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  1. This photo came across my social media and it seemed like good color inspiration for clothing colors that would rely on naturally dyed fabrics and not mass produced, like for fantasy and historical clothing
  2. If people are writing this off, they may just want to contact Attorney General for possible misrepresentation https://oag.ca.gov/consumers#state-federal-laws Apparently Blacklist is based in California? Best case it's pressure to deal with QML. Or helps with credit card disputes. But also check your local laws, sometimes they can apply (like Ontario law says as long as one of business or consumer is in Ontario at time of transaction the law can apply). Maybe you have stronger provisions where you are.
  3. This pre launch page got shared to social media. Expect a launch date soon. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/strataminis/dark-dice-the-miniature-range Concept art is available on the strata website, I just don't have time to copy & paste currently
  4. I would've appreciated an email in 4 days at least acknowdging an issue and saying "we're working on it" or "here's our post about it in case you missed it." Just nothing. And if Canadians we're going to be treated differently for shipping that should've been mentioned. And I was about to post in kickstarter but 4 hours ago there was a response that they are finalizing international distribution. 😕
  5. No reply re Canadian fulfillment yet
  6. I got a reply " We are waiting confirmation whether or not they want us to handle non-US fulfillment. Its safe to say that you wouldn’t be receiving a delivery from us next week. If we do end up shipping to Canada, it will be via a duty paid method." So this looks to be completely in limbo and I'm never backing MFC again.
  7. THat's annoying. In Canada, they're using DHL smart post, and last mile is Canada Post from what I've been told. But it's VERY frustrating that there's no notice. Back 1 month ago I was told they hoped it would arrive before I leave for my trip. I have someone coming twice a day while away and would prefer not to hold mail, so knowing something is on the way would be good
  8. I must have missed that. Oh well. It would be nice to know if they've even started pulling and prepping orders. Just feels gross that they're so hands off once it's out the door. Yes there's good reason that things are a year late, but also it's been months since the product was delivered and.... zip. The retail customer service is VERY different, which is maybe what makes this so frustrating.
  9. Well it's been a few months since stuff has been received and sent off to the 3rd party fulfillment place and.. no news. Other than the fulfillment company is backed up from all thr KS delays. Looks like people who got in on this will be behind their follow up metropolis that monster is fulfilling themselves? Maybe soon, maybe not. No idea how this is going to work or if they've even started. Not even a monthly update. Getting pretty frustrated.
  10. I locked in lighthouse, newts, ants. May yet do Dungeons. Unsure.
  11. This is a fun campaign. I played it over 2 years. We are slow.
  12. Glad I didn't check out today. I was about to. Considering Considering that would be a change, it would be a good idea to have that clearly visible in the actual pledge manager. Also it would be confusing with the orders tab, which suggests multiple transactions.
  13. Got mine too. Deciding whether to add anything besides what I paid for. Options: Denizens, Storm Giant (painted as Athena for the wife who is big on classical mythology), mystery as yet revealed, requests from local friends/gaming group that either I'm paid for in advance or don't mind.
  14. Final count this week 16 bottles of acrylic artists ink. But there now basement locks
  15. My issue is affordability and frequency. Today again, in the space of 2 minutes , my toddler just dumped out ALL my acrylic inks. So the ones i just received in replacement that I got on sale, plus the 12 or so that I previously had collected on clearance prices. So that's 100$ I need to replace. I'm very much close to quitting. I have no time to paint. No time to organize my paints so my kid can't do this. Never been able to game with my minis. Have no hope of being able to do anything with this pile. It is completely gutting.
  16. Currently preview stage Looks good. Woods and Swamp https://gamefound.com/projects/archon-studio/encounters
  17. Yikes. That is a horrendous situation. Hard to think what could even cause a good faith mistake like that, but we are unlikely to ever know. Had considered TTCombat stuff before, but won't now.
  18. Oak base with a few greys &greens and a yellowish brown plague brown I think for highlights
  19. I did this quickly tonight while getting garbage ready to go out tomorrow. One side of the spit came undone and needs to bebgkued. There's a tab so it is steady. Thr big fire under the rabbit popped off the wood, allowing me to use inks on thr clear plastic. It fits snug.
  20. A little bit more but it's hard because thr minis are tiny and I can't focus my camera enough. Later these will get sealed and put away. My other cyberpunk minis are washed so I might be able to do a quick weekend paint to finish them up. That'll give me 6 months for my backdrop
  21. Great paint job on a wonderful moji in front of a suitably spooky backdrop
  22. Thanks. I tried REAL hard on all these sets
  23. I don't even remember the name from when I read the comics as a kid
  24. So I touched up the camera guy. He can stay "muddy" though. Then touched up fixer 's pants (snakeskin jacket) and pinstripes on the suit (visible in hand not sure about photos yet). Strap on the keytarist, and some highlights on the manager and the singer... so everybody. They'll also get a seal tomorrow
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