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  1. Pretty nice looking and showroom quality. thats fine, maybe a white stripe going down to the right or left might bring out the whole peice. White numbers opposite to the stripe.


    either way, its a really nice job.

  2. Unfortunately, This thread is only showing things you might find on the Awenasan Battlefield. The link would point you to an actual battle in progress.


    Tango Incursion



    Frosch was the dude who came up with the name UTE, I couldn't find a reasonable name for it. For freindly games, he probably wouldn't mind, so as long as the concept is accessable to everyone



    Here are the stats as they are now.


    The UTE and the Atsila are classified as mobile turrets. They can move or fire, not both. other than that they play like any other unit, but more mission specific. They cannot be modified,They are too system specific. A Fire control vehicle or some kind of spotter is usually a good idea.


    We're gonna test some new house rules on the UTE, three of them chained to a fire control vehicle. the FCV can recieve chainlock pod targeting information from other sections, provided it makes a successful target lock. The UTE chain in as normal.


    The Atsila can fire in FLAK mode, linking three of these units to an FCV. The FCV makes a successful target lock AGAINST AIRCRAFT IN HYBRID OR HIGH FLIGHT, the Atsila chain in and pepper them with saturation of rounds.


    Still thinking about the FCV, but I found a 10mm LAV 25 that could be converted into something nice.

  3. IM000557.jpg

    Tango Recon advances on a bunker located on a hilltop before them, while a Wakizashi from Tango Flash lays down a ruthless barrage of IFM on the enemy position. This infantry team is the last of the Toyo LINF platoon, holding a bunker position nested deep inside a heavy thicket. They’ve been able to survive several punishing barrages of indirect fire. Quote Jesse Ventura “They’re tucked in there tight, like an Alabama tick.”




    Two Redhawks (an Alpha and a Bravo) engage Toyo Squadron armor using a sniper action. Just ahead, Ri Gah squadron advances on them.



    Ri Gah Squadron Armor comes under heavy attack by Ranger Striker 2 and the Command group. Gabriel Espanosa leads the attack himself in his Starhawk VI. Bold and daring, but the real problem is right behind them, Ri Gah Strikers are slowly advancing foreword and that Dictator 70 way in the back, taking cover inside those buildings, looks hungry.




    Tango Striker 1 CAV detach take up defensive positions as the Toyo Squadron Armor lines are breached. Soon they will be able to advance on the settlement; however the Red Sentinel Command group is still inside the bunker, waiting for the Rangers to move into position. The Rangers expect stiff resistance from that CAV bunker, as well as a heavy assault section to contend with.




    Tomahawk Chief Gabriel Espinosa’s Starhawk VI takes heavy damage holding out against the Ri Gah Squadron advance. He will have to fall back next turn to conduct repairs, fortunately his actions have caused the Ri Gah Despots to halt and take positions. His section mates can provide him cover while he falls back. Rangers, 2nd Squad LINF have already taken positions in the heavily wooded area to meet the armor head on along with providing mortar support.




    This picture shows the Overall battle view, at the start of the 3rd turn. Major action going on, but it looks good for the Tango Rangers thus far. One of the command group Redhawk Charlie’s was destroyed by a wild shot from a Badger APC. This is the first Redhawk Charlie that has ever gone down in any battle I’ve played, and by a Badger adds insult to the injury.

  4. Tango Rangers Incursion The Battle Continues




    Gun footage from a Harpy gunship shows Ri Gah Squadron advancing on the Rangers from the north east. Ri Gah LINF troops load up on their Badger APCs; Intel believes they are attempting to reinforce the settlement. Ri Gah Squadron CAV Strikers take up positions to the rear of the armor column as a quick response force, once Tango Striker 2 commits to the engagement.




    This is a Toyo Squadron Armor battlefield view towards the Ranger advance on the western flanks. The Tango Ranger Recon and Flash sections lay withering support fire to open up a breach of their defensive lines. Meanwhile the Ranger 1st Vehicle detaches maneuvers a flanking action to disrupt the coordination of the Toyo Armor defenses.



