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    Falcon cav

    That falcon strikes me as a tough Rhino Killer on open ground; I mean if my memory serves me correctly, those weapons hit out to 40 inches right; I think I am going to use several of these in my regular army units as hard points in a diamond or wedge formation. add two Starhawks and either a soveriegn or conquerer and it makes for a well rounded mission force. four falcons would probably be OK for a CAV strike team but like BL2 said, against a team of dictators that 6 inch DF weapon range advantage is meaningless; I'd go for something with better speed as well as punch. Looks are another story though; the Falcon sure is pretty.
  2. Yeah, one more time for you Kit, SIEGE MACHINES :p engineers and crew to serve them. (Thanks again for the info.) Knick knacks like workbenches, shelves, tables, chairs. And why not try scenario's for box sets., like the joust or Kings court; I know another company has something like this out already, but wouldn't we all prefer Reaper, (wink, wink)
  3. KAMUT

    Hello all

    As Froggy stated It's mostly fluff, otherwise, your imagination is the limit. Merc, Striker or Pirate really doesn't matter except to give your unit some color; I tend to blurr the line with these distinctions, One mans Striker may be another mans Pirate, and Mercs would probably be considered pirates or criminals by those on the recieving end of their operations. One of my personal favorites is the Lucky 8's, the sort of "Ah- heck, lets roll with it" types that kind of personify what a CAV Merc is. Question- is the COG still valid? and if so, you may want to register your group
  4. KAMUT

