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  1. Looks like the UTDF is being reactivated for a short spell. although all thats left is Alpha Spear (Wild Apache) and Tango Spear (Lone Wolf Rangers) Also Romeo Spear is in good shape (Rach-OPFOR). For those who don't Know or remember, I organized by 7500 point task forces called Tomahawks when we were in the old CAV system. 3 Tomahawks equal a spear. Requesting Black Lightning support in Atlanta, GA. If any assistance is required for league building, I have more than enough CAVs to loan out, plus I'm dropping anything I have that isn't part of my main Battalion. Have plenty of OPFOR CAVs for KDM, HM and the Malvies too, so hit me up. [email protected]
  2. I'm not online as much as I used to be, so I don't even have the IM set up on my new machine. easiest way to get at me is through the email. [email protected]. Got in touch with Froggy and Red, always cool to hear from these guys. otherwise just been busy, thats all, not bad for a slacker right? Erion: hey dude, most of my gear is boxed up, but I may be looking to part with a whole lot of stuff if your boys are interested. I'll probably keep my Rangers, since they are heavily modded, otherwise the rest of my collection is fair game, not sure what the wife wants to keep but we'll see. get at me. Charles Cruz Dueno AKA Kamut
  3. Its been a while but I'm still kicking. Took me a moment to remember my password, wow its been a while. But anyway, much of the same ole, same ole. heard around the grapevine that some guys have been wondering about this old dude; still rocking. Haven't been online as much, new job, new rules, yada yada. I've been keeping to myself anyway since I have a big project I've been working on. basically tailoring much of the CAV stuff for the Apaches into one of my own plotlines, Exodus Star. its been interesting, to say the least. as far as gaming, i've been staying away intentionally, since the Tactical Tabletop also features mecha. theres a whole different perception on their use, so that also triggered a major rewrite on tactics and such. Anyway, to make a long story short, I'm still around, still rocking, doing this, that and the third. still nice with the words just so ya'll heard now I'm out with a big dirty bird. See ya round Charles Cruz Dueno AKA Kamut [email protected]
  4. thunder echoes across the sky, lightning dances from cloud to cloud following it in its spiraling concerto. So they dare sling foul ediface upon the great temple of the gods..... curse their catapults, weapons and guns. for every filthy projectile they cast at the gods, be it stone, bullets or raw sewage, will become slimy Orc Transvestites; and they will return to their masters to show them love....... Lots of love....... The corn of the mortal world once again rise into the army of 626s and wreak chaos on their world. steal all the toilet paper and leave them with nothing but their fingers................ Joins the gods for their morning ambrosia, turns to the funny pages of the godly times.....
  5. come to the darkside Play CAV PLAY LOTS OF CAV. LOL. I guess we can coin the term T bird lovin? She's nice, really nice.
  6. Always privy to help a fellow god; can't say I didn't earn my place in the pantheon. LOL.
  7. Kamut activates the Bling Bling ring, transforming the women of Greyhawke's fantasy world into sexcrazed orc women. Greyhawke's likeness is that of their equivalent of Justin Timberlake, and they go berzerk trying to get to him hehehehehe
  8. Kamut smiles over the carnage unleashed by the army of Stitches. Reflects over the previous discussions of glam rock, and decides he has a treat for his fellow devine brothers and sisters. One of the larger 626s stand before him, with a white hand fashioned into the dirty bird on his forehead. “March, my children, its time to march.” Several thousand 626s form up ranks as far as the horizon was revealed to the eyes. Then a familiar beat was heard. BOOM BOOM BAP BOOM BOOM BAP “We will, we will ROCK YOU!” They began their march across the lands of men; in specific the homelands of Greyhawke. To the west Bumbar was given a Devine revelation; for when he awoke from his vision, in his hand was a Bling Bling ring of power. When put inside flame, a message on the ring's surface would be revealed in ancient graffiti, and say “OUCH, get me out of here, you smuck!” it could only be destroyed in the fires of Mount Boom, a volcanic mound which constantly spewed puffs of smoke with a loud rumble. BOOM BOOM BAP BOOM BOOM BAP Bumbar’s task was to raise an army for the gods and march into the lands of the mortals from the west. There he was to ravage the mortals, all save Tatsu, who was protected by the goddess of mercy and the horses would be spared. As a special blessing for the goddess of the equine, the mortals were to be made into pack animals, and chained to wagons, where the horses and mules would be pulled around. Kamut would be forever known as the god of the “What the….. Shut yo mouth!” the retainer for the great pantheon, and the single word by the gods muttered that would avenge any blasphemy from that of mortals.