    Toyo Squadron Armor is engaged at close range by Tango 1st Ranger Group 1st vehicle detach. The Despots are unable to hold their position and the Toyo Squadron commander orders a fall back. The line is breached on the west, but the command group is positioned inside a CAV bunker awaiting the opportunity to engage the Rangers at close range.




    First Group, Ranger LINF squad takes heavy incoming, and is forced to halt their advance when their APC takes heavy damage. They dismount at attempt to disperse against the massed fire. Once inside the heavy foliage, they’ll take up defensive positions in the bunkers once used by Toyo Squadron LINF.

  5. actually these are a collection of various battles, posedowns and the like. basically to show some of the specialty units we use within our campaign. theres a Part three in the works.


    the Tango Incursion thread is actually following a battle in progress, I think I can post this somewhere. just not sure where?

  6. UTE.jpg

    The UTE artillery system is basically a Chimera mounted on a Poltergeist chassis. I found a good use for these old tanks. Instead of modes like the Chimera, the UTE fires a variety of shells at ranges of 48 to 60 inches. The UTE were devastating when they were used against G Unit during the Battle of Bayamon Bridge.



    The Atsila Anti Aircraft system is a mobile turret defense system, basically track mounted Charvels inclined to a 45 degree angle. This is good against hard or soft air targets, great for protecting an area you think the enemy might use as a DZ. Throw in some Samurai, and dropships are due for serious problems.



    This is of course a Gear in Wild Apache Colors, but we proxy these for Special Operations Cybots (SOC) which have proven themselves extremely useful for incursion operations. A section of these SOCs backed by Gunships laid waste to 2 sections of Super heavies in route to support Delgado Battery defenses at the Battle of Bayamon Bridge. Battery Commander Saul Delgado himself, piloting a Rhino was captured in this operation.





    Although LWC is has streamlined its inventory of equipment to either Mitso Ta or SyRAM; Special Forces and Ghost insertion teams have opted to hold on to its SOF Puma inventory. The SOF Puma features the upgraded electronics suite of the KDM Panther, however, LWC technicians have created a third mount on the rear shoulder for an automatic loading, TL system guided SAG Heavy Mortar. This specialized unit is rare and not even offered as part of the KDM product line, it has only been seen to date with UTDF Special Forces units, and LWC Ghost teams.



    On the battlefield, the Ghosts move silently, taking out precision targets and fading away into obscurity. They often work in teams of two or three; they can be placed on a mount like a typical light infantry stand, or on their own mini base for expanded operations. Once positioned, they can be extremely dangerous and tough to root out of urban and heavily forested areas.



    The Navajo light Tank is still under research and development. Reasonably inexpensive, fast, decent armored and flexible with its turret mounted Charvel gatling gauss cannon, the Navajo is proving itself to be a asset to commanders on the battlefield.



    The Prefect Marcus Wheatley is the premier corporate main battle tank, built by Terrans for Terrans. Its main weapon is the Apiatan Ultra 1 Gauss Cannon, which fires at a range of 40. Its rack mounted M64 artillery rockets can offer indirect support at 48, and FA45 machine gun port for close support against soft targets. This tank has teeth, its not second line by any means, and very capable of standing toe to toe with a superiority CAV.

  7. Hmmm, found some more pics of a few oddities mentioned here and there, but some better views of some of these things. These are some of the things you might find throughout our campaign, on the Awenasan Battlefield. Some of these are zoomed views of other pics; this is to get a general idea of whats what.



    This is a Samurai variant Regent assigned to 1st Tomahawk, Cherokee Wolf. The Samurai has become a consistent addition to typical UTDF forces; High speed, AA abilities, good armor reasonable punch with a high precision targeting system.



    This is the Redhawk Bravo variant Starhawk V. its one of the most widely used CAVs in the UTDF and LWC arsenal. One Charvel GGC is swapped for a diedre mark one, electronics and Breeder upgrades to improve performance of the Redhawk. The configuration of weapons indicates whether it’s an Alpha, Bravo or Charlie variant.



