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  1. Interesting concept! Cool. The one thing I say to you I say to everyone else, is simply get in the practice of spacing your paragraphs, especially online. its tough to take in all at once. otherwise, its really good.
  2. Nah, Ladystorm. I think your right. Matt, on the issue of 3D printers, I thought about it more and thats waaaaaaay off in the future.... I'm not sure how much production Reaper puts out. OK, I'm looking at it like this, If you guys only have two lines (well actually one being that Imperator and Aicom are really just extensions of CAV), I would rather you put that money on the marketing side of the house, say like a good animated series, even if its one season. That could do more to help CAV than a 3D printer at the moment. You already have a pool of workers to draw from, I think Blitz being one of best, and he's already one of your designers. Who knows, with a little blood sweat and tears. I realize the thought process that went into the design of CAV and you might have something that may be a "fresh look on Mecha in ground combat". I brought up before the idea of the Datacards themselves being like the playing cards people use with games like Magic or LOTR. that is one to consider, heck, I'm sure I could figure an interesting way to play CAV as a card game, luring some of those card players into the minis side of the hobby. At least I can try.
  3. I appreciate the sentiments, but mostly what was said was "metaphorically" speaking. but yeah, the skeletal ruleset, can be imported into a space battle game with little or no effort. Capitol ships are considered Hard targets in my book, and we have statlines already drawn out on sketchpad for heavier spacecraft like Destroyers and Cruisers. In fact, the GKW14 is a Capitol ship weapon itself, just fitted for ground combat. I think our Destroyers were in the neighborhood of 30Dts, every DT can also attribute a weapon or equipment, and basically a Destroyer could activate like 7 times assuming it was loaded with 7 section's worth of weaponry. We did something a while back as the Wild Apaches escorted our ambassador to Cetus 4, and they were attacked by Blackstone Raiders piloting space configured Kikyus (we call Kikyu Oni). basically its the same ruleset but with "altitude levels" instead of hybrid/NOE modes. I was planning a "Star Wars" trench scenario using the same format.
  4. I do have some methods for generating contracts within our campaign, kind of makes it interesting for us, but CAV needn't really go overboard with this issue. Mostly I'm approaching it from a writer's perspective. Yep, plus if read deep enough, many of these larger Mercs do have government ties and or sponsership. its kind of like saying, "don't bite the hand that feeds you"; the Templars would come down on the Red Spades hard if they got a little eggy towards them, or stirred up enough trouble that might put their government at odds with say, the Terrans? Energy Weapons would probably find a home with Mercs looking to cut operating costs, especially with some PBGs on par with some Guass weaponry like the MT96A. The Archer is a good CAV for its pricetag. Also some PBGs are good both sides of the fence like the Challenger's primary weapons. thats another thing Mercs would look at, Flexibility of their equipment. The idea is that, the more you can put your equipment to work for you in the field, the more it generates money for your business. Plus, its easier on the maintainance, considering now your not trying to upkeep a "Hard Target" specialized section and a "Soft target" specialized section. mind you, each of these sections are worthless against the opposite conditions; Hard target superiority section is worthless in a situation where it is up against mostly infantry and light vehicles..... So there is a method to my madness, when it comes to how LWC organizes its troops.
  5. I have no issue with the movement, but I would like to share a few views of mine in concern to CAVs like the Dictator 70. We tend to look at many 6DTs CAVs as "heavy cruisers" if you can understand the reason we consider supers like "Battleships". Basically, although by design they are "Heavies", they are more on par as a "Light Super", sharing the speed of a Heavy with the raw power of a Super. totally ingenius, if you ask me. On the higher end of the spectrum is the Starhawk VI, and of course, you really get what you pay for. Hands down, the Starhawk VI is my personal favorite. On the lower end of that same spectrum are CAVs like the Duelist or Ronin. A few upgrades and your right around the point cost and capabilities of the higher end of the spectrum. You get what you pay for in CAV, I'm a firm believer in that, so a 455 point Dictator 70 is right on par with say, an Ogre or a Mastadon. Your trading a DT and an ARM point for better speed. your trading a bit of resiliance for something more "surgical" in its handling, because, no matter what you upgrade on your Dictator 70, it would hardly match one on one the sheer toughness of a CAV that can throw down past 6DTs, like an Ogre. CAVs like the Dictator 70 or Starhawk VI seem to me like they bridge a gap between Heavy and Super Heavy. So perhaps, thats something that could be explained to newbies, who flock to these CAVs.
