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  1. My bad, these two pieces were not in the diorama These are two other pieces, to change from the diorama. But at first, I planned to make these two two companions (same colours, same base, ...). But the idea didn't last.
  2. After posting my WIP about my diorama, I start a Show Off thread to expose to you my finished pieces. And I start with Haela, from Hasslefree. A dwarfette whose I fall in love at first sight ! I also recently finished a Dark Elf Beastmaster from Warhammer. But she's not a dark elf for me.
  3. I really like your choices of colours, it look great. For the runes, maybe reusing the cape colours will look weel ? I'm keeping this photo as an inspiration for when I will do my undead guys !
  4. I really like the way the cape turned.
  5. Thanks ! For the water, I painted multiple layer of blue, brighter to brighter, until I get the white. I'm very glad of the effect. Especially that at first, I was going to make a lava separation between the characters (first idea when sculpting the rocks), then getting with artificial water (but did not get enough depth). I then found a tutorial for basing warhammer figures with water effect like this. Getting the minis to blend well in the scene was not easy (milliput going everywhere !). One of the challenge was that the minis needed to be put out of the diorama (to use the dragon in other games, maybe). The two are magnetised. Anyway, this completed diorama has given me the taste of it. Want more ! For the title, I've come up with "You're next !" or maybe something about the crossing, the two paths. Still searching ^^
  6. Well, I guess that's it ! A great weekend @home with my brushes, my paints and my minis ! The slayer is done ! I painted her in tones duller than the dragon, to show her "anti-life" powers. As for the dragon head. Here are some photos of the all diorama : Last thing to do, finding a name. I'm french, so I came up with some french ones (and also some english ones, that sounded great) : Extinction Duel Dragon's Reaper Faucheuse (Reaper in french) Fin d'une ère (End of an era) La tueuse et le dragon (The slayer and the Dragon) Any idea is welcome !
  7. More than one month later, I come back with some updated pics ! I missed my own deadline (christmas), and had to fix another (end of january). Yesterday, it was rainy, so no outdoor activities. I painted. And finished the base and the dragon. Still have the slayer to complete. And a name to put on the base.
  8. Finishing my diorama !

  9. As above, great idea for the cloak. I don't know when my giants will come on my table, but I stick this idea not far away.
  10. It was a no-paint sunday, so no new pics. I plan to make the dead head more rotten. I'm still trying to figure out how. Next part being painted is the base : a black spray undercoat, to mask the butter box ^^. And then, the base on which stand the dragon. You can steal it at one condition : make it better and bigger and more epic !
  11. Great warband. There is a very cool sense of group here.
  12. So, here some new pics. I progressed on the base, with the "river" between the two adversaries. The "vampire / leech / slayer" is still sucking the vitality around her. Hence the change in the river. It gets dead. Maybe I'll add some plants on the dragon side, and a dead thing on the other (animal ? plant ? skull ?) But I don't want to complexify too much the scene. Next up, is the true painting of the dragon and the slayer. Another dragon in the background on this first one : Fafnir ! (The black & white hairy one that like to play with my minis)
  13. Whoa, great job ! I just got my coffee, and at first, I thought you made a rock elemental by getting little rocks and glueing them together. But no, seems you get your brush. Nice !
  14. The albino skin gives this mini a very unique look, and a brilliant one. He's scary. He's a dark mean boss for adventurers. Good job ! (and maybe i'll steal this idea ^^)
  15. I really like the "globality" of your Cthulhu. He's very coherent. The purples are present everywhere (even on the stone, that looks great), so the mix with the green looks well. And the false eyes are a great idea !
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