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  1. Here's a Forlarren, from the Tome of Horrors. There's a work-in-progress thread. I painted the entire thing in gray scale and then tinted it with translucent paints. I did touch up a couple of highlights with Amethyst Purple, but other than that it's all Golden paints like Quinacridone Magenta, Pthalocyanine Blue and Green, and so on. The jewelry could do with some shading and highlighting -- it's just straight yellow more or less. But I'm ready to be done with the mini and move on to another.
  2. More work. First some attention to jewelry, ears and deepening a few shadows. And then I started adding color. Her skin has a couple thin layers of Quinacridone Magenta with just a bit of Pthalo Blue. Her clothing is plain Pthalo Blue. Jewelry got Primary Yellow, her horns and hooves I hit with a sepia glaze, and her eyes got Fireball Orange. All of those are from Golden, except the Fireball Orange which is a Reaper color. Hrm. I'm not sold on the skin. It came out too uniform. I was hoping the underpainting would show through better. I have not sealed her yet. I'm going to ponder for a while. For consistency's sake, I used the same paint-in-greyscale technique on her base. And then added color to that. The Runes are Pthalo Blue, with a bit of pure white in the center to punch up the brightness. The moss is Pthalo Green, with a tiny bit of Formula P3 Wurm Green in a few spots. The root is just some Oiled Leather diluted with a bit of matte medium. I finished off the edge in Walnut Brown and the stone is just the same grey it always was. I went ahead and sealed the base, it's ready to go.
  3. A forlarren is the offspring of a nymph and a demon. They first appear in the Tome of Horrors under 3.5, then got updated to Pathfinder 1e. Not sure if they made the jump to Pathfinder 2e. This model was patterned off the Tome of Horrors creature art. I got it as part of a Kickstarter by Center Stage Minis a number of years ago. They set out to make minis for a bunch of the Tome of Horrors creatures. Things went badly, and they went bankrupt before fulfillment. The greens for the partially-complete line of Tome of Horrors minis got sold off to Pace Setter Games, which produced a limited run of the ones that were finished and sold them (at a major discount, pretty near cost) to the Kickstarter backers. I don't think any of the minis from that are still in production. Pace Setter is still around, but it looks like they're focusing on publishing adventures rather than producing minis.
  4. Spent some time smoothing out blends, checking for missed blacklining, and evening out the values a bit. She was too bright from the shoulders up before. Hmm. Her ears still need attention. The photography turned out better. The backdrop I was using the first time was much too busy. This one is the back of my copy of The Anglo-Saxon Poetic Records vol VI, the minor poems.
  5. Here's my current project: a forlarren. I've been slowly getting back to painting after a long hiatus, and I really wanted to work on contrast. So I've been painting things in grisaille to work on values. So far the only colors I've used have been Dragon White, Solid Black, and greys mixed from those two. I plan to add color later. Right now I'm just focusing on my darks and lights. It doesn't come through as clearly in these close-ups, but there is a strong contrast between the uppermost portion of the model and the lower. Starting from the neckline of her shirt up everything looks quite bright. Everything lower than that is pretty dark, and maybe a tad too uniform in value.
  6. I painted this about a year ago, I think, but never posted pictures of it. I worked in stages: first the base, then I assembled painted and sealed the body, then painted and sealed the legs, then attached the legs. The last step was just touch-up between joints. I used two-part epoxy to attach the legs, rather than relying on super-glue. He was dead simple to paint. Base coat in Walnut Brown, drybrush with a mixture of 9:5 Jade Green and Golden's Cadmium Red which made a lovely vibrant (and partially translucent) brown. I can't recall what base color I used on his underbelly, but the markings I stippled on with the same brown mixture as on the rest of him. The fangs and stinger I coated with Aged Bone, washed with sepia ink, then picked out some highlights with more Aged Bone. And the eyes were Red Liner, a little red in the bottom, and some white for the "iris" equivalents. Oh, and I stippled the white pattern on his thorax with ... I think it was Dragon White but it might be Linen White. As for the base, I base coated it in Stone Grey, washed with Blue Liner, and dry-brushed with more Stone Grey. The bones were the same formula as Arakoth's fangs.
  7. Yes, I snuck him in without alerting her. It took her two days to notice. But she was very pleased when she did.
  8. Not mine, no. It's by Tom Mason, part of the Gnome Guard Patrol. I would give you a link, but I think that's against forum rules. But you should be able to google it. There are a whole bunch of different sculpts -- I just bought one at random.
  9. A co-worker of mine revealed that she likes garden gnomes. And she had a planter on her desk full of cacti. So ... He is armed with a most vicious set of lawn darts, and hence he is now named Darty.
  10. Thanks, all! Also, I notice that that wraith was my 666th post in the forum. Hrm. Spooky.
  11. I haven't done much painting in the last couple of years. Just a couple of models -- Arakoth the Ancient and a Heroforge PC mini. But last Thursday I was in a painting mood while watching Critical Role and painted this wraith up. It was done in grisaille. I used Solid Black, Dragon White, and 3 shades of grey mixed from those (2:1 black/white, 1:1 and 1:2) to paint the entire thing in greyscale. Once I was happy with the values, I coated the whole model with a thin layer of Pthalo Green (from Golden). In a few of the brightest places I mixed some Primary Yellow (also from Golden) to punch up the brightness. Then I stared at it for a few days and decided I wasn't happy with the sword. After a very brief WIP thread and a couple of minor adjustments to the sword, hand and shoulder, I decided to declare it done. I'm still not happy with the sword. But it's not worth obsessing over. So here we are.
  12. Well, I fiddled with the sword a bit, and made an attempt at brightening up the hand and upper arm. I'm still not entirely happy with the sword, but it's okay and the rest of it is pretty good. So I'm going to declare it done, post a show-off thread and be done with it. Edit: and the show-off thread is up.
  13. They definitely are, yes. I think I was trying for light emanating from the deepest part of the metal, making the core of it "hottest" and thus brightest. But it's just not working very well. I'll have a go at doing it the other way around -- darker in the middle, brighter at the edges -- and see if that looks better.
  14. I've done very little painting over the last couple of years. Just two or three figures since January 2020, I think. But the other night I felt the urge, so I picked up this guy. I painted him entirely in grey scale using white, black, and three intermediate shades of grey. Then I glazed pthalo green over him, brightened it at a couple spots with a mixture of pthalocyanine green and Primary Yellow (from Golden), and ran a line of pure white up the center of the sword blade. In general, I'm pretty happy with him. But something about the sword blade bugs me. It just doesn't look quite right, and I'm having a hard time putting my finger on what exactly.
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