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  1. Well... that may be in the near future! I think a Gaslands conv. would be a lot less to deal with! LOL! We have the Gaslands rules, but haven't played it yet. That would be fun to see! LEGO has released a version that looks pretty sweet, but you can purchase a ton of minis, supplies, and even more Hotwheels for the price!
  2. Oh see! This makes me miss exchanges! (I've been out of pocket for a while) This is extremely well done and I'm sure Guildenstern loves it!
  3. I have never seen anyone do a black eye! He looks great as is, but dang, if you're gonna give him contusions, have at it!
  4. So I'm branching out from typical miniatures and trying something new. My son has really been into Hotwheels lately, and it turns out that there's an entire Hotwheels Customization culture out there much like the minis we like to paint. I put two and two together and figured why not try it out? So, here's the WIP (some of it at least) of the Fairlady 2000 I'm currently working on. Besides, if it ends up horribly, Hotwheels are only .94 cents at Wally World Unfortunately, I got the bright idea to WIP after I was pretty much done painting as much as I'm going to on the first go-round. However, here's the comparison between the Yellow "stock" Datsun and the Orangy one I've painted. Also, the various components of the build that I've worked on. Finally, the installing of new axles and Red Rider wheels found on the more "premium" versions of Hotwheels. I may use the donor truck as a future "distressed" diorama if I feel froggy enough. The floorboard is also painted a metal shade as you can kind of see it in the interior if you bother to try to see it. I just finished gluing the axles and wheels in about five minutes ago, so it'll have to sit for a bit to dry. If all goes well, I'll have completed my first custom Hotwheel. I'll be able to zoom across the table in a one of a kind upgrade. WHHHEEEEEEEEE!!!! I'll post final pics after everything's dry and fitted. Thank you for checking it out! -K P.S.: Thos pics are tiny! I'll post larger ones in the Show Off when it's done. I apologize for the oversight
  5. There can be only one.... Looks great!
  6. He looks great! You can practically smell him through the interwebs! Kudos!
  7. Jasper! It's been a while! Yeah I picked up a starter kit of Space Wolves quite a while back as a friend of mine was really into WH2K and wanted me to start playing. I think I got through 2 figures until I got burned out on the planning, prepping, painting, etc. I think they came out pretty ok, but yours are looking fantastic! I haven't heard of that faction before, but I haven't been to a GW store in over a year. We don't have them in my town, plus like you said, they're $$$.
  8. That is truly disgusting... in a good sort of way! Well done!
  9. Hey Uber! Trying to get back into things so just wanted to stop in and say hey!

  10. These are truly beautiful in every sense of the word. Well done!
  11. Okay, last one for this evening. These guys are actually completions from a project I started back in 2014 called HASSLEFIGHTER 2014!!!! and mostly finished sometime this past year. I think the motivation was for "A Fist Full of Kung-Fu" which, of course, we still haven't played. At any rate, it's good to mark a shelf of shame project *mostly* complete. I played a lot of Double Dragon as a kid, and these guys bring me back there. Ah Nostalgia! Thank you for viewing! -K
  12. This one is from Super Dungeon Explore and was a welcome challenge to try to paint a more Toon-ish style. I think Angry Bear came out pretty good all things considered. I do recall him taking a long time to paint by brush... Rawr! -K
  13. I painted this one up for, again, my son, who wanted a custom mini to represent himself in whatever board game we were playing at the time. I think it captures the essence of his spirit. He's Hasslefree's HFH037: Albert Super tiny, super fast mini! -K
  14. Figured I'd drop a few more unprofessional pics of the few things I've done in the last year. I painted this wizard for my son to use in a potential game of Frosthaven that we still haven't been able to play. At any rate, I like how he turned out and my son likes his owl. I really need to get my light tent set up as the simple desk light doesn't do anything for these mins.... LOL! -K
  15. Thanks! I wish I remembered what I did as I have the female variant of this miniature as well. Ah well! I'll figure it out again.
  16. Ready!? I'm so far off the bandwagon I didn't realize that ReaperCon 2018 was scheduled until the week before Labor Day. I guess that means that I have plenty of time to not be ready? Are there details yet as I loved 2016... which was the last time I made it.
  17. Hello all! It's been forever and a day since I painted or posted anything. I actually have completed a few other projects, but I've been too lazy to drag out the photo tent and take good pics. At any rate, I figured I'd throw a basically finished figure that's been sitting in the drawer of shame for... I dunno... 8mo. to a year or more! Anyhoo, I bring you Hasslefree's Joe! What's fun is that I messed around with some flourescent pigments for his Mohawk. This is him hovering dangerously above our reef tank... Joe was originally painted for use in a tabletop game I can't currently remember the name of, but now he may just end up in a shelf or may be destined for someone else's games. Hope you enjoyed it! -K
  18. I'm just mad I missed it again! LOL! Didn't realize it had moved up to Labor Day Weekend until a week or so ago...
  19. Haha! I KNEW I'd seen your avatar before! And now all of this makes more sense! I remember seeing this a few years back... Made me wanna burn my brushes and green stuff. LOL! That has to be one of my favorite of all time pieces!
  20. How lovely! Still makes me angry! LOL! This is a beautiful piece!
  21. Yeah it was pretty sticky-sticky to the brush. This was only mixed with isopropyl alcohol... and was a pain to get off that Pyrex dish. Lol!
  22. Okay, so I ended up making Lampblack instead of waiting to order pigments. Money's a bit snug right now, so freeish is much better! I ended up with this set-up: My wick is a bit sketchy, but in the end I ended up with a good bit of corn oil infused lampblack... which smelled terrible. Note that I didn't burn ALL of that oil. In fact, I didn't burn much at all. Maybe a couple of minutes worth as I didn't need a ton to finish the Tiger. Here's a before: During: And After-ish: I say after-ish as after I took this photograph, I noticed a noobie armor mistake: there isn't anything on the part of the exhaust surrounded by the exhaust shielding. That's bare plastic glaring out from under that endcap! At any rate, I did my best to hit it with black primer to cover up the light gray color. I'm not sure if I did this correctly, but essentially I used an old brush to pick up the pigment (wearing a mask, of course!) and just dab it onto the tank. In places that needed more, I attempted to make a paste-ish substance using rubbing alcohol (91%). I essentially ended up dipping the brush in the alcohol and then dabbing or brushing the substance where necessary. The lampblack seemed to like sticking to the brush much more than the tank, but I'm pretty satisfied for a first time working with pigments that I had to make rather than purchase. I'd love input from those who know better! I am planning on purchasing pigments soon as I'll need other colors than black to finish my 1/35 Matilda. The next step for this tank is to figure out a diorama to stage it in. I'll get around to it soon. As always, questions, comments, and suggestion are always welcome! -K
  23. I haven't messed around with Testor's enamels for years. I think I have quite a few in storage... which most likely means they're reduced to shiny, slimy goop. The last time I did models was probably back in high school or early college. At any rate, I was still living with my parents. I really enjoyed learning acrylics through minis, and they don't require all of the thinner. It'd be interesting to mess with enamels now as I'm much better with painting in general than anything I can think of back then. I think I was even using krylon industrial spray primer at that time... if anything! Lol!
  24. Haha, I had a class with Wapple in 2015. He's a hoot! I'd noticed he's been doing armor but forgot to take a look. I'm going to try to find the book I keep thinking about after work. If I remember correctly, the oils over acrylics were used for skin due to their ability to blend better than acrylics over time... or something like that. When I see it I'll post the book and reason. Seriously though, thanks for the insight! What brands of oils are y'all using? I'm sure there's a difference among the brands.
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