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  1. I'm trying to come up with an idea for warpaint to paint on a mini. These are my ideas so far (face and legs) Fairly NSFW http://i.imgur.com/4VPZi5b.jpg I've looked at a bunch of photos of african tribes and maori tattoos and what not, but I've not fallen in love with anything I've seen and a lot of it is way to complex for me to paint at this scale. So any ideas or criticism on the designs I've tried out in photoshop there.
  2. Here's a better photo for the eyes http://i.imgur.com/hnUT4BR.jpg I think my lamp was a little too high in the photos of the main post but I didn't feel like re-shooting them all again.
  3. I painted another Random Encounter. I spent time actually thinking about the color scheme of this miniature for once, I wanted to make something more harmonious, something that looks more attractive and wasn't just slapped together off the cuff. For reference, here is my previous random encounter miniature. http://56.media.tumblr.com/81bb23903a7849981bee9afc7d2fb057/tumblr_nm5e6kBUz51sr4g52o2_1280.jpg And here is the new one. Let me know what you think.
  4. I looked at reference images and this looks pretty close to me, a lot of Japanese people have pretty fair skin. I may have gone a bit too high on the highlights on the face. I'm not sure why the hair color is caucasian though, it's gray.. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/df/7d/3e/df7d3e3cc3ea719d60ddd44e02f98d5d.jpg The sculpt itself is pretty cuacasian though, I thought. http://i.imgur.com/jW7ANuB.jpg Hm, I thought they were much more brown this time around and bluer last time. I'll play with some more shadow on the legs.
  5. I did some general changes I wanted to do as well as implemented some of your guys' advice. I got rid of the green, switched it to a rusted iron look, kept some of the green in the recesses of it though as sort of patina or something. Got rid of the gold on the armor, it was way too busy looking overall so I changed those to just purple like the rest of the armor strings. I toned down the shirt, I blame the original shirt on warcolours paints, they're super over the top vibrant and glossy and hard to blend with Toned down the sash as well, I felt it was way too vibrant and was taking focus from the rest of the mini, made it a darker blue. I used some blue in the shirt's shading but it's fairly subtle, it should be visible in the final photos when the mini is done. I painted his undead head, I think it turned out spot on. I tried to make his eyes a bit more Japanese looking but it just ended up making him look a little less crazy eyed, also added eyebrows(did you guys realize people have eyebrows?) I also went over the purple again with VGC hexed lichen instead of the purple I was using before, it's a bit more vibrant and less washed out looking, I like it. I redid the beard, this time I went over the whole beard with a red-brown, the color I used to shade the skin and then worked up some streaks of dark gray up to a light gray, overall I think it looks much more natural now, although it doesn't look vastly different in the photo, it does in person. I'm working on his base now, I'm not going to use the one they provide, I have a neat idea in mind. I may do a design on the handle of the naginata but I'm not sure, he has a Katana that needs painting that goes on his belt and I need to paint the top of the helmet, the remainder of the naginata and the base and he'll be done. Let me know what you think, be nit picky if you must.
  6. What would you suggest I do to achieve a greater harmony? Helps greatly, much appreciated.
  7. What would you suggest I do to achieve a greater harmony?
  8. Is that the sculpt's fault or the paint work? Because people complained that he looked Caucasian when this model was announced.
  9. http://i.imgur.com/Z7xvlnl.jpg I'm working on this Early Samurai from Andrea, I'm trying to learn and follow some color theory stuff and just generally improve my game. I went with a triad color scheme here, violet, orange and green and I'm not 100% sure how I feel about it and would like to know what you guys/gals think. Also just general criticism about the paint work. Thanks
  10. Vegetable oil seems odd, like a non-permanent solution. Use gloss varnish, coat the model, let it dry and the problem will be fixed then you can matte over it again and it shouldn't happen twice. Honestly I think it has more to do with my mixture than with humidity or any weather factor, it just seems like a fickle thing that sometimes screws up because I didn't mix it perfectly.
  11. I've already fixed him, it's a common problem so I know what to do. http://i.imgur.com/hbysRTP.jpg I would just like to see if there is a varnish that doesn't do this, but I guess not. The satin varnish actually pretty much 100% matches the look of the paint itself and doesn't kill layers and such, that is why I started using it over matte to begin with, but it's still obnoxious when I'm working on a commission and I go to seal it and it just completely screws everything up because it frosts over. But ya'll are saying it's going to happen with any varnish which is what I figured, so oh well.
  12. Thanks oneboot I can confirm that gloss coating it and then re-varnishing it will fix it, I've had to do this a lot so hehe.
  13. Do you have photos of your work with these techniques Bruunwald?
  14. I'm really angry right now, so I apologize if this sounds stilted or pissy. I painted this model http://i.imgur.com/H3eRj7z.jpg it's a simple paint job, took a couple hours to do, nothing special but it looks good, the colors are nice and vibrant, it looks lustrous. Then I varnish it, this time using Vallejo Satin Varnish because I've been having better results with it, and it turns the model into a flat, ugly turd that looks like it's sat in a dusty room for 30 years. http://i.imgur.com/62d5GGP.jpg It kills the metallics and makes them look horrible, it makes my shading look all crappy because now instead of being a rich dark red, it now looks like a rich dark red with a layer of blueish frost on top of it. And it didn't even get rid of the damn shine! If you look at his arm and the red above his knee, it still has the same reflections as before I varnished it and yet now it also has this horrible frost all over it, what's the point! It's like every time I varnish I have a 50% chance of completely destroying all my work, but even when it doesn't come out like this it still looks bad to me because it flatten out all the depth we try to add when we paint the models. I'm beginning to understand now why so many people prefer their paint to just be matte out of the bottle so they don't have to wait and see what the model will look like after it's been varnished. I find that colors like red especially suck after varnish has been applied, I can spend hours making a real nice deep red and then varnish it and it looks completely dull and flat. How do I combat this issue? Is there a matte varnish that doesn't do these things or should I just start finding a good semi-gloss instead? if anyone can recommend varnish that isn't Vallejo, Testors bottled dull cote or any kind of canned varnish, I would appreciate it.
  15. Ahhh that's a good idea, I hadn't considered that. I'll keep this in mind when I paint another one! Thanks thanks.
  16. These were all painted on commission and they're all based just for ub3r_n3rd! Oh and the phoenixes are also an example of how the primer coat can alter the final model. The second phoenix down was primed with white, the first with black. Phoenixes Antelope Watcher Butcher
  17. Haha, sorry sorry! That's an apt comparison. He's pretty cool, easily one of my favorite models to work on.
  18. This is the Butcher from Kingdom Death Monster, painted on commission, NMM for the armor, some OSL on his back done with airbrush. Very happy with how he turned out, the photo is a little over-exposed though. Thanks for looking.
  19. Much appreciated. I definitely suggest checking out Kingdom Death's stuff, a lot of grotesque minis but a lot of really beautiful sculpts too.
  20. She was based with grass and flowers. I had to send her off pretty quick though so I didn't have time to take good photos. Thanks for the kind comments.
  21. You guys liked my last Flower Witch so I figured I'd post the most recent one I painted on commission. This one has human skin tone but with a lot more color overall and is more somber, not so bright.
  22. I've been in dire need of a nice tall swing arm lamp for a while now, preferably something that can accept day-light LED bulbs and is of decent build quality and will stay where you put it but doesn't break the bank because I need a couple of them. Anyone have recommendations?
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