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  1. will do! :D have to have it done in the next 3 or 4 days
  2. 8th picture (or 4th pic on 2nd row) is Orc with Mace from 10-301 box set Demons, Trolls, Orcs & Goblins http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Best_of_Ral_Partha_Box_Sets Is this the mummy (2nd pic) http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:RP-99-001d.jpg from Witch's CAuldron 99-001? difficult to tell. or this one http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:RP-01-020.jpg Mummy 01-020? and this looks like 3rd row down 1st pic, but missing the axe http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:RP-01-042v2.jpg 01-042 Dismounted Paladin Okay, actually found the gold bars and pots of coins and gems here http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Wizzards_and_Warriors#SS08 Grenadier Wizzards and Warriors Treasure Vault I think the pile of treasure coins is also on that page under the "SS01 Treasure" section, but that one's difficult to tell. I think the Giant Rats on are that page too W54. SS09c The Guard Room looks like the table in the treasure picture.
  3. it was pretty time critical so I went ahead and got the Crystal Golem :) It's going to work out perfectly
  4. welp, looks like Crystal Golem it is, since it seems I can't get the Earth Elemental. Thanks guys for the ideas
  5. oooooo yeah.. that just might be what i'm lookin for! :D
  6. I'm looking for some sort of monstery figure that has crystals or rocks on its back. Any ideas for something like that? Thank you :)
  7. Yeah i know i completely dropped off the face of the Earth for a long time there :) But, yes! I am back :D
  8. I'm having difficulty identifying this miniature. I cleverly threw out the packaging and now that it's on a base I can't even look at the base to see what company it is! Does anyone recognize it? I appreciate the help :) https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10206345825312996&l=6888bdfe7b
  9. I'll have to pass on this one, with the neck injury I can't sit and paint for very long
  10. Update, I have not finished my mini yet. I have injured my neck and find it difficult to sit at my painting table for very long. I'm physical therapy, and it's getting better though. I have the better part of a mini done, it's just not completed yet. I will get it done though, promise.
  11. hehe Snake Pliskin! Excellent
  12. He should be force fed actual Spam, the canned meat, or even better, the balled up print outs of his spam emails, for the remainder of his life!
  13. Lol I like. Man she's so evil lol
  14. Stomp Stomp Stomp, Stompin that Yeti Stomp! I've heard this song so many times I know the entire thing lol.
  15. "Yes, but then you wouldn't know the majesty of Gum Drop Mountain." Spike at the Reaper Life table.
  16. We got ourselves a new puppy this weekend and I feel the need her off to show everyone I know. http://www.wankersworkshop.com/images/puppy/ She's a 10 week old Bull Terrier. After a random name drawing where all 4 members of the family put their favorite name on a piece of paper, we folded them up, tossed all four on the floor and waited for the puppy to pick one. She enthusiastically pounced on the paper with my 11 year olds favorite name, so she is now called Salsa. Yes.. Salsa. Oh well, my 4 year old wanted her to be called Fudge lol.
  17. I was wondering where my rabbit got off to. I feel bad for the old couple, but that was damn funny. Can you see trying to explain that one to your friends. " No, honestly, the rabbit was coming at me with a crazed look in it's eyes" If it was THIS rabbit.. I'd run!
  18. Virtue: Hero R0b0tica lvl 49 Controller and Atomica a lvl 16'ish Controller Villains Cindy Cenobite lvl 34 Mastermind and Seasons of Change (cant remember lvl) Corruptor I have many other alts on various servers I've started, but haven't really played with in a long time. These 4 are what I seem to play most regularly.
  19. Yeah it's pretty stupid isn't it.. i've actually got it as a pdf as well.. much easier to read. http://www.wankersworkshop.com/skaven_babe/R0b0tica1.pdf see if that helps
  20. City of Heroes is hosting a conest for creating a comic book, based of course in their world. I worked one up this week and submitted it, and then thought I'd post a link up here for any other CoH players/fans out there that might like a look at it It was a lot of fun to make and is the origin story of my main and favorite character I've had since I got the game, which was shortly after it was realesed 3 years ago. Here it is, enjoy! http://www.hypercomics.com/comicbooks/quee...known_origins_0
  21. I'll add in my 2 cents on your conversions. Very nicely done, very clean, and they really work for the piece. What I almost couldn't see in the picture was the addition of the tongue lolling out I like him!
  22. Another batch of sea critters I've finished up for someone. I reallllly love the Sea Blues Triad, it's puurty. The Water Demon was specifically asked to be a slate'ish blue/gray and I decided to keep it very monotone. I also wanted the water she's coming up out of to be very dark and murky. (linked for nudity) http://www.wankersworkshop.com/skaven_babe...waterdemon1.jpg http://www.wankersworkshop.com/skaven_babe...waterdemon2.jpg The Dark Maiden is still one of my all time favorite sculpts And finally the female sea elf companion to the male sea elf I posted some time back with the green skin.
  23. An orange/bourbon glazed ham, broccoli with cheese sauce, homemade crescent rolls, homemade potato salad, and homemade strawberry shortcake for dessert. Everybodys food sounds sooooooo good, i need to eat something now lol.
  24. I received mine. Sorry I forgot to post here that I got it, though I did PM the sender to let them know I received it. I'll eventually have time to get pics taken and posted of it.
  25. A couple of sea critters i've done for a client. Let me know what you think! I'm rather pleased with the wereshark, I'm starting to get a handle on the highlighting dark colors thing. I'm also rather pleased with my green work on the sea elf. Green is a color I struggle with and I took a long time looking at other peoples green work before tackling this guy. It became a personal challenge and I think I've done my best green yet.
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