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  1. I tried super glue but no matter how much I applied it didn't level out enough to not need sanding, I also tried covering the entire cape in green stuff and just forming the green stuff to the shape of the cape, but that ended up being a paint so I just said to hell with it and threw the part away and sculpted a cape right onto the miniature. I had intended to pickup a bucket of magic sculpt anyways so I'll give that a shot, thanks everyone.
  2. I've actually done that before, why didn't I think of that!
  3. Hello lads and lasses I recently picked up a couple Andrea 54mm miniatures and I'm beginning to notice a problem with a lot of larger metal miniatures in that there's cruddy looking holes all over them. I had the same problem with a giant miniature I got from another company as well as a few of the Reaper minis I've purchased over the years. Normally I just ignore them, but that ends up kind of ruining the paint job of the miniature and because these are 40$ minis, I'd like to do a very nice paint job and fix these holes, but I can't just sand them down because they're mostly in hard to reach spots, I ended up throwing one of the capes away because it's just so crappy and I can't get sandpaper in to the spots to fix it. So any suggestions on how to fix this stuff? If you need pictures, say so and I'll snap a couple.
  4. Yep, just wasn't sure because I've seen mention that it's illegal to import them personally too, but maybe not! Going to go ahead and pick a couple up then.
  5. Yeah they're usually from Europe, I'm probably overthinking it but I don't want to get in no legal trouble for a paintbrush! Lol, what a great prison story " What're you in for?" ..... " I bought a paintbrush from europe " ..... " is that code for drugs? " ..... "Nope"
  6. Has anyone actually tried to just buy a W&N from europe yet? Everyone is still out of stock and it doesn't seem like anyone will have them any time soon, I've been waiting for months just to get a S7 #3, I'm considering just buying directly from europe, I don't know if customs is being strict about it or what's up?
  7. Yes thanks for all the replies, lots of great stuff to work from here.
  8. SHHHHHH DELETE YOUR COMMENT BEFORE PEOPLE GET THE RIGHT IDEA!!! :P Well in this case it's ebay, I don't have my own store or anything like that yet. It's certainly possible that this is the case. I have tried listing things as "on sale" though and it didn't seem to work for me, but I haven't tried the other part of his comment, looking more professional. Very sound advice for sure, I appreciate it. I've been thinking a lot about business cards and logos and such, a website is a bit out of my league at the moment but I definitely need to get something out there to give myself sort of a mascot or a face. An interesting thing to think about. My problem with painting table-top miniatures is I don't actually play...well anything, rpgs, warhammer, none of it. So knowing what is the right thing to get that'll sell well isn't my strong point, when I buy things to paint for myself I just buy what looks cool and will challenge my painting abilities in some way. I have a couple other miniatures laying around that are more utility like you say, maybe I'll try listing a couple of those and see how things go.
  9. Hello ladies and gentlemen. So I've been selling my painted miniatures for I don't know how long now, a year or two, around there and this last month or two I haven't been able to find any new commissions, I had a couple lined up but both of them had to postpone the projects until later. So when this happens I usually just sell the stuff that I paint in my free time for myself, but I've had several minis listed for a long while now and none of them will sell even when I lower the price down below what I should actually be asking for the amount of work that went into them. What puzzles me, is I'm asking a cheaper price for a couple of these, than I asked for some of the first minis I ever sold and they still aren't selling, even though I know I've improved my paint work a huge amount since I first got back into painting minis. So here's an example, this first mini I was the first mini I painted when I got back into this, I gave it a wash using a cruddy looking clay based wash intended for military model kits and weathering, I did basically no highlighting, I didn't know anything about NMM at the time but I painted her gray anyways, there's even damage on the model and it has a gloss varnish because I had no matte varnish handy at the time, and it sold for $40...ridiculous. http://33.media.tumblr.com/1ccabfc141434636df228ab8626ca31e/tumblr_mmuktzIHvq1sr4g52o2_1280.jpg And then there's this model, which is the most praised model I've posted anywhere, it got 75 likes on tumblr, a bunch of upvotes on reddit and plenty of likes here on this forum, and yet even though it's listed <MOD EDIT> of the model, nobody wants it. http://33.media.tumblr.com/879a9ae6372c6d2a053245f4029ff24c/tumblr_mzleljoLsL1sr4g52o2_1280.jpg Has anyone else experienced this sort of thing? It just totally confuses me how one model of inferior quality can go for 40$ and another model of superior quality won't sell at a cheaper rate, perhaps that particular warhammer model just isn't commonly used I don't really know, but it's bothersome.
