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  1. wdmartin

    Bonehenge Priestess

    I'm still not happy with her left eye. Something got lost towards the very end there -- a bit of definition on the nose side, I think. I may have to start that one all over again. Bah. In the meantime, I spent some time working on other things. First, two highlights on the robes, first Olive Highlight, and then Linen White on the highest points. A base coat of thin Ruddy Brown on her hair. And I began picking out leaves in her hair with a base coat of 2:1 Whatever The Heck Green/Blue Liner. Her hair puzzles me. I'm not entirely sure what all the little round bits are on her left side. Are those supposed to be berries? They don't look much like hair, that's for sure. It's rather difficult to tell which bits are hair and which bits are vegetation. Maybe I should do a wash of Muddy Brown or black ink to bring out those details a bit so I can figure out what the heck they are. She's got shirt sleeves poking out from her robe. I hadn't thought about those before. White seems a logical choice, but it needs to be darker on her left. Hrm. Perhaps base coat the right sleeve in Palomino Gold, then glaze it with Dragon White, and base coat the left sleeve in Snow Shadow, then glaze up to ... Misty Grey, perhaps? Or maybe a bit darker than that -- say 1:1 Misty/Tempest Grey. This one is definitely an exercise in patience.
  2. wdmartin

    The Ice Queen (77281 Succubus, modified)

    Thanks, all!
  3. wdmartin

    Bonehenge Priestess

    Okay, here's another go at her left eye. First I took the whole socket back down to Walnut Brown, and then re-painted the sclera. This time I used Misty Grey for the sclera instead of the previous 1:1 Linen White/Blue Flame, which was too subtle. Here's the first attempt at the basic shape of the iris, in Walnut Brown. It was too horizontally oval, and looked like it was pointed downwards instead of upward. So I went over it with Misty Grey again, and then tried again. Better, but ... still a little too horizontally oval. One more try. I liked the tiny bit of sclera showing underneath, and decided this would do. Also @ced1106's trick of covering one eye with the thumb and then revealing it was useful here. Adding the Linen White so the green will be nice and bright. At this point I decided to do the pupil before the coloration of the iris, on the theory that putting Pthalo Green over Walnut Brown is unlikely to change the Walnut Brown's color appreciably. Attempt 1! AAAAGH! Nooo! Attempt 2. Sliiiiightly better, but no. Attempt 3. That'll do. Let's get some color on there. This was problematic. I liked the brightness of the green, but there's a tiny fleck of Linen White at the bottom that did not get covered. So I hit it again, trying for just the bottom left corner of the iris. Good, ish. It darkened the green a tiny bit more than I might want, but it'll do. Now for the highlight? Aaaand I succeeded in blotting out the pupil. BAH. So I put the pupil back. This has, unfortunately, made the pupil less round than it should be. It's ever so slightly pointed now, and I still don't have a highlight. Man, getting the white highlight on an eye is one of the hardest things in this entire hobby. They're just so small, and even the tiniest slip can ruin the whole eye. And that's where she stands for now. It's better than it was, but her right eye is still the better of the two.
  4. wdmartin

    Bonehenge Priestess

    Not cross-eyed; its opposite. If she were cross-eyed, both of her eyes would be turned inwards towards her nose, crossing one another. The problem here is that her right eye is looking up and right, while her left eye appears to be looking straight ahead. The paths of their gazes are angled away from one another. She's exotropic. I don't think there's a way to fix that without redoing one of the eyes -- which I will probably do now that it's been pointed out. It'll have to be her left eye, the one that's gazing forward, because her right eye is awesome and I'm not touching it. Basically, I think the problem is that the iris area is a bit too large, and we shouldn't be able to see all of it. There needs to be more sclera visible to give the impression that the eye is turned to the side. Like this: This model's head is turned to the side, so the effect is more noticeable. About three quarters of the surface of her left eye is sclera here. The iris is correspondingly smaller, and is oval rather than circular. I'll try again on that eye -- probably not three quarters, but at least half the space needs to be sclera.
  5. wdmartin

