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  1. Hello! So I've made my own sculpting tools out of bamboo skewers, I made a clamp to hold the figure while I work on it, I bought the Sculpey firm and I'm ready to learn how to sculpt miniatures. I started off by making a person out of wire but sculpey won't stick to the wire, I've read that you can use green stuff or milliput and put sculpey over top of that and that will make it stick, is that the only good way to do it and do I have to wait for the milliput to dry before applying the sculpey and sculpting? Also is there any technique to putting the clay on the wire, should I do it all at once and sculpt the whole thing at once or piece by piece, I don't even know where to start after I've made the wire person. I don't know, I'm a little lost right now, if anyone has any good visual tutorials showing the process of sculpting, I'm a visual learner most of the time so that would be a great help, all the videos I've found have been really awful for the most part. I've never been good at bringing something to fruition from start to finish, I've always been good at improving or painting other people's work but never at creating my own so this is a big challenge for me.
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