    This is a Strike Raptor assigned to Battle Force Tiamat (T1MAT) 1st Tango Rangers. Strike Raptors have the same outer appearance but the electronics and breeder match the Talon. The ECCM pod is swapped for a chain lock pod and usually assigned to spot for Wakizashi variant Katanas.



    The Wakizashi is fairly new so pics are hard to come by, but here is one inside a bay of the Condor Drop ship. So far, the Wakizashi (Wacky Zack) has served admirably with the Rangers.



    The TAK Sinopa A2 is a light striker CAV outfitted with a “Slagger”; the Slagger fires a nanobot gel canister which attack and reprogram the repair systems of enemy CAVs for a variety of effects. Earlier versions fired an EMP burst, however the A3 (currently being sculpted) will feature improved joint architect and a composite frame.

  8. I can certainly understand that. I was disenchanted with Boxing for nearly 10 Years or so, after watching a fight in the welterwieght division. It was the up and coming Oba Carr versus the ole veteran Livingstone Bramble. Carr had just sign on with Don King and was looking to make a name for himself.


    Well, to make a long story short, for 10 rounds Bramble dominated the young upstart, knocking him down twice in the 1 and thrid round. He only had trouble with the 7th round, otherwise he dominated the fight.


    Basically the judges were scoring on how well Carr's head and body took Bramble's shots. The Lederman Card had Bramble waaaaaaaaaaay ahead, and even the announcers were saying, the only way Carr could win is by TKO, which wasn't gonna happen cause he looked sloppy against Bramble.


    Bramble had a much higher hit percentage, threw more punches. there was nothing there that could say he didn't dominate the match, but yet it went to decision and the judges gave the fight to Carr. The judges obviously were watching a different match, Bramble retired in shock.


    The WORST THING that happened to the sport is Don King; and he's the reason you have $50.00 Pay per Views. Especially with Mike Tyson, who was an excellent technical fighter with Cus Dmato, but hooked up with King, and basically became a Cash Cow.


    Look at Tyson now, he's crap; and the guys his promotion group had him ducking for years, were the same guys he had to fight if he had any chance of a return to the sport. Reality bit him, and of course Tyson bit back. He was outclassed by Evander Holyfield and Lennox Lewis.


    Yeah Don King promoted the Trinidad-Mayorga fight, now lets see if he's ready to let Hopkins give Trinidad that rematch Hopkins promised. It was a good gamble on Trinidad's part, cause now, Hopkins has to respond. nobody else in the welterwieght division left that Trinidad hasn't already beaten; and Hopkins is the only one that beat Trinidad.


    Of course a Trinidad De La Hoya rematch might be a good money maker, but if Trinidad beats him again, theres no one left but Hopkins.


    Nope, Vernon Forrest (who destroyed Shane Mosley) was destroyed by Mayorga twice; and Trinidad has already destroyed Mosley (who pound for pound is one of the top three boxers in the sport, heh) This political posturing by Trinidad got me really excited about the sport; He played his cards right, perhaps beating the promoters and politicans at their own game....

  9. This was one I would have loved to have seen, but all I know is, Tito is BACK with a vengeance. around 1:00 Sunday morning, we heard a loud shout, cheering and for the next 4 hours, happy Puerto Rican paraded throughout the City chanting "Tito! Tito! Tito!" Police vehicles stopped at certain interesections, and the impromptu parade of Puerto Rican Pride took place.


    We didn't have it in our budget this time to catch that fight, but it must have been a firecracker. Though I was expecting Trinidad to win by KO, Ricardo Mayorga is explosive in the ring; my guess was at least 3 rounds, but it turned out to go on for 8 rounds.


    For fight fans, this means, perhaps a rematch between Felix Trinidad and Bernard Hopkins (Pound for pound, one of the top three best fighters). or even Antonio Tarver (after his impressive knock out of the great Roy Jones JR). Could even be Glenn Johnson, who knocked Roy Jones JR out in the 8th round, 4 months after Jones lost to Tarver.