    Bonehenge Priestess

    Spent some time working on the robes. In the first go-around, I think I put too much purple on her, so I'm going to reduce that this time. First up, I coated all the cloth with a thin layer of 1:1 Muddy Olive/Amethyst Purple (which makes a a thin grey tending ever-so-slightly green): Then I went in and started putting in shadows using Imperial Purple in the very deepest areas (mostly far away from the light source) and Muddy Olive as shadows in the areas closer to the source. And then I went in ad started doing hitting the highlighted regions with regular Olive Green. In a few places (like on top of her left sleeve) I used a half step of 1:1 Olive Green/Muddy Olive. And here's a side view on the shadow side. I'm digging it so far. I still have work to do on them -- at least two more levels of highlighting in the brightest areas, and probably some more work on the blending in the shadows. Some of those areas of Imperial Purple are a bit too abrupt. The longer I spend with this figure, the more I wish she didn't have all that stuff on her belt. If she was just wearing a belt, I'd be more than half down with the figure at this point. Instead, I've hours and hours yet to go on all the doodads. I think her belt is just going to be plain black. It'll make my life easier.
  6. Here we have 77281, a Succubus. Sort of. I needed an ice queen for an upcoming game, and I liked the pose of this mini. But the NPC I had in mind lacks wings, and only fights with one dagger, made of ice. I removed the wings by putting the model in the freezer for a few hours to make the superglue holding her wings on fragile; after that I was able to just snap the wings off, leaving a large hole in her back where it was attached. I plugged that with green stuff. For the daggers, I just cut off the one she had in her right hand; and then cut off the blade of the one in her left hand. The replacement blade came from my bits box. Back when I was working on Narthrax the White in 2017, I bought a bottle of Distress Crackle Paint in their "Clear Rock Candy" color. As part of my experiments with that, I just painted a bunch on some wax paper, let it dry, and then broke into bits. I didn't wind up using any of those on Narthrax, but one of them fit the bill for a blade made of ice on this figure. I also used some more of that distress paint on the base -- it didn't turn out quite as well as I'd hoped. The stuff hasn't been touched in basically two years and was beginning to harden up. I've added some fluid to hopeful restore it, but in the meantime it didn't make crackles quite as impressive as I'd hoped. Ah well. Anyway, after I was done painting her, I just glued an ice chunk on where the dagger went.
  7. wdmartin

    Bonehenge Priestess

    Okay. Okay. Lights! Camera! Action! First, a very thin wash of black ink on the face -- just to help me find the eye sockets. Next, Walnut Brown slathered generously in the sockets. I also added a couple swashes to block in some shadows on the nose and lips at this point. Sclera! The right eye (her right) is Linen White. The left eye (her left) is a 1:1 mixture of Linen White and Blue Flame. This is because it's slightly further away from the light source; but frankly, it may not actually be perceptible. Irises, stage 1! Walnut Brown to define the future spots where the irises will be. I went and spent some time looking at photos of people with sly grins on their face, which helped me figure out that she must be looking up and to the right, towards her snake. This is where they started coming together. Next, Linen White inside the areas defined in the previous step. A very thin layer of Pthalo Green over the Linen White from the last step, to give the irises color. Pupils! I was terrified putting these in. Her right eye seems to have a white highlight which appeared spontaneously. I don't think I put it there, but I'll take it because it's great. Tried to follow suit on the left eye. Her left eye is not quite as good as her right eye. And the two don't quite match in size - her left iris is noticeably larger than her right, and the pupil appears to be a slightly horizontal line rather than a proper circle. But you know what? I don't care! These are still probably the best eyes I've ever done. I don't want to touch them; anything I might do is likely just to mess them up at this point. And all it took was five hours. It's almost three in the morning, and I've been obsessing over this figure ever since I got home from work, and it's time to go sleep.
  8. wdmartin

