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  1. I'll be sure to do that Cash, hopefully they start delivering the boxes before summer is out.
  2. No offense taken at all, I've seen people criticize someone's paint work for the subject matter being "sexist" but that's not happening here so, I see no problem! I'm the same way about KD, I like most of the models, but some of them like specifically the Wet Nurse and Satan are just too much for me. But I adore Kingdom Death, besides just the aesthetic and the dark horror fantasy theme, I feel that KD, I don't know a better way to say this, but is appealing to "equality" and having a little for everyone more so than a lot of miniature companies do. I mean you have women and men of many varieties, the Forsaker Pinup is a more heavy set woman, the Apotheosis is a burly muscular lady, the Archivist and Savior and several others are much more tame and non-sexual ladies, there are appropriately armored females like the Warlord and Survivor. It impresses me how varied and unique their models are while, at least from my perspective, appealing to a broad range of people. It is what it is obviously, doesn't have to appeal to everyone and that's fine. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on it. I have a couple people planning to commission me to paint their 16 pound kickstarter box so I'm looking forward to it LOL.
  3. Yeah I understand the criticisms, personally it doesn't bother me except for like the Satan and Wet Nurse models. I traded some commission work for the pinups of death and I like all the models except for the weird school girl looking one, I'm painting the forsaker lady right now.
  4. Boy you guys are pretty down on KD around here aren't you lol.
  5. Thanks, I used a piece of copper tubing for the pipe so I just sanded the edge a little to get that real bright point.
  6. This is my favorite miniature, I've picked up four copies to practice on, this is copy #1. A closeup on the facial detail. http://36.media.tumblr.com/d1a9c88476589f0ed4f94c903256ff20/tumblr_nlmh2aDrv71sr4g52o1_1280.jpg ' More photos on my blog http://rpgpainter.tumblr.com/post/115241524049/fernando-ruiz-random-encounter-dwarf-painted-for
  7. Thank you for the kind words. She came out a little messy in spots but I'm happy with it, I really tried to go heavy on the color.
  8. http://rpgpainter.tumblr.com/post/121970473834/flower-witch-kingdom-death
  9. I don't think so. I think there were two dragons with riders on them, facing each other either on top of some sort of yellow wall or maybe in front of a yellow wall, could have been a castle wall. I know that this was in color, but the advertisement for dungeon terrain I don't think was in color but I could be wrong. I also remember there being an order form for the dungeon terrain. I want to say one of the dragons had a very long lance and the dragon was black or blue. I can't really remember the size of the book this came in, it could have been a small few page pamphlet or a catalog of some sort. In terms of year, I would have been too young for it to be before 1998 at least, but I'd bet it's more 1999-2002 or so. I've looked through all the archived ral partha and grenadier catalogs I could find and none of those were it. I found an archive for Dragon and dungeon magazines so I'm gonna look through those. I came across this guy and he's sort of how I remember one of the dragons looking like http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/images/f/f5/Rp-10-504g.jpg
  10. I've found a bunch of archived catalogs, I'm scouring through them now. I looked through every catalog on this page and it's none of them. http://www.paintedminiatures.ca/catalogs1.html
  11. I don't think it was a magazine, I want to say it was either a catalog or some sort of like insert that came with some other models? I've looked through all the grenadier dragons I could find and some of them sort of look similar? But I don't think any of them are quite the same. I want to say that it could have been early games workshop stuff, because I know that at this time I owned a little unit of these http://www.hourofwolves.org/images/armies/elvesHotT/4_elvenSpearmen2.jpg So I wonder if it could have been some sort of ad insert that came in the box? But GW has never made dungeon terrain I don't think so that doesn't seem right. Alternatively it could have been something you would have been able to pickup for free from like the sales counter at an LGS, like a catalog or small order form or something. It sucks, this is nagging on my brain but I don't think I'll ever be able to find this specific thing and seeing all these dragon miniatures, none of them are jumping out as being the ones.
  12. I'm really not sure, I only remember the two adverts for the miniatures and the other for the terrain and furniture. I can't remember if it was in some comic book or a catalog, I'm like 90% sure it was some sort of order form catalog thing, but I can't think where it could have come from, but I remember it might have had like an actual order form you could cut out and fill out for the dungeon terrain...
  13. All of this seems familiar. It's just such a difficult thing to pin down because there are sooo many dragon rider miniatures and many of them look very similar to what I have in my mind but nothing is like popping out and screaming I'M THE ONE! Grenadier seems like it could be it looking at some of their stuff. I'm searching google frantically.