  6. I have no issues with the French, or anybody for that matter. CAV (Reaper for that matter) is world wide, and I'm sure there are plenty of French speakers too. (Wife being one of them)
  7. How about SyRaM? pretty much French if you read through its history. hehehe Just stirring the pot here
  8. Hey, Hey LOL Lakota Amura & Associates offers to cover any soldier leaving the UTDF and wishing to continue a military proffesion with Lone Wolf Company or Blue Diamonds Assault Group, full coverage under the existing SGLI. Key is, you have to have an honorable discharge from the military. Great recruiting tool......
  9. ok, now I know your nuts, Lanse! But dang thats hilarious!
  10. Bro, you've entirely missed the point of this thread, and your making an assumption that anybody who comes to a decision to write will think about all these things automatically. Not true. And if somebody has no plans of writing anything, then this thread is not for them And for those who do have plans to write, some of them may know these things, some of them won't. Even those that know some of these things, need a reference to go back to. If anything we gave everyone a few of the things I thought about when I decided to write, and even found a few articles to break people's perceptions of what a mercenary business could be like. and it was every intention to pick peoples heads as to what they feel a mercenary is like. mission accomplished........
  11. KAMUT

    54mm Gorge from UT2K3

    NIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCCCCCE! how far along are you with him now?
  12. Erion I saw some of the display CAVs in the Adventure Guild too, including the Bigtator. the Bigtator looked good in drab. You guys do nice work.
  13. You accept it on the grounds that your leadership is competent and that your life is not just "thrown away". Thats military; the moment you start losing lives, your leadership is in question by those you lead and/or those above you and the question then is, was it worth it? On the issue of why people join the military, there is no perversion about it. stomach it. I don't know the situation on your side of the pond, but I do know the situation on my side, because I served with them. But I thought we were talking about writing fluff? Pretty relevant now, Frank. This whole topic has really nothing to do with the game itself and it isn't like the writers for Reaper didn't touch on most of these points long before it was brought up on this thread. What I'm telling you are a few things to think about when your writing your fluff for your own unit.
  14. Now thats what I call making lemonade out of lemons! excellent!
  15. I hear that! but in the long run, it'll probably pay for itself so as long as the product lines that utilize it can support it. You got a winner with CAV, and I can guess Imperator would follow suit, so right off the bat you have 2 lines that would use it. not sure to what extent AICOM would use it, but I can see bits and peices being crafted from it. I can already imagine you guys would be able to handle other licenses too, even if they are just production contracts, and there is no law saying you couldn't handle contracts for practical uses, like industrial fittings, etc, etc. Its a good plan of attack, but the current product lines have to be moving first before a 3d Printer could be supported. I hear ya!
  16. Hmm, I'm one of those who thought you guys had a printer on site, OK, I understand and thats good enough for me.
  17. Heres a good thread to get that info from http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?...topic=5671&st=0 hope it helps
  18. Jaelie Could you pin this topic, because its gonna come up again. this way at least people have an official answer. And I think AOs in the future should have at least a little discretion to answer these questions in the future. Not everything in the private forums should stay private, especially an issue like this. People outside the program are the majority buying the product, not using points to fill their stock. Sorry if I pissed a few heads off, but thats the truth.
  19. Yeah, OK bro But your missing my point, they did. The new 3d process was something they posted on one of these threads; not sure which, its a good enough answer for me.
  20. Mike, We're cool and everything, but whoa. Do you realize what it takes to get a 3D mastered job on schedule; Warlord and DH, are easy to get going after a move, because they're hand sculpted. Not the case with CAV, because they went to a computer aided set up, and 3D Printers. Thats just the pains of the process, and furthermore I remember the Reaper staff specifically stating they are looking into a new process for 3D printing. Again that takes time. I do remember them saying that. I work with Plotters and printers all the time, and I know for a fact a move is a b*tch. Bro, relax; I rather they take their time get it right, then have to worry about costly mistakes in the future. This is "catch up with painting and modifications" time for me.
