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  1. The Giantess is ok without being great - the blue of her skin is a bit off. Still needs some detailing as well, but overall I like her. A nice simple one - fire makes it pretty. A red dragon, and a red, uh, uh....whatever... this one I like a lot - the bronze and brass contrast nicely, IMO. Any views? Comments? Suggestions for improvement?
  2. The metalic colouring wasn't an obvious first choice, I agree - and the straight metalic looked rather odd. If you look at the wings, they still look a bit...weird, in my view. I'll have to fix those up. But over all he's pretty cool, in my eyes, and glad you agree! A few more in various stages:...will have to wait as my camera has a flat battery. But the large red (not the huge red, one of the two hear be dragons dragons), the fire giantess (who I mistook for a frost giant, so she's a tad pale :) ) and several of the character figures are more-or-less done (with a few actually done-done). I've also got the steamdragon nearly done, and have a few advice questions on that one. Ok, it'll make more sense when there are pictures, but how much effort would you put in to perfect the appearance of streaks? The wings are painted..hang on, pics in. Brass, as you can see. But you'll notice that in the non-flash one, in certain light they still look a little patchy. Most of the time it is fine - just some angles in some light. My question is how much effort would people put in to fixing that? (Answering myself: probably "it depends") Still, any thoughts appreciated.
  3. Thanks - I figured as much but, you know. Some places are funny that way. Most of the colouring that isn't gunmetal blue is either imperial purple, Vallejo's carmine red, or a mix of the two. The face-tentacles, for instance, are about a fifty-fifty mix with a little bit of white. The wings and the underside of the tentacles were a bit of a pain to paint; apparently gluing him first was an error :). Well - something to learn from. Anyway, glad you liked!
  4. So I've started the process of painting my giant mountain of bones (which I figure I should given I've just ordered another giant mountain!) These two I felt like sharing; happy to receive any comments. The hydra is more-or-less finished, with perhaps a little detailing and cleaning to go. Cthullu - well, is anyone ever really finished? His spikes need some work, as do the wings. The rest is...well, any comments greatfully appreciated :) Most of the paints used are the ones which shipped with the bones. I also purchased a handful of metalics; I think the company is called vallejo? (NB: not intending to advertise - sorry if breaking any forum rules!) Also, what are the rules for file size? I saw something which indicated <150k; the uploader says <10 meg, which obviously allows much better images.
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