't mind.
  4. Final count this week 16 bottles of acrylic artists ink. But there now basement locks
  5. My issue is affordability and frequency. Today again, in the space of 2 minutes , my toddler just dumped out ALL my acrylic inks. So the ones i just received in replacement that I got on sale, plus the 12 or so that I previously had collected on clearance prices. So that's 100$ I need to replace. I'm very much close to quitting. I have no time to paint. No time to organize my paints so my kid can't do this. Never been able to game with my minis. Have no hope of being able to do anything with this pile. It is completely gutting.
  6. Currently preview stage Looks good. Woods and Swamp https://gamefound.com/projects/archon-studio/encounters
  7. Yikes. That is a horrendous situation. Hard to think what could even cause a good faith mistake like that, but we are unlikely to ever know. Had considered TTCombat stuff before, but won't now.
  8. Oak base with a few greys &greens and a yellowish brown plague brown I think for highlights
  9. I did this quickly tonight while getting garbage ready to go out tomorrow. One side of the spit came undone and needs to bebgkued. There's a tab so it is steady. Thr big fire under the rabbit popped off the wood, allowing me to use inks on thr clear plastic. It fits snug.
  10. A little bit more but it's hard because thr minis are tiny and I can't focus my camera enough. Later these will get sealed and put away. My other cyberpunk minis are washed so I might be able to do a quick weekend paint to finish them up. That'll give me 6 months for my backdrop
  11. Great paint job on a wonderful moji in front of a suitably spooky backdrop
  12. Thanks. I tried REAL hard on all these sets
  13. I don't even remember the name from when I read the comics as a kid
  14. So I touched up the camera guy. He can stay "muddy" though. Then touched up fixer 's pants (snakeskin jacket) and pinstripes on the suit (visible in hand not sure about photos yet). Strap on the keytarist, and some highlights on the manager and the singer... so everybody. They'll also get a seal tomorrow
  15. Didn't fix the bases, but Northstar and Guardian have been otherwise patched... to be sealed tomorrow. Everyone else from Alpha Flight has been protected. Northstar 's base is fully gooped, and much of the mini was too, but luckily his costume was easy.
  16. In case I hadn't varnished stuff before, it's all varnished now. Soon to be put away to not temp a toddler. Or tempt less who knows. Not sure when I'll get back to Bones 5.
  17. I'm not sure if I gave these some varnish but with a toddler loose and wanting to out stuff away I'll be doing stuff soon.
  18. 09285 denim blue 25% 09207 true silver. I have some metallics. Not the worst 29849 umber brown HD 25% mostly a toddler 09435 skeleton bone 09073 chestnut gold 25% I think I got a replacement already 09045 tanned highlight 33% I have always used this a lot 09049 ancient bronze Secret weapon handle wood 20% sigh Dark wood 33% Vallejo Sombre grey -20% I think this is just me I think I lucked out. Most other stuff seems to be dirty but not emptied. Though some bottles are now unreadable. Well looks like I can get replacements for the secret weapon stuff. And the Vallejo is easy to get. Will just need replacements for the Reaper stuff.
  19. Just so I can keep track of it somewhere. Will order on laptop some other time. Had ANOTHER spill, though not much. * brown liner, an old bottle that I think separated and I use for thin off blacks... have a replacement already * 09070 mahogany brown half *09221 olive skin low * alien goo low 09426 charred brown low 29840 garnet red HD 5% I used this a lot so need to check comparable list 09019 midnight blue half 09024 amethyst purple 33% 29844 blue flame HD25% used a lot recently 09454shining Mithril 50% 09057 ashen blue 33-50% heavy use 09158 olive shadow 75% 09144 creamy ivory 33% a lot of use recently have some off white but.. Vallejo * 72140 heavy skintone 5% 72039 plague brown half 33 livery green half 72013 squid pink 5% 72154 heavy sienna 75% Secret weapon Storm Cloud 1% never used this greatest victim of toddler experiments? Would love suggestions for this one have no idea what it looks like.
  20. Toddler dumped paint on the camera/media guy so I'm going to have to redo him unless I call him caked in mud. Might touch up a few others here also when I do thr next batch in unknown time. Seriously 2 weeks of painting 6 months apart is it.
  21. Another toddler spilled before stuff got sealed means I have to repaint some. Not too bad, but I'm not going to bother fixing North Star's base - there's no way to get those colors again, and I don't want to do it from scratch. So fixes includes his hair, Guardian's costume has a red spot, I think i can get. Will post updates after that's done. Might paint X-MEN then leave it.
  22. Feeling bad about Monster Scenery Ice Wilds because I can't get a response to find oit shipping timetables and whether I can get a hold while I'm on vacation... which was never supposed to be an issue. Waiting the weekend then following up by email
  23. Yes my toddler plays with my phone and completely messed things up before I could save. I don't really have 3 hours to enter everything again.
  24. Some good news, local art supply store had free shipping promotion So I could replace my acrylic inks at not super expense.
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