  10. Really like that third one, where are these models from?
  11. As soon as I can get some cash I'm going to pickup some 54mm models and do diorama work, that'll be when I practice composition now that I have a decent grasp on actually painting NMM and OSL.
  12. I'll work on the cape before I call it complete, the lighting direction will have to wait for another model at this point. I see what you mean though, I was aiming for the light coming from both the snow and the high left front from his/her perspective, so the left half of the face mask is brighter than the right and same with the chest armor, while the purple and the location of the two tones on the sword were supposed to be more reflective of the light bouncing from the snow. But yeah I can see what you mean with the lighting being a bit all over the place, I've been focused mostly on the actual painting technique more than the composition aspect of it so I'll have to work on that.
  13. The sword hilt is intended to be dead flowers like the vines not metal, on the concept art the hilt is metal underneath but is wrapped in flowers. I can see what you guys mean with the back of the armor and his leg though, those are both shapes I've had a hard time highlighting so I just go safe and subdued with them. The cape also, just really broad flat spaces I always have a hard time highlighting them fully so I have to work on that. It's funny, when I first started back at painting minis I was a lot better at getting that contrast on capes and as I got better at everything else I got worse at painting capes. I appreciate the comments thank you!
  14. Just more NMM practice, I plan to purchase another of these models when the plastic ones come out, it's an awesome model. Criticism welcome.
  15. I switch between Vallejo white/gray and Rustoleum white/black all the time, I like to start from black when I'm practicing NMM and from white or gray the rest of the time.
  16. \o/ Thanks fellows, I'm pretty proud of these ones. I'm painting another Flower Knight now so I'll post that when it's done!
  17. Oh, I wasn't sure what it was commonly referred to, Real metallic metal sounded right enough :p Thanks!
  18. Thanks you, I'm really pretty thrilled with how the fighter turned out, I finally feel like I'm getting up to the standard of ye'old Ral Partha painters and such, which has been my goal from the start.
  19. I did some more tweaks, took better photos and posted them in show off here http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/55259-otherworld-minis-osl-nmm-and-rmm-practice-ccw/ Thanks for the help ladies and gents.
  20. All the acronyms! Here are two of my recent projects. Otherworld Paladin - Used this model to practice freehand and real metallic metal Otherworld Fighter - Used this model to practice NMM and OSL, really happy with how it turned out, thanks to the craft corner for some pointers. And fun with the contrast slider :) Thanks
  21. Okay let me know what you think, just a bad iphone picture. Two things I want to do is reduce the highlights on the right arm to almost nothing and maybe on the shoulder pad there on his right side as well. I thought maybe his face could use more lighting from the flame but I'm not sure. I may also reduce the highlight on that peak on his chest armor, do a really dark red maybe because it does look a bit silly having white light and then the torch.
  22. Yes you're definitely right, but I did plan ahead in that I put the light points where I planned to put the highlights for the flame reflections, I'm working on it now and it's looking okay so far. The contrast on the face is better than that, I'm just awful at taking and leveling pictures, I'll try to get a better one when he's finished.
  23. I think Odinsgrandson may have been right, now that I'm nearly finished with the rest of the model I actually quite like how the NMM turned out, I also did gold NMM which also turned out quite nice and is a notable improvement over my last attempt. I brought the white up a little bit more on the armor highlights. I also have to do OSL on this model, which is the only thing I fear now because the rest of it has turned out so well, so I'll probably make another thread on that once the rest of him is done. My attempts at OSL have been so hit and miss, the first couple times I tried it, it turned out great, other times it turned out awful. I read that if you top coat your model before doing the OSL paint, you can use alcohol or something and a Q-tip to rub off any mistakes without damaging the rest of the model, I might try this cause I'm worried lol. I'll post finished pictures of the model pre-OSL soon and see what you guys have to say.
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