    Bonehenge Priestess

    All right. Last time I started painting this lady, I didn't put enough thought into it. I was eager to go and just sort of launched in; and soon I ran into problems. And I almost did the same thing this time. Have I not learned? Must I repeat my mistakes? No! The biggest problem was the decision to remove her original base AFTER she'd already been mostly painted, of course. But there were other ones as well, chiefly having to do with small details I hadn't noticed earlier, such as her belt and the poofy shoulder decorations. What color should those be? The belt ought to be different than her robe, and possibly the shoulder decorations. But what colors? And how would that interact with the yellow paint for the OSL? Some of the colors I might otherwise have chosen I hesitated over because I didn't know how they would work with the OSL effect. So: let's get organized! Here is a list of all the details on the mini by logical color-regions. Antlers Hair Leaves in hair? Skin face hands Necklace Robe Shoulder decorations Belt buckle Mug Belt pouch (left) Belt pouch (right) Map Case Sickle blade grip strap Short sword hilt grip crossguard scabbard locket (face-shaped) scabbard body chape Staff Lantern Faces Body Snake Belly Back Ribbon And on the base I've picked out for her (and began painting before the Simple Green decision): Tree trunk Bark Exposed wood Moss Leaves Mushrooms I want to stick with most of the color choices that I made last time around. So the light from the lantern is going to be yellow -- I have a fresh jar of Primary Yellow from Golden Acrylics for that. It's very bright, warm, and quite translucent, so it should glaze on nicely. Her robes I did in the Olive triad (Pale Olive/Olive Green/Muddy Olive), using Linen White for the brightest highlights, and shading down into a grey (1:1 mixture of Muddy Olive and Amethyst Purple) and finally into Imperial Purple in the deepest shadow. I think that worked quite well, and I'm going to stick with it. Also, I think it makes sense for her shoulder decorations to follow the same color pattern. They're part of the robe. The leather doodads plastered all over her front are, logically, brown. I mean, there are other colors leather could be. But brown makes sense, and it should work okay with both the olive robes and the yellow light. So, I think for those parts ... Desert Sand, Suntan Flesh, and Muddy Brown. If I need darker darks, I'll take it down to Walnut Brown. Probably not pure black, but that's an option if it comes to it. Antlers: Midtone of Aged Bone glazed with sepia ink; shaded down to Muddy Brown and highlighted up to Linen White. Hair. Uhh. Last time around, I made her a brunette. I still think that makes sense ... yeah, I think I'll stick with that. I can probably get away with using Muddy Brown for the deepest shadows, but I think the midtone and highlight need to be somewhat different from her leather gear. Hmm. How about shifting it towards red? Maybe Muddy Brown/Ruddy Brown/Sandy Brown ... Nope. The Ruddy Brown works, but the Sandy Brown is not doing it for me. Maybe with some Ruddy Brown mixed in ... That's more like it, I think Muddy Brown for deeps, then Ruddy for midtone, then a 2:1 mixture of Sandy/Ruddy for highlights. Though I may wind up having to push the hair highlights further, especially close to the lamp. Okay. What next? Metals! There are bits of metal in this scene. The lamp body, the sickle blade, and the hilt, crossguard, locket and chape on the sword. And now, of course, things begin to make my head hurt. In the ordinary course of things, I would slap some metallics on there and be done with it. But I'm not convinced that's going to work well with OSL, because the highlights on metallic paint move with the viewer, but the OSL on the rest of it does not. It might work okay considering that 1) there's not very much metal, and 2) most of it is in shade. Do I really need to try doing NMM here? Probably ... but I'm going to table that for the moment. The snake I want to be bright and colorful to contrast with the darkness of the scene. I'm thinking coral snake -- banded red, yellow and black. Red and yellow kills a fellow, right? Except that she's a druid, and not only would the snake not bite her, if it did she's probably immune to poison anyway, so big deal. Anyway, Base coat in Palomino Gold, then Cadmium Red for the red stripes, and Solid Black for the black parts. I may re-use Aged Bone with sepia ink for the belly. But there will need to be highlights on those colors, especially where the snake is immediately adjacent to the bright yellow light of the lamp. The Palomino Gold can just be highlighted with Primary Yellow. The red would shift towards orange -- maybe a highlight based on a dark orange like Fireball Orange? Experiments say: a mix of Cadmium Red and Fireball Orange would be a good highlight here, especially counting on the yellow glaze to shift it further towards orange. And as for the black ... uhh ... I don't really know what happens when you get bright yellow light on a black surface. Especially a moderately reflective one, like snake scales. Cue hold music! doo doo dooooo, doo doo doo DOO doo doo, doo doo dooooo, doo doo doo DOO doo doo ... Okay, having made a large image of pure yellow, loaded it onto my phone screen, and held the phone up against the moderately reflective black plastic cap of a bottle of GW Chaos Black Primer, I can report that the highlights would be just like regular highlights, only yellow. In retrospect, perhaps that should have been obvious. Oh well. So I think I can highlight it with white -- maybe linen white -- and rely on the Primary Yellow glaze at the end to impart the correct color. Skin! I haven't talked about skin. For shadows, I was thinking 1:1 Oiled Leather/Fair Skin, but then I realized that's not really dark enough for the REALLY dark shadows, which I may take down to Dark Highlight. So, Dark Highlight, then the Oiled Leather/Fair Skin, then straight Fair Skin, then Linen White/Fair Skin, then pure Linen White. What haven't I thought about? Leaves in her hair? Do I have to? Could I just paint it like the rest of her hair and hope no one notices? It's dark out! ... but if I have to, are those leaves dead or alive? Because there are leaves on the base too ... ... and those ones could be fresh or dry. Uhh. There's too much brown on this model already! They're alive! Time to get the greens! For my midtone, I'll be using whatever the heck this bottle of green is. The label rubbed off years ago. I think it may Leaf Green, but I wouldn't swear to it. So let's call it "Whatever The Heck Green". And I can take that down a notch with Blue Liner, or up with Formula P3 Wurm Green. And by god, if I need brighter green, I can add some Primary Yellow to that Wurm Green! The staff. Uh. The staff should be ... not brown. Grey? Grey. It's old and dry and worn. I think I'll use the same paints as the antlers, minus the sepia ink. Oh, hey, I could do that for the mushrooms, too. Is that it? Please? ... metals. Okay. Can I get away with declaring that all of them are silvery grey-toned metals, so that I don't need gold tones too? Yes, I think so. I hope so. I'm doing it anyway, and none of you can stop me! Plus Walnut Brown, because one way or another that stuff winds up on essentially every mini I paint. I think that may be it. The bottles come marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah .. The bottles come marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah! The bottles come marching one by one, The Walnut Brown stopped to stick out his tongue, And they ALL went marching DOWN To the ground To get OUT of my BRAIN ... dum, dum, dum ...
  9. wdmartin

