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  1. wdmartin

    How many classes should I sign up for?

    I went with 1 on Thursday, 2 on Friday, and 1 each on Saturday and Sunday. Thanks, all!
  2. First time ReaperCon attendee, and I'm just wondering how many classes I should sign up for. I was kind of leaning towards 2 per day, on the theory that I'd also like to play some actual games while there. How many is too many? Speaking of playing games, I gather at some point there will be announcements about RPG session scheduling? I know the classes are the main event, so to speak, but it's hard to figure out what to sign up for when I don't know what the gaming options are.
  3. wdmartin

    4 bones 4 speed paints

    It took you ... less than two hours to do all three of those? It's a good thing painting requires you to have water on hand, because if you go any faster your brush may catch fire.
  4. I got my Bones 4 shipment a couple days ago, and I just want to say that I'm impressed with them. I think Reaper must have adjusted whatever formula they use, because the more recent Bones minis hold detail a lot better than they used to. Good job, Reaper.
  5. wdmartin

    77163: Storm Giant

    One thing I found puzzling -- why does a storm giant have aquatic imagery on his gear? I think of them as associated with clouds and lightning and, well, storms. So the octopi on his bracers are weird.
  6. wdmartin

    77163: Storm Giant

    Here we have 77163, the nameless Storm Giant. Close-up of the fancy doodads on the front of his clothing. And close-up of his face: He's been in progress for quite a while now. There's a WIP thread, but it only covers the last few weeks, and he'd been under way for a good month before that. I've just been working on him here and there rather than a sustained push. He took a long time. The base was finished months ago. In general, I think he turned out okay. I still like the freehand design on his, err, kilt? And I like the base a great deal. It was almost a shame to cover up the design in the center, but he didn't really make sense standing anywhere else. I never figured out what to do about the mold line along the edge of his face. It's in a very difficult-to-remove spot, and I thought blopping Gloss Sealer over it would change the shape of his face weirdly. It's just awkward, so eventually I hoped that it would just blend in. Sigh. So much for that theory. I love the shine of the blue metallic areas, buuuuut the rest of the color palette is desaturated and understated. So the vibrant blue shiny bits clash a bit.
  7. wdmartin

    77163 Storm Giant

    The base. EDIT: and the Show-Off thread is up.
  8. wdmartin

    ReaperCon 2019 tickets

    Here's a bug for you -- I just bought two passes, one for myself and one for my brother. I'd like to pick Duskwardens, and he wants to go with the Bonehenge Covenant -- but there's no way to pick more than one faction! Also it was a little weird that I had to buy two passes in my name and then edit the second one afterwards to put his name on it.
  9. wdmartin

    77163 Storm Giant

    Further progress. Finished base coating the metallics, and spent quite a while working on shading and highlighting them. Also spent some time highlighting the cloth a little further, and the little red tags on the sporran. He's coming together. I'm not sure I've got the sword blade right (not pictured). The Radiant Platinum at the top edge of the central tag on his sporran is insufficiently blended with the Pig Iron base coat, and he also needs a bit more blending on the skin under his arm where I blopped in some thin Tanned Skin at one point. the cut-off between that and the rest of the skin is a bit too distinct.
  10. wdmartin

    77163 Storm Giant

    More progress during this evening's episode of Critical Role. Got most of the rest of the metal bits base coated and began some detail work. The intensity of the colors on his shoulder-guard bother me less now that they're also on his bracers. Having the same color repeated throughout makes it a less jarring difference from the more muted tones of the rest of the model.
  11. wdmartin

    03882: Blighted Dryad (again)

    @Rigel I've never heard of Over the Garden Wall before, but from the quick Googling I did, it sounds like it'd be right up my alley. I'll check it out. Thanks for the recommendation. And thanks to everyone for the kind words!
  12. wdmartin

    03882: Blighted Dryad (again)

    Last June I painted up this same model and posted it here. But one of my local friends admired it so much that I painted up another. It's going to be a birthday gift for her. The figure itself is basically identical -- same paints as in the last one, except the eyes. This time I filled the eye sockets with Linen White, smeared a thin layer of Golden's Pthalo Blue over the area, dotted the center of each eye with more Linen White, and then a second layer of thin Pthalo Blue. They turned out nicely glow-y and ominous. As before, it was a joy to paint the figure itself. So simple. Prime, base coat, two dry brushings, eyes, done. The figure was done in two hours, from opening the blister to putting on the last brush of sealer. It's so nice, once in a while, to paint a figure that isn't festooned with belts, buckles, daggers, swords, shields, mugs, backpacks, bedrolls, bows, quivers, arrows, and whatever other bric-a-brac the sculptor felt like adding. The longer I paint, the more I appreciate figures that convey a sense of personality without overwhelming quantities of detail. It's a different base, too, and I'm pleased with how it turned out. This one is from Scibor Miniatores, in their "Rocky 30 mm round edge" set. The base took another four hours by itself.
  13. wdmartin

    80004: Sascha Dubois

    Thanks, I thought the lips came out pretty well. The teeth were a happy accident though.
  14. Wow, the new sculpt is cool. I recently finished painting the original, and I spent the whole time imagining the club was a perky animated talking weapon that was always super-excited to meet new people and kept trying to have getting-to-know you conversations with Yephima's opponents in the middle of combat. "Oh hi, what's your name?" clang "Wow, sorry, didn't mean to do that. Maybe we can have coffee later and chat? Whoops, watch out, here I come!" thump "Oh my god I love that shield by the way. So cool! Is that your own coat of arms or are you in somebody's retinue?" crunch "Aww. He done splatted. Oh look, somebody else! Hi, new friend! What's your name?"
  15. wdmartin

    80004: Sascha Dubois

    Here we have 80004, Sascha Dubois, the Bones version. A guy in my gaming group requested this one. He's playing Denesstria, a dispossessed noble warpriest of Calistria. He told us she was Chaotic Neutral, and we all said "Mmmmmm hmmmmm, suuuuure." For the paint job he requested some as goth as possible -- black hair, black clothing, purple overcoat, the works. I added the skull tattoo on my own initiative as it seems to suit the PC. I decided the compass was a pocket watch. I'm reasonably pleased with the result.