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  1. Teppo, Ah Thanks! I'm somewhat familiar with Togakure, so I think I can go with that for a final "Ninja" Variant. Thanks for the other schools, I have quite a few ECCM/CLP variants that could go under those names. I was thinking Dachi was the word for stance or is both words correct? I went under the assumption Kamae meant Spirit. I would love to give a few French names to some CAV variants, I'm thinking would work with a few SyRaM models. German would probably work great with a few Terran bought KDM models.
  2. With all those Archer chassis left from tweaking the Samurai, I wanted to come up with something that would make those spare chassis useful, I have five chassis. OK, I came up with something, but now I need a good name, Lanse figured the peice is reflective of a gun, so I'm trying to remember the Japanese name for "gun". It was something like Takenbo- Takengaobe, but can't remember. Also need one for an advanced version of the Ninja, perhaps I'll go with Kamae, not sure, but this is an ECCM variant, compareable to the Duelist.
  3. Chrome, then you have to look closer to how Global Securities manages its "Private Army". I sincerely doubt that these men are scum, in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they were the equivelant of some elite troops. This is a "corporate army" probably more reflective of a mercenary in CAV. These men and woman would have to be highly qualified or the high turnover employment of these skill slots would bankrupt your idea of a mercenary within a year. It a business like anything else, and your going to hire the best you can afford....... Again, what your presenting is the romanced version of Mercenaries, this is simply not the case. Sure I believe in giving people a chance, so if I were to employ any of the types you mentioned, its because I believe such and such an employee would be an asset to my business, and the bottom line is, those bad habits are a liability to my business, so of course, I will be really selective in my hiring. Thats commonsense Chrome, Bad habits in a high risk enviroment can lead to employees getting killed and of course, if your trying to make money, would you want to constantly pay out restitutions for every person that gets killed? Ideally, My idea of a mercenary is that guy who was a tank driver in the Army, gets out, can't find a good paying job, but decides, he is going to use the skills he learned in the Army, and gets hired by Red Spades, or Yellow Jackets. What you described is a classic pirate or outlaw, not a mercenary (or at least any positive sense of the word). I understand that all too well because in real life, our "pirates" are "Latin Kings, Nietas, Bloods and Crips" believe it or not, most of these groups run legitimate business' (or in many cases a front) and hold political positions as well. Yes these groups can also be considered mercenaries, to do jobs which would be illegal no matter what government, but thats just one aspect to their business'. Only thugabees set their life goal to walk this walk, average EX Cons (non drug user) are actually sincere about turning their life around, but often can't do it because of their record, so they wind up back in trouble. Your average mercenary business, wouldn't hire them either, not without some serious considerations.
  4. Precisely, Like the Gurkas in Iraq right now...... WSWS SO this goes back to what was said before about looking at a CAV merc more like a freelance security group. Not so glamorous, but certainly a viable business. In the post Galaxy War era, with the mass losses of entire armies, this is essentially the core of the CAV mercenary, a private enterprise that can be called on to augment formal fighting forces...... So ends the romance, and now I hope everyone understands where I'm coming from with this thread. In no way is this an attack on CAV, but rather this is an attack on a lot of misconceptions. Mercs in CAV and CBT, are entirely different and so, the fluff will be different in its approach. "Hey Reyes, I heard the Cherokee Wolf got that cush job again." "Yeah, Freakin' pendejos. I wish for once, corporate would give us a garrison staffing assignment." LOL. Its these little details that flesh out your work when your writing.