  21. Yeah, I suppose so. Hmmmm, never thought about it. cool Unfortunately, the commercialized idea of hip hop over shadows the efforts of the "Style masters". Not like they are not out there, but the corporate backing is never behind them to the same extent as the regressive mentalities in the music. I think Common and Mos Def are genius' of Hip Hop, Wu Tang, Gang Starr, Busta Rhymes, and LL Cool J are the current style masters, Nas is the intellect while Jay Z is the flavor. Can't really stand Puff Daddy(P diddy) in my eyes, he's a self centered egotistic sh*thead. It's his name that sells most of his peoples records and ever since Biggie was killed, P Diddy hasn't had a solid MC yet. This is where I respect Jay Z, who has a simular angle, but allows his performers to shine. I remember it was the Jaz who give him his break, and passed the torch. Jay Z made his millions, now he's passing the torch to guys like Freeway and Beanie Sigel. I can respect that. From what I understand Nas is tough to work with, cause he's self centered too; Guess thats why the Youngbloods left his camp to join his rival Jay Z. Eitherway Nas is knowledge, and the man has plenty of it, so I respect that. If I had to choose a label, I would go with Rockafella and Jay Zs camp, at least I know he would let me come off in way more truer to who I am, and back me up as long as I'm willing to bust my ***. Kudoes
  22. Wow, I was so focused on the sci fi area, I forgot to come back here and take a look at your work until now. I like this alot! what a way to look at things! -puts on dark sunglasses, black turtleneck, holds up a flickering lighter and snaps fingers repeatedly with his other hand. Cool, real cool. keep it coming sista girl, keep it coming!
  23. I really have to check out Monk, I keep hearing its hilarious. But thats what I've been telling you a real mercenary is like, and even for the "Romanced" mercenary not every job is gonna put them in the line of Fire. Ain't no real business gonna survive the constant attrition, so there will be garrison duty, and escort, and low intensity jobs. I guess what I should really be telling you is to ground your romance in some practicality, keep it viable. Now I calling on memories, but currently the US has mercenaries operating in and out of Columbia, trying to seize control over the drug trafficking. One of these "Glorified Brinks" firms, not sure which, but it involves a lot of military style Recon. I'll try to find the article. The interesting thing about Burns Security, is that during the 19th Century, they could be hired to do a few "things", mostly bounty hunters or cracking down on gangs that roamed the Wild West. could be equated to Mercenary work, being that while their objective was mostly with law enforcement, it was done as a private enterprise. The majority of people I knew that joined the military, do it for benefits the military can provide them, namely the opportunity to pay for their college tuition. If the GI Bill was ever taken away, there would be no military, or at least, not to the extent we have the army today. - In fact I remember hearing very simular words from the Former Sergeant Major of the Army himself, Robert Hall. Patriotism is the politically correct answer soldiers would give you, but get them talking and you'll find a host of real reasons, mostly economic. So really, when you get to the root of it, Its money; the Esprit de Corps (God bless our beloved Army) would have you think otherwise. not to say there aren't patriotic soldiers, just saying thats not necessarily the case for the majority of troops. Thats a bad mentality to have, why join a unit where the probability is that you'll come back in a body bag. You're taking away the human factor from a CAV Pilot, and at that point, said CAV Pilot is just a cardboard cut out for your game. Would you like serve in a unit where the commander regarded your life as disposable? I didn't think so, and the point is, in the case of writing for your mercenary group, you have to factor that in; otherwise your works goes on the level of superficial. It becomes all flash, no substance. Going back to what Matt said before, You have to balance the two to come up with a good story. Edit Hey found this http://www.faoa.org/journal/newmerc3.html And this http://www.cdi.org/issues/mercenaries/merc1.html
  24. Ah, Kami "Spirit" Told you my Japanese was rough, I'll try not to butcher any more words. Funny ninja turtles; thats our code slang for Armor or Tank, so I can see a section of Naginatas named after them. what a gag! LOL
  25. I think it comes down to finding that right combo, sure enough. glad for pointing that out, or I would have dragged this thread to another direction. I think its been pretty interesting to see what kind of things I can get LWC into, and maintain some kind of realism. Kind of like a CSI, or Law and Order type ordeal if your into those things. And if you've been following along, LWC isn't run by a group of moral saints either. But I do tend to hold to the opinion, Mercenaries are trained proffessionals, "Pirates" are simply out for themselves. And with a little creativity I can blur the line until your not sure which is what. I think its intriguing, but you gotta sit down and do research before you can get to that point.
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