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  1. Let's call it last before show off
  2. More day 2 Alpha Flight Northstar Guardian Puck (listening to Barry White) Sasquatch Can't see the soft underbelly otherwise
  3. Day 2 Some have more base work amd highlights than others
  4. What are these you're talking about? Orc Patron? Walrus gang? What?
  5. I feel like 5 hours painting is pretty reasonable to accomplish this much on 6 minis after a long lay-off.
  6. Gonna have to think about Rotstump Bog. Not what I was expecting. Like the dead sitting dude and the witch a lot though.
  7. Seeing some real sloppy stuff but hard to see otherwise
  8. Now to see if I can unlock the windmill (not personally, of course).
  9. Is painting... but probably not much for a while after Alpha Flight unless there's a family painting day.
  10. Russet Brown and Russet Brown + Redstone Highlight then RB +RH + lava orange on Sasquatch And Cinnamon Red on Guardian
  11. If you want to give Reaper money the disappointment when you find you have less reason to than you hoped can come out in different ways. I don't see it as whining and complaining. And as long as there's no meanness then it can be useful. Ultimately it isn't helpful to call out and can come across as pretty insulting.
  12. And a base coat update Yellows are axe handle yellow Whites are creamy ivory+ blue flame Pale blue is glacier blue Black is nightmare black 3: ultramarine shadow 1 Red is red shadow.
  13. My big problem is everything I want is at the end, but far enough away that not much hope of unlocking through kickstarter. There isn't enough stuff already unlocked or close that I want to pledge extra and be happy with if the stuff I want more never unlocks, which is the big difference this year and past. So I can't justify extra now and either have to ask for a refund or worry about reducing at the last minute.
  14. First painting in.... 6 months? I just got my Marvel United X-MEN delivery (more here) I will be painting up Alpha Flight first. Washed Primed ( I'll fix the bases later) Lots of really hard to reach angles. Still cheesed they only included one twin (no Aurora).
  15. Well. If there's another 400K then I might hit 50 but I'm not sure about 600k more for me to spend 100 as most of the stuff I want from Denizens is part 2/3 Right now it'd be a debate between Owl Bear ands/ or Newt/Ants
  16. Hmm Denizens, lighthouse, newts. Would be FAR over my budget need to get a better picture of that. I would've liked the car/ Model A or whatever more than the lighthouse. But I like it a LOT.
  17. I will pledge for that. It looks more stable than my home made one (though it's cool looking)
  18. Sister Arani is great. Not so enthused by the Phoenix egg legendary tales set. O guess today's big announcements and reveals will determine of I hold out to the last minute or pull my pledge now. I dunno if it's fatigue for me, or having dissimilar tastes to a majority. I just don't see enough I'd buy even at retail. I'd maybe mix and match enough for one expansion. Maybe. I guess the silver lining is I can catch up with my 20*x20* unpainted minis
  19. That just seems weird to me. A moment of stress until I could properly set stuff out and count and associate pics with minis. Just seems backward. Like those are from some other set no? Seems one it should just be separate, but whatever.
  20. There is a time I'd have been super into this, but that time has passed.
  21. It's of more interest to me than the majority of this kickstarter. 😕
  22. And I'm missing 2 minis from the kickstarter bonus box. Just not in the blister. I'm going to assume I never see those. CMON is impossible to deal with. Looks like Kitty and Lockheed. Edit: Nope. Looks like Kitty and Lockheed are up top. Not sure who I'm missing. A bit of a relief, because they were my era X Men. Hope I'm not missing any Alpha Flight, though. That would be worse. that was my main reason for backing. EDIT 2 NONE MISSING YAY. So there's just gaps in the blister making it look like pieces are missing. Not sure what happened there, but it definitely makes things look bad. I counted evey one. I didn't see if more bonus minis were expected, but the lid is molded with space for projecting limbs. Also support info on waybill attached to side of box. No tariffs or tax (expected but you never know) and a safe drop ( the least convenient option seems to happen for me despite my instructions, so yay).
  23. Got my base set. Kinda ridiculous how much it was. The huge box is thr kickstarter extras. And apparently I can't add photos anymore, so... too bad?
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