  5. Ok, Another point to ponder. The common stereotypical mercenary is a single man, but what about the family man. A mercenary business could have a high attrition rate of personel, and I doubt every mercenary intends to stay a mercenary for life. How does your mercenary company prepare the individual for the civilian world. What about education benefits? What about mental evaluations? Soldiers in combat often have to be reevaluated before returning to the civilian world. What about his/her skills? While rank may get you certain management jobs, the typical grunt learns what?...... So its your company's responsibility to reorientate your employees to the world once their contract is up. If your employee is disabled, will your company cover his/her costs and rehabilitation? Going back to the family man, What about family benifits? medical coverage for them? Hey, does your company provide housing for them? what about counseling programs for the family for when the soldier is away on a mission? And what about things to keep them occupied when their home. (asuming your company is based on a complex like Ft Wolf) Hey, obviously, your business may put your employee's families at risk, right? who is protecting them? Lots of things to think about with a mercenary organization, isn't it.
  6. Hello, Frank, welcome to the nature of the business. What did you expect? pirates, and enemy governments to play by your rules of conduct. I believe the professional word for it is called "Covert ops"
  7. You have a very glamourized perception of Special Forces. Thats what Special Forces is "Multitasked professionals". A Soldier is just a palette and his/her skills are atributted to them. granted some skills require a higher level of profeciancy, but often you'll find several different branches of the military training through these courses together. Taxes always count! Governments will be always trying to raise money, and highly unlikely that any government is going to let any business get away from that. Of course, there is off shore accounts....... So Bad Blood is a corporation, as well as Lone Wolf Company (well actually part of a corporation.) and that means, Bad Blood pays taxes to the Terran Federation........
  8. Lets look at another nasty part of this business. Repercusions. OK, you just conducted operations for company A against pirates or another company; In between assignments is the opportune time to get a little payback isn't. and who's pocket suffers in the event your mercenary organization is attacked a few months later in retaliation. Now can you imagine why the Red Spades would be pissed about the Yellow Jackets taking out their compound during the Warmaster. And who is to say, this is not instigated covertly. You want to drive your competing Mercs out of business, get them to fight each other. It comes out of their own pockets, doesn't it?
  9. BINGO! now we're thinking! OK, but now how does a Merc unit finance itself between assignments. Who is responsible for ammo for training? You'll probably expend more ammo in training than in some assignments. BINGO! A mercenary would operate on the level of Special Forces, being self contained and able to survive with internal logistics/Technical and Proffesional Support! hence the salaries of these men and women would be very impressive. they are considered trade specialists. A typical Lone Wolf Company employee can function as a CAV pilot, WSO and tech support, as well as unit commander. This is called multitasking and a mercenary unit couldn't survive economically without these ability. This is called bartering; which would be ideal, but no government in its right mind, would allow any respective business within its territory to conduct business in a mannor that may or may not be subject to taxes. What if every formal government decides to tax your business....... Exactly, and any military presense that has the potential to supercede the regional authority will be subject to scrutiny. No political establishment will allow a private enterprise to maintain an army that has the potential to be a threat to their establishment. THUS UCORS...... and what the traditional mercenary unit in actuality is a UCOR. A self supporting entity selling a service as opposed to a product. Any sensible mercenary is going to augment their profit gains by providing a variety of services. Military Operations is just one aspect of it; How about military supervision, or military escort services, security and tactical advisors for smaller governments?
  10. KAMUT