    Bonehenge Priestess

    Once again, only a tiny amount of progress on her this evening, as I was finishing another mini that I'm going to need soon. Basically, all I did was a single coat of flesh color on her face. That's 1:1 Fair Skin and Oiled Leather, applied thinly enough that you can still make out a bit of the zenithal priming. Her eyes continue to give me difficulty. Mostly the angled one on the right. Here's her face after two attempts at just filling the eye sockets with Walnut Brown: In both cases I immediately decided I hated it, and removed it with some hastily applied water. You can still see how the right eye came out much too large. But the remains of the Walnut Brown make it very difficult to see where the sculpt actually sits. Hrm. Maybe if I go back and look at the photo before that one ... Yeah, her right eye is not only tilted, but she's also raising her eyebrow, which changes the usual shape. I'll have to give it another go tomorrow.
  10. wdmartin

    60114 Viorian Dekanti

    Here we have 60114, Viorian Dekanti, an NPC from Rise of the Runelords. She has a shield, but I don't think I'm going to bother with it. I like her just fine as-is. There's a very brief WIP thread, where you can see my abortive attempt at doing NMM with her. It ... went badly. I made two mistakes: first, this armor is way too complex for an NMM newbie like me. I should practice on something less involved first. Second, base coating with NMM Gold Base was a terrible idea. I should have base coated with NMM Gold Shadow and then worked up through Gold Base and Gold Highlight (and probably some white for hot spots). Trying to start in the middle and then shade down/highlight up just did not work for me. I could have done more with the figure. I thought about putting some coins on her base because she's greedy. But then I decided I liked it just the way it was. And I thought about doing some more elaborate freehand on the cloak. But then I got the first line on there and decided I liked that just as it was, too. So there you go. The face turned out pretty well, though the eyes were tough because they were tiny. The blends could be smoother, and I should probably have done something more to differentiate the sword -- her reference art has her wearing gold armor and wielding a gold sword, because greed, but it makes for a somewhat monotone mini. But I think the blue cloak gives her enough color to compensate. All in all, moderately pleased with this one. Not bad for a couple nights' work.
  11. wdmartin

    60114 Viorian Dekanti

    Thank you for the kind words of encouragement. Nevertheless, back to TMM for her! That's a single coat of Formula P3 Blighted Gold just straight on top of the failed NMM. You can still see much of the shading (and some of the highlighting) peeping through, which I think made for an interesting effect. And that's probably the last WIP picture, because I went ahead and finished her. EDIT: and here's the Show-Off thread.
  12. wdmartin

    Cloud Giantess: Yephima 2.0

  13. wdmartin

    77057 Bones Juliette, Female Sorceress

    *blinks* *squints* Is she ... is she standing on a large chocolate chip cookie? Because that is an awesome idea for a base. It's got so much ... flavor!
  14. wdmartin

    60114 Viorian Dekanti

    Cloak: good. Face: very good. Hair: good. Armor: ... I think I've made a terrible mistake in choosing this figure for my second attempt at NMM. The surfaces are just too complicated. Also, my choice to line each of the tiny seams in her armor with Walnut Brown has left her looking like a wasp -- a yellow jacket. I hate those things. I mean, maybe it could work out. I'm only part way through the armor -- that's mostly base coat, with a handful of highlights on the legs and almost no shading. Buuuut ... I'm going to be needing this figure for an actual game session fairly soon. I don't really have time to struggle with the NMM. So I'm thinking I may completely re-do the armor in true metallic metals.
  15. wdmartin

    Bonehenge Priestess

    Only a tiny bit of progress this evening. I have her primed. I decided to try zenithal priming her to have a reference for where the light would fall. Last time I primed her straight white and just did it by dead reckoning. I've also painted the lantern panes solid white and the lantern frame solid black at this point (not pictured), but I spent most of the evening working on another mini.