    Hello all

    Welcome StormCaller. I play a Native American government force with a freelance unit called Cherokee Wolf, My wife has the Wild Apaches; She's the Vatos Locos of the CAV Galaxy while I'm stuck trying to contain her. Our loyalties are the Templar and Terrans (if we're not at each others throats) We also got Amazulu and Tieno's to contend with, but all and all makes for a fun storyline, in a part of the CAV Galaxy that everyone seldom hears about. I say experiment with what you like, Merc, Pirate or Striker, Variety is the spice of life and the CAV Galaxy can only benefit from it.
  5. Yeah, but even then I would have to hit the area at several points all at once, a few places, I know could work, would be 1 the YMCA, 2 The Comic Store (Lancaster) - gamers can get good stock, but players are limited 3 The Comic Store (York) - good store for gamers 4 The Adventurers guild (Harrisburg) -good store for gamers 5 The Game Store (Park City Mall- note; this store stocks mostly WK stuff, so they would probably want to promote their stuff instead). alternately, just set up a table in the middle of the mall and start gaming; let the passer bys ask question- (let them take live fire hand outs with them) Now I need the manpower (or womanpower) to get it done, then a program like "my addiction" could get off the floor. the program could also include other genres of interest like painting, comic books music instruments ETC ETC, but as far as gaming is concerned, we the CAV players have to take the initiative and get it together; plus it could only help us in the long run, when we're the ones who look like we give a #### about whats going on in our communities.
  6. Thats just it; Its more then what I can handle at this point; In just few months, I have an easy 500.00 in merchandise, divided between my wife (A Spear),my brother (B Spear)and myself. My best friend in Easton can only do so much,even though I'm building a spear (Zulu Spear)for him. the way I envision it, its something that has to be attacked in several locations across the state at approximately the same time. Then people hear about it, maybe even put it out in the news or something- excellent promo for Reaper; our units each represent various tribes, would open up a thought towards civil rights issues. I have to be able to coordinate something like this with others, or else its a one shot deal.
  7. The comic store is trying to run out its Ral Partha CBT stock, I just bought a Warhammer, Hellswpawn and Sunder for keepsakes. The rest of the stock seem like a mixed bag of older and newer stuff. I also picked up some of the older source books, battle technology books and stuff, cause I figure they won't be released again, ever. What I think we should do, is try to consolidate all the Penny CAV gamers across the state and maybe come up with a way to take CAV to an audience like never before. You see, my idea is to be able to coordinate with the city or county and present a game like CAV as a alternate to getting involved with drugs and such. A program called "My addiction" In the neighborhood I reside, young cats are getting shot up by the dozens almost on a daily basis, It's really bad. Most end up in the county prison, were they are exposed to guess what, CHESS. Thats real big in the jails. So when I have presented some guys with CAV, and it's gameplay, their responce is "Yo, that tight!" (positive response). When I can get everything together and the time is right, I plan to set up a 8x12 table(s) in the YMCA gym one day and run an all day campaign. I think if you want more exposure for a gaming system, you have to bring to the people who need the diversion the most. I think CAV is simple enough for anyone to understand, and the models are very respectable; (they wont get looked at as toys) I think CBT is a little too complicated to get people who have never played a tabletop wargame, started while MWDA is too cheesey to keep people interested longer than a few weeks In the long run, the ideal would be Kids play Poke mech, Real men play killer chess.
  8. Yeah even the casted CBT mini's are showing up with hands now, which made me revolt. My first contact with Battletech was through the Mech Warrior 2 PC game, so my tendacy is to go with the classic mechs I know, like the Thor (My all time favorite mech), Vulture or another favorite, the Uziel. (at least, you can't screw those old bangers up; I hope) Now I see more and more floss taking place of the real meat and potatoes, not to mention, I wont touch an Unseen. It's funny, but CAV is more like Battletech than MWDA; and unfortunately, It seems like WK is deliberately trying to cater to the kiddie's; So imagine how I feel when I have some young buck explaining to me, I am Clan Wolf, blah, blah blah. Son, I was hittin off Zelbrigin-style, before these clowns even knew what a mech was. and I'm sure I am not the only one. It seems like thats the way here in Pennsylvania. But to answer soul catchers question- nothing is really wrong with Mage knight, or even hero clicks, (if your into that kind of thing) But Battletech was already established, long before any of these other systems- To me, MWDA plays like Mage knight, only with robots instead of fantasy figures. It has nothing to do with the mechwarrior itself, considering the pilot and mech represent one static figure, so there is no chance of individual upgrade or advancement, like the CAV crew; and if you want to improve your unit, you have to BUY more booster packs; great marketing scheme considering around here you can pick up a booster kit at Toys R US
  9. Over here it's Poke Mech dark ages that these stores around here are trying to sink their teeth into. (yeah, I called it that!) and the general gaming age is a little on the kiddie side. I had one guy put his limited edition plastic Ryuken (60 tons)next to my rhino, then he dared to say the MWDA models (they are N scale, mind you)were beefier. Well, I had an N-scale Leopard tank (60 tons) and explained to him, that for a mech to be as big as that N scale model and still be scaled to 60 tons, it would have to have armor made of cardboard, especially compared to a 110 ton Rhino. MWDA models are toys in my eyes, and really don't represent Battletech; and the Ironwind metals Shadowcat with a right hand doesn't inspire me either. Needless to say, he got my point, in typically ruthless fashion. Don't get me wrong, I like classic battletech, but this clicky stuff tries my last nerve. Bear in mind, aside from gaming, I enjoy creating dioramas for my troops when they are not in use, hence the N scale railroad,in my attic I'm building into FT Wolf. I work with The Comic Store (Lancaster, PA) to put these demos out; Joe's been pretty good about making sure he keeps up with the CAV stock, even if my family are among the few actually buying the stuff.
  10. Heh, D I am in Lancaster, PA; still a little out of your way but aside from anyone in Ohio, I'm probably one the closer players to you; also Erion is in Harrisburg. We could arrange something sooner or later where we can meet halfway, and arrange something once in a while. I run some sessions but there's not nearly enough players here with more than a passing interest in CAV, so I can sympathize with you. Im constantly trying to find new ways to generate long term interest, so hence the Tolucan Deathmatches are born. Just Email me with some names for a CAV crew, along with some basic info, name age, ETC ETC; and I'll include you in our list of characters, for whenever you can get to one of our matches. We'll work something out to meet somewhere.
  11. Have you tried the Mil-net yet if you haven't, your missing out; aside from my hollering and Frank's drooling, your bound to find whatever you need, info wise. http://www.mil-net.net/
  12. I haven't had any trouble with the mailing list, and I do understand your concern about the quote; I am a proud Black Hispanic, married to a Beautiful carribean princess so please don't me take my words the wrong way. But you gotta realize, in order to respect the right of free speech, you have to accept the good and the bad. No matter how effed up it seems. I saw the quote, I don't like it either, but it doesn't bother me; these type of games appeal to a wide variety of people with an equally wide variety of perceptions; don't deprive yourself of valuable information on account of someone's opinion, and don't let it change your perception about a good company that puts out exceptional quality work.
  13. I love the thing. But I would just stretch it out in the X (Just a little) and Y (the rear) a little more, to give it some stability when firing. especailly on inclines, it might come up a little top heavy plus with more space for an engine, you could bump the speed up a little. Thats my