    Wow, thats one heck of a parachute, to safely land 100 plus tons, even with jettison packs. yeah, post that info. it reminds me of how mecha deploy in full metal panic (Anime)
  11. OK, guys, but we're all missing one point. this is CAV, not CBT. Its easier to equate a CAV mercenary to a freelance security group, like Burns, Brinks or Securitas (Switzerland). There are no Clans or Houses, just powerful conglomerates with armies of their own. The formal armies themselves are formidible, Mercs are only filling a role left void in the post Galaxy War. What happens when that void is no longer void?
  12. This is a topic we all should take deep consideration towards, because its something you should look at before attempting to write the fluff for an army you organized. The Mercenary Business is like any other business, and bound to the same economic principals, only with a higher level of risk than your average law enforcement official. That means everyone you hire for the field, is a highly skilled proffesional and their salary is as such..... Of course people run the constant risk of getting hurt so the company must consider insurance and severance costs in the case of death or injury. Realize something, the company is obligated to compensating an employee who is disabled during the standard duty. Reality; Do you think anybody wants to work in a business where they run a constant risk of getting injured or killed, and don't have at least some kind of insurance plan to cover their survivors..... Of course, you can simply say everyman for himself in your organization, but that would label you a pirate...... When somebody does get hurt and killed, what happens then? What if one of your employees get sick, do you have adequete medical coverage? If not, watch your unit morale plummet, and oh, since this isn't a formal army, there is no legal action you can take for deserters. Which comes to the next point. Legal Coverage. With 6 different races and plenty of independant governments, you're bound to break some law or your actions may be considered a crime against another government. eventually said mercenary organization must answer to a government, or your pretty much a PIRATE! Now comes to standard operating procedures, Who is paying the bills when your in garrison? You're only making money as you are deployed, and although the galaxy is always at odds, how much of it would involve you. If you took an assignment which put you against the Malvernian Empire, they sure as heck, are not going to hire you, and if your constantly bouncing from government to government, you become a "THROWAWAY EXPENSE" You can't be trusted, so most of your jobs will be dang near suicidal, and take care of two problems at once....... Its pretty safe to say the PMA and IMO docs(Unofficial) cover that aspect where said mercenary group is bound to a specific government in some way. Lone Wolf Company and Blue Diamonds Assualt Group, recieve Lakota Amaru Paychecks, injured can be cared for in any UTDF hospital, covered under Soldiers Group Life (SGLI) in which Lakota Amaru picks up the costs. They staff and have access to the UTDF War College, and Tak Enterprises Research and Development division. In case of political emergency, They can be called on to serve the interests of the UTDF, or in the case of an intergalactic incident, The United Federal Forces, namely the 95th Legion. Now lets not get into how the Blood Apaches finance their operations....... edit: One last thought, and here is a little something for aspiring writers. Before you write, you need to get into a "research phase" to draw all these details together. The more "homework" you are willing to do, the more it'll show in your work. In the case of unofficial mercenaries, there is no source book to go to, except your imagination, and a template of how a real business operates. Look at a real corporation and model your mercs simular; There is a "operations", "Operations management", "tactical Management" and "Strategic Management" in business as well as the military, you need to see how they relate.
  13. KAMUT