  9. does the wop, then into the cabbage patch dance! thank you, thank you; and I am honored to be entered into the great pantheon of Ringbearers, and as a token of my gratitude, I will terrorize the world of mortals, for their insolance. (but Tatsu and his ilk will be spared my wrath). No instigator will dare blaspheme the gods, ever.
  10. Lord of the Bling Bling Kamut's form assembles from mist, he smiles an evil smile. Today, evil incarnate will be unleashed on the world of mortals. His arm extends foreward then upwards as a mighty citidel of rock and dust rose from the ground. Clouds swirl, spitting lightning onto the Earth. Thunder rumbles in concert with the earth, violently shaking as if the very foundation of heaven and hell were to crumble. the mist reappeared atop the jagged citidel. I will take leave shortly, but my army will riegn chaos in my absence. No mortal will dare blaspheme the gods, and the instigators will tremble in fear. he pondered momentarily, then smiled again, for he knew what being would make the perfect instrument of his madness. with a chuckle, he visualized the corn growing in Tatsu's field, and that of all mortals. The head of each stalk dropped to the earth, and began to take form. Yellow turned to blue Plant to animal leaves to claws Corn to Experiment 626? perfect, for what other being could contend with the wrath of the gods; the corn of this earth will become an army of experiment 626's "Go now my children, raise chaos in the streets, steal the left shoe of every mortal you meet, reverse street signs, back up sewers, for the mortals will regret the day they blasphemed against the gods................."
  11. bbbbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I cannot help it; I have this insatiable desire to do something EVIL hehehehehehe transforms the goldfish back to his original form muahahahahaha
  12. aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, willful submittence. Kamut hears Tatsu and places the blue planet back in its proper place. never let it be said I am without mercy
  13. he dares assign an attribute to the god, hehehehe Godlike, therefore like a god, thus gods don't get dizzy, thus Kamut, like a god does not get dizzy. picks up the shiny blue planet, puts it on his finger (right in the general vicinity of a rather brash Goldfish), spins it. the friction causes the water around the Goldfish to heat up "hey look, Boiling Nemo!" MuaHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  14. Thats because Mike is yet a mere mortal; gods don't get dizzy.........hehehe passes the shiny blue planet
  15. ahhhhhhhhhh, hold one. (hope you got some motrin mortals) Creates a celestial basketball court dribbles the shiny blue planet. jumps from center court doing 8 spins, meanwhile shuffling the shiny blue planet around him, after the last spin, tongue hanging out the mouth, extends the body into a furious DUNK, the backboard shatters!!!!!!!! always wanted to be like Mike!
  16. Shiny blue planet in the corner pocket......
  17. Who dare sayeth my name in vain BLASPHEMY! resurrect them and turn Greyhawke into a Goldfish LOL!
  18. Gods plan their attack very wisely, hehehehe heh, now lets resurrect their pitiful world and explode their sun again. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and again weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  19. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh, Lets go with exploding their sun............