    Roy Jones JR and Oscar De La Hoya need to retire (though De La Hoya probably has a few good ones left in him, Jones looked horrible against Johnson).

    Trinidad is back with a vengeance, and perhaps this was stepping stone to get into the contention of a rematch with Bernard Hopkins. (Hopkins won, and shortly Trinidad went into retirement).


    Back with a vengeance! and Trinidad got the heart of Puerto Rico with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Trinidad vrs Hopkins 2


  10. Civilian CAVs are called Cybots. Its in the first JoR. Some of the first platforms were bulky and obsolete in comparison to CAVs, as Bellar Joint technolgy improves, the first true "CAVs" come into being. Its only reasonable to believe that the same joint architecture could be applied to non military models as well.


    We have been using stats for a military version Cybot,a Special Operations Cybot (SOC) using Heavy Gear minis for the Cybot themselves. pretty nasty little boogers; on the civilian side, we ripped a few MWDA Koshi's from their bases and put them on some metal. currently being painted up, they will represent civilian mecha in our campaign.


    I'm not into farm bots, constructibots, or mine bots, I figure there are mission specific robots that could handle these tasks far more effeciently. Hell, with nanotechnology, buildings could build themselves, microengineers eat away at uneeded rock to get at the minerals in a mine, small spiderlike robots can sow and harvest crops, don't really need the big heavy machinery to do this.

  11. I don't tend to make any real distinguishment between Pirates and mercenaries; in my mind, its a matter of who's perception your accepting, the "pirate" or the "Pirated".


    Could be a matter of underground resistance having to loot a depot for supplies needed to continue their fight.


    Could be a contract from a competing government or business, for a raid, why not take the opportunity to loot.


    Could be a matter of survival, could be just out of sheer nastiness.


    Basically, you want to remain expeditionary, fast and mobile. Why, because under normal conditions, your pirates aren't gonna what to stay any given area for extended periods of time.


    They'll probably operate from some type of transport, so the bulk of their forces are expeditionary. Bro, before you conduct any sort of landing on anyworld, you'll want to recon first, so yeah lots of gunships, transports. CAVs would probably be limited to the number of dropships they have, and bear in mind, some of that cargo space is reserved for the booty.


    Attacks would have to be quick and staggering, they have to be in and out of their target area before local militia/law enforcement have time to mobilize. seldom would they be in the situation they would have to conduct a defense, Lest things have gone horribly wrong.


    larger pirate groups may have several ships, but highly unlikely to be working together to conduct a major assault, even if they have the capability. War losses could be staggering since they're not going to just walk up to the nearest store for supplies.....


    Probably would have a collection of mismatched units,probably fitted with whatevers available (as said before). New or Old, doesn't make a difference really, think about it, a true criminal will go after something of more value before he goes for the mundane stuff. They probably would have lots of new equipment, just not the means to always keep them in mint condition should they take a beating.


    They would probably have incredible technicians, able to peice together a Rhino using straws and Duct tape. expect lots of supporting "cells" working intelligence before the attack to pick out the easiest target for the biggest gain. Infantry would probably be no less than veteran, (probably weed out the greenies through trials and stuff) but I wouldn't expect too many elite or Aces. (probably get shot before they gain that kind of experience)


    Thats my 2 cents.

  12. She mixed something, but I see now the image doesn't do it justice. she basically mixed some kind of purple, though the pics look blue. its fading two tones, maybe three, Cyan Blue and Purple.


    Its wierd how they came out, all I can say is the colors are available with a typical automobile paint set that is made by Testers. i think its the automobile air brushing kit. not sure.

  13. I've played 20,000 point games that took about ten hours to play out.

    10 hours is pretty fast!


    but yeah big point games can be done, just require a little patience, endurance and focus. 7 hours into the game, people are liable to drift, pick up a magazine, and "Oh, lemme know when your done"


    few tips to think about if you decide to try a big point game.