    One being Borsig Spline, if a company has a set customer base, its likely that customer base would be put in contact with other like minded business to do what is called "networking" to promote their products. Bad Blood has a lot of product from Borsig Spline. How does a mercenary unit train their entire force to manuever as one element? OPfor is fine, but thats a training expenditure coming out of the Merc Business pockets (to create a unit solely for OpFOR) or in other words, a bigger loss for a bigger unit. My answer to that is that fellow mercenary organizations may have contacts and regularly schedule training between them. Example: Bad Blood wants to get in some Regiment level traing, so they contact the Sanguine Reavers from time to time to schedule "Strategic Maneuver drills". - And of course, Lone Wolf Company would gladly provide the (JSTG) Jolon Strategic Training Grounds at the UTDF War College, and provide staff to monitor and judge the events......
  14. Bravo! LOL Thats one my old luietenant needs to hear........
  15. Martial Artists, you might appreciate this All MCs have their style they like to “patent”. Rakim has his “Godfather“style; Gza has his Liquid Sword and the Wu Tang Slang, KRS One with the Rock offbeat with a Smile and Poetry. Some styles are actually common like the Steady Flow, the Roll of the Tongue, or the basic Dozens you see cats battling each other with all the time. I used to battle a lot, until I got more into the writing aspect; then my battles became exhibitions of skills, because basically the Riddler was too deep to contend with. I followed on Rakim’s example, by allowing an MC to go first, just so he/she at least had a chance to open their mouth. Now my mind goes along with the concept of, rhyme like you have something worthwhile to say and don’t bother with the bull. That’s how I get my street cred. Hip hop has long taken the mentality of martial arts, with its Grandmasters and Masters, Wu Tang Clan and Shou lin soldiers (Staten Island), So of course, now you know the method behind naming them. Here are a few of my personal techniques. One technique is called Shadow Arms Technique which could only be described as "fist within fist" to can lead you with one set of rhymes, but the flow is captured with a subtle second set. Example fist one: Call it sadistic, when we spit through ghetto linguistics Sputtering on prophesies and parables like a mystic With Elegance in Rhyme, taking the radiance of mind To visualize the cosmic science in perceptions of space and time And the fist within Call it sadistic, when we spit through ghetto linguistics Sputtering on prophesies and parables like a mystic With elegance in Rhyme, taking the radiance of mind To visualize the cosmic science in perceptions of space and time Another Style is Hi Form- Low Form where the inflection rises and lowers to add to the flow. Example: Call it sadistic, when we spit through ghetto linguistics Sputtering on prophesies and parables like a mystic (Actually in this example upward inflection is twice, before taking the flow down. Guess which word does it.) Another Style is Blunted Monkey could be described as an offbeat lead in to perhaps a different set of rhymes Example Call it sadistic, when we spit through ghetto linguistics Sputtering on prophesies and parables like a mystic With elegance in Rhyme, taking the radiance of mind To visualize the cosmic science in perceptions of space and time Another one is called Verbal Pornography which is really tricky wordplay, designed to make a basic set of rhymes draw your attention. It’s the basic stuff, but the arrangement is tricky. Example: Call it sadistic, when we spit through ghetto linguistics Sputtering on prophesies and parables like a mystic With elegance in Rhyme, taking the radiance of mind To visualize the cosmic science in perceptions of space and time Here’s one called Dancing Sword or commonly known as the Roll of the Tongue basically speed the delivery of the words themselves to fit within a certain time frame thus taking the anchor (the rhyming word) on beat. Me personally, can hit you with a Dancing Sword at any point of the structure; even slur it off beat for a real tease. Example: Call it sadistic, when we spit through ghetto linguistics Sputtering on prophesies and parables like a mystic With elegance in Rhyme, taking the radiance of mind To visualize the cosmic science in perceptions of space and time The structure itself can be slurred a bit; this is commonly known as Drunken Style Sometimes I like to combine this style with the ”Dancing Sword” to create the Drunken Sword Example: Call it sadistic, when we spit through ghetto linguistics Sputtering on prophesies and parables like a mystic With elegance in Rhyme, taking the radiance of mind To visualize the cosmic science in perceptions of space and time (Drunken Style) But Knowledge Borne, My intimate form (Drunken Sword with a touch of Shadow Arm) is eternal In this state, I was visited (Drunken Style) by a jinn who disguised (Drunken Style)herself maternal The Crane is simply a continuation of a train of thought into the next bar, no pause and a Throw is basically a “half of a rhyme” or a complete break. Example: But Knowledge Borne, My intimate form is eternal In this state, I was visited by a jinn, who disguised herself maternal Like my mothers touch (Crane) my third eye recognized it was Fatal attraction that was clawing at my back (Crane and Throw) Got plenty of others, these are simply some of my own variations or well known styles I tend to use. Some of them are simply changes in inflection, word arrangement, delivery or emphasis of certain words. I tend to be raspy when I speak, some say my voice sounds just like Nas or Jeru the Damaja, only with a style arrangement that would make the Rza proud. Most MCs especially the old school, could probably point out a thousand others, I just happen to master a few.
  16. 2nd and Liberty? hmmm, I used to live for about a year at 7th and Linden, right atop that Laundromat and bar. Yeah, I remember that place, wewwwww! I was wiling out back then. OK, we did a couple shows in Lafayette College in Easton, and Lehigh Valley University, and did DJ sets on WLVR. Pharaoh would let them play some of his mix tapes and we were getting mAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAd rep for them. Me, I would freestyle live on WLVR, made me some kind of local celebrity and used to do a few gigs at Super Sunday. Some people just called me Decruz, other people called me the Riddler, King of the Aztecs, MC Cruz; I used to roll with the TFX crew and sometimes with ACT or HBO. I ended up and still with the New Egyptian Empire out of Easton, under Pharaoh (DJ Master Marv Lister) I like spoken word, but prefer to stay within what I grew up with (Hip Hop) cause I feel with some backing, we could take it to a level most cats are too floss to take it to. (Reality fix). As an old school MC, I went through many phases, thus picking up a ton of styles, but I always leaned towards breaking the conformity. I can go with 8, 16, or 24 beats with my wordplay effortlessly. I'll post some styles shortly ps sorry for the delay, wrote this and never got a chance to send it till today.
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    Nothing to say, that perhaps your guys did have power armor and feild FA45s. it's really not a problem. try it with G11s and try it with FA45s, you might have to articulate the power armor, but thats the challenge of writing. There you go, from one student to another
  18. KAMUT