  14. So a while back I posted about an old model I had seen in a comic book or magazine advertisement and I'm back with a similar problem. Some time in the 90's or early 2000's I remember seeing a catalog of some sort, I can't remember where I got it or what company it belonged to, I just remember it being some sort of catalog or pamphlet and inside of it I remember two adverts standing out. One was for polymer or resin dungeon terrain, sort of like the recent dwarven forge stuff, in the advertisement they had the various different modular pieces, walls, floors etc. listed with like the number you get over top of them, they also had furniture and things like that listed as well. The other advertisement I recall was for miniatures, I think the advert had like two dragon riders on dragons, sitting atop either a castle wall or some sort of yellow village building maybe. I think one of the dragons was tall and slender and painted black and the rider had a very long lance, sort of like the red dragon of krynn from ral partha, but definitely not him. If anyone has any idea what this catalog could have been, I'm not even sure what companies were producing dungeon tile sets back then so I kind of don't know where to start looking. I'm thinking maybe the miniatures were warhammer fantasy as they have some newer dragon sculpts that look kind of like what I remember these ones being.
  15. The question then becomes, why are the grex and lower end air compressors failing and what exactly sets the iwata apart, because they all have the exact same compressor design and spending 400-600$ on a compressor is a giant leap up from even the grex price point.
  16. After years of using a compressor, I've recently switched over to a CO2 tank - the type used for soda fountains. It's silent, provides reliable pressure, will take ages to empty, and is fairly inexpensive to refill. The Egg This is what Jayadan on youtube uses, I'm considering doing this when my Grex fails, it really is ridiculous that these air compressors are so unreliable.
  17. You can get a very good table-top quality face using only an airbrush for the skin, arguably better than a lot of people best efforts with a brush. Buypainted has a video on this here:
  18. A thousand dollars is an extremely high estimate even with a spray booth and respirator. The spray booth you can get for 80 bucks on ebay, some chinese made thing, it works well. Airbrush - 80$. Compressor, if you get a master compressor because there's not much need to get better than that, 80$ or less. Respirator are like 15-20 bucks new. All you NEED is airbrush cleaner which you can substitute with windex or 90% alcohol and water to thin, everything else is luxury. Even if you go with "better" stuff, if any of the "better" stuff actually is better(I have my doubts) you're talking like 500 or so. A thousand dollars, what did you buy the Lamborghini of airbrushes? A custom micron or something?
  19. I'd consider myself a fast learner like yourself and it hasn't been difficult for me to pickup an airbrush for mini painting, watching videos on it will fast track your learning process for sure.
  20. Geez, this forum. You can get a GOOD setup for 150-200$. I would suggest the Iwata Revolution, it's a great airbrush, it has a nice sized needle so you don't have to deal with finnicky paint problems but you can still get fine detail(don't believe all the BS about needle size equating to the line size you can get.) People will sit around and tell you not to buy cheap air compressors, they're wrong. Even if you buy expensive airbrush compressors like Grex or Badger, they are the same damn air compressors that you can get on amazon or ebay for 50-80 bucks and they all break down just as fast. Just make sure you get a compressor with a tank. Learn from me, I bought a 200$ grex compressor and it won't even output the pressure it's supposed to and I've owned it less than a year. Airbrushing is easy, let me say that again, airbrushing is easy. It will not take you hundreds of hours, seasons, weeks, years, months. If you sit down with it and learn the paint ratios and how it operates, maybe a week of regular practice and you'll be fine. Getting the kind of result you've got with your hand brushing is extremely easy with an airbrush, all you need is good masking tape(lots of people swear by tamiya tape) and an airbrush. I don't know that you'll be able to do that gandalf quality in a week, but yeah painting space marines or any 40k unit, NMM, power swords, is incredibly easy with an airbrush. So here's what I would suggest you pickup. - Iwata Revolution - Master Air Compressor - Liquitex Fluid Retarder(I use this to thin, it makes it so the paint doesn't dry on the tip as quickly, very helpful) - Vallejo Airbrush cleaner - Cheap lady's nylons(use the nylons to screen your paint, so you don't get any dried chunks or particles in your airbrush) Most of the master air compressors include a regulator and hose, just make sure the nut on the end is the right size for your airbrush. The most important thing I think to learning, watch a ton of videos on the subject. Go watch thepaintingclinic's videos on airbrushes and compressors and "Buypainted" on youtube has a bunch of videos of him airbrushing 40k models that will really help you see how its' done.
  21. Judging by your Video Willen the Scale75 are not far off from MC in density, so they seem like exactly what I'm looking for. And I don't really see how I'm wrong in saying that bad coverage equates to poorly pigmented paint, when in your own video you compare three similar colors and each brand is very different in coverage, which was my point to begin with. I know that certain colors cover better or worse than others, but each brand still varies in coverage for the same exact colors and that's what I was asking about.
  22. Certainly, but with model color and model air which I have extensive experience with, the two have decent parody with how they go on and general workability, just model air is much thinner out of the bottle. Meaning, I would expect the same from GC and GA.
  23. I'll look into them, with how many issues I have with game color I'm not clamoring to get any of them though.
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