    A) make a roster for each section; ideally CAV was made to play with as little paperwork as possible, but in a huge game with 10 or more sections, it might get tricky to remember which section went. As you go through a section, put its roster in a "done " pile, and whatever you have in your hand is whats yet to be moved.


    B) take a highlighter and mark the data column where power becomes an issue, its way too easy to forget this.


    C) keep a set of movement dice handy, 4sd to 20 sd. After resolving an attack, you can continue a move with your remaining MM so you can use the dice to remind you of remaining MM.


    D) Reaper has a standard for matching dice, use it, or something simular. We have been painting the tips of our d10, one red set, one white for almost 2 years. So we've come acustomed to these colors, however Reaper has a simular scheme. (I don't remember it cause we only used it for Erion's League.)


    White tip =1

    Red tip = 2

    Green tip =3

    Brown tip = 4

    blue tip = 5


    E) keep some templates handy if possible, 9 inch, 4 inch, and 2 inch. Laser pointers are cool if you can get one.


    F) keep everything but the mini's, terrain, etc, etc in play off the table. put this into practice; I've seen too many big point games get sidetracked because someone puts his/her paperwork on the table, does what they gotta do, come back, reach for the paperwork, and knock down or skew the position of other models. that can spoil the mood if the players take the game too seriously which leads to...


    G) most of all, HAVE FUN. an 8 hour game drags when the players are too focused on playing. Joke with each other, mad dog your opponents, bad mouth them (in good taste) but whatever, keep the interest going; not just for yourself, but anybody else that may be watching.

  14. the Condor is kitbashed from a Tau Devilfish/V22 Osprey.


    Saturdays game took about 8 hours for 3 turns, but we also stopped to explain things, check on our kids, soda break, yada, yada.


    A turn takes longer obviously in a big point game, but within that turn, much more is done depending on how you play.


    Sundays game took 2 -3 hours for one turn, the table is in our attic so we stopped at one turn and will play out the rest in increments. We were gonna play yesterday but we opted to work on something else.

  15. honestly, Don't know. She blended some kind of Cyan into a purple and the paint job blends from blue to purple. then add some Yellow polkadots.


    For those who don't normally visit the Sci Fi section, more pics are in the Tango Incursion thread. check em out, give a holla.

  16. Since I can only post so many images on the Reaper Forums, I gave this part its own space. The Condor seems to be the eye opener, but she still has lots of work to go on her as of yet.


    Heres a Closer look at the Condor (WIP) still much to do, but working on her



    Full Spread of the Tango Spear, 1st Ranger Group, and Battleforce Tiamat (T1MAT)



    Tiamat lead Assault troop



    Tiamat Detach



    1st Ranger Group infantry and Vehicle support



    Redfaced Colibri (1/1 7th Division Hummingbird Squadron)




    The Redhawk Alpha, Bravo and Charlie in Tango Colors



    Last but not least, the CAV merc org inspired by the lesbian gang in the movie, "The Warriors" this is the current layout of the all female Tolucan Death Squad, The Tin Lizzies. My Wife's second mercenary group and a Rogue Wild Apache unit.


  17. More pics, pardon the fuzziness on some,



    Battlefield perspective; Toyo Squadron perimeter on high alert after recieving news of a Condor Class Dropship on fast approach.



    Ri Gah Squadron armor in Garrison.



    Upon deployment, several Tango CAV Assault units take defilade against Toyo Squadron armor positions. Wakizashi are about to be deployed from the Condor.




    And Remember.


  18. The "Condor" dropship a Kitbash of a Tau Devilfish and 1/48 scale V22 Osprey. I'm looking to give it stats soon, but the construction is still a WIP. Have lots more stuff to do on it, just needed to have something semi presentable for our games.


    But yeah I can see the resemblance to the Aliens Dropship, and several passer bys thought that was what it was. I want to take my time with her, and make sure she comes out right, even if she is a flying brick. I'll take new pics when she's in her Tango colors.


    Thanks for the complements people, got more pics coming tommorow, just have to resize them.

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