    Great Job! I'm glad to see more people taking the initiative and writing material. Excellent. Now for the constructive critisizms. (These are exactly the same ones my wife said to me when I started writing fiction.) One: the word AS, is one we tend to go back to, over and over. I do it too. Look for other ways to portray simultanious action. Words other that "As" could be express with "While" or the whole structure of the sentance could be made to convey that. Example Joe blow took his assault rifle and shot the guy while( or As) he dove for cover replaced with With a quick dive to cover, joe blow took his assualt rifle and shot the guy (Not the best example, but I think you get where I'm going with this.) reduce the reliance on the word "As". Next up is the FA45 which is a crew served weapon, not an assault rifle. the G11 is the assault rifle. Most crew served weapons are a little heavy to be diving and ducking around with, unless the guy was wearing power armor, but you have to convey that. All in all, I love the work. great job.
  19. The odd thing of it is, although most of our work is pretty typical of Hip Hop being 16 beat, we go out of our way to misdirect the percussion to where it sounds offbeat. I remember freestyling to one of Paul Simons rifts, (the one where he says, hop on the bus gus, no need to be coy, roy) listen to the first few measures of that and you'll see, most MCs couldn't flow to that,or wouldn't touch it but I did just to prove a point. My friend Ronin Ali Rashid, ended up doing a number in 12 beat just to challenge himself a few years ago. So although we rep like MCs, our versatility is phenominal. (Toot Toot) Can't say I've ever thought of trying to do something to slam to (never thought they would be interested) but I'm pretty sure a heavy metal version of "Verbal Heiroglyphics" would go over well. I'll see if I have the original production session version somewhere, but I know Red5Angel heard it. We're going to arrange the ending to where its exiting like Eric B did in Paid in Full. (got to give the forefathers respect)
  20. Yeah, definately caught on to that train of thought; The Hermetic Principals was something I learned in recent years, and calmed me down quite a bit. I can appreciate anything that comes from an evolved thought. Thats what I see in it. I'm not sure I've heard of Symbolist Poets (perhaps been in the box too long huh) but if this level of thought is what to expect, then I'm certainly interested.
  21. This is incredibly good! Take a look at Immaterial in the book of rhymes thread, you may appreciate that train of thought. Incredibly articulate and I could only look at this peice and reflect on the teachings of Hermes Trismigustus. If you haven't, look at the Seven Hermetic Principles, then look at this poem again, and you'll probably see exactly why I feel this poem is utterly fantastic! Bravo! Excellent work, I'm inspired.
  22. KAMUT

    Painting Cockpits

    I tend to like Imperial purple with a coat of nail polish stuff for a shiny coat. looks OK.
  23. KAMUT

    Back in Cali

    Someday, I shall see for myself. and you owe it to yourself to visit St Croix or Puerto Rico if you haven't already. sometimes the isolation is nice.
  24. KAMUT

    Back in Cali

    Welcome back Nadin! hope everything turns out alright.
  25. Yeah, but because the movie did not hold my interest, I missed out on a book, I may actually like......
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