  20. KAMUT

    CAV Leagues

    I’ve run a campaign based league for a while, players will come or go, and with a constant storyline going on, players can contribute when and how they please. I don’t really run the tournament format, and keeping track of various player’s is based on a contract system we have in place. Whoever’s earned the most points, is in the lead. To start a unit in my campaign, you only need 1 CAV (or vehicles or blister of infantry) that’s it. You can of course, try to get some work, but its tough for a merc to start the business, and aside from subcontracts; the big jobs go to the big names. But we have a way for ya to earn a rep; if you can win a few scrapper duels in our Tolucan Deathmatches, you might be eligible for an entry position in an intermediate circuit. The Tolucan Deathmatch originally was a cash tournament, made it interesting that way. Put 5 in the pot, win round one come back with 10. Put the 10 down to enter round two, and come back with 40 dollars……. That’s more than enough to fill a section. Key to this is, make the RULES CLEAR AND CONCISE, to avoid situations, use an arena format and eliminate things like terrain modifiers; A few nice walls to block LOS, and if you must, use a laser pointer. Then it’s just a slugfest, really simple. Thing is, since our Tolucan Deathmatches are a Blood Apache sponsored event, we created rules for bribes, issuing hits and twisting a hit into a dive. But with that kind of unpredictability, we just went to a point system, but I do wanna try to get it back to a cash format. Mind you, nobody profited from this except whoever won the event. Well, winning an intermediate earns you a place in the Cinco de Mayo (we didn’t have enough players this year) 10 dollar entrance, 80 dollar take home for the winner. And this is where you would see the heavy stuff. 80 bucks? Heh, you can do some justice with that; right there is a respectable mercenary organization. But now with a merc group built up, you can get into some action, where we use the point system to generate contracts, and thus influence the storyline within the campaign. Of course the other means to get a merc started in our campaign, is simply take your time with it, LWC was meant to be played by several players, so sign up, and I can put you in charge of one of my tomahawks. 7500 points, combined arms; very capable forces. Yeah, it’s a set roster, and your stick with what we have, but it gets you playing. You can build up your mercs at your convenience. We play out of my attic, and my “League” is mostly family and friends, but we are always looking to make new gamer friends. Lots of my younger nephews and nieces all participate, and their friends; My brother, my Wife, a few friends, so the atmosphere is usually cool. Just don’t feel bad if you find yourself spanked by a 10 year old, it happens. But the ongoing story helps keep a “history” in place, instead of tracking points in a tourney based system. Players can say, I fought the battle of Bayamon Bridge, instead of I have x amount of points. Reality is points will go to the one who is fortunate to play consistently, and that’s a luxury not shared by everyone. The more consistent players are simply the guys who take more contracts, thus they have a little more bankroll just in case they have to recover losses in battle. We also try to encourage online participation too, and several guys here have helped influence the Awenasan Campaign. It’s really fun when you got guys from all over the US and the UK, playing along. Currently, Stuart Oldcorn (from the UK) is the CETFOR commander, and he’s authorized the incursion of Cassini by my Tango Rangers. We hope to get more action going soon, once some other projects are dealt with……….
  21. KAMUT

    Tango Incursion

    The depot is a kitbash of a 1:72 scale Airfix Coatal defense, while the mecha bay is scratchbuilt (WIP). Airfix has a gun emplacement in 1:72 which I also have. making a kitbash of it to accomadate N scale. The scratchbuilt parts are evergreen plastics, of course. good stuff to have.
  22. Law of the Jungle told to me by Imam Mumaar, of the Masjid Thuuba over a decade ago One day the animals of the jungle came together to work out a means to find peace, the Snake, the Elephant, the Lion, the Leopard and the Hyena. The Snake contributed to the law saying" I am small, I don't like to be stepped on, that’s the law I would like to contribute" The elephant said "I have this trunk, to reach my back with water cause I don't like to be dusty; don't put dust on me, that is my law. The Lion said, I am the King of the Jungle and it is my sworn duty to protect the weaker creatures of this jungle. That is the law I wish to contribute. the Leopard said, "I have spots on my body because I do not like to be looked at My law is that you don't look at me. The Hyena had a grin on his face the whole time they spoke, and he found the leopard rather funny. “Don’t look at ME!” said the Leopard! The Hyena didn’t listen and the Leopard grew angry until finally he attacked the Hyena! The fight was terrible and the elephant saw the dust they were kicking up, so he moved out of the way. But the Elephant accidentally stepped on the snake and killed him! The Lion saw this and thought; the Elephant is much bigger and stronger than the Snake, so he immediately attacked the Elephant! Now everyone was fighting. The moral of the story; it only takes one man's ignorance to cause chaos.
  23. Yeah keep writing The most in poetry I know is whatever I picked up, rapping and watching spoken word guys in a cipher. We used to do those kind of ciphers back in the day, and they were always cool; got people thinking. I'm a fan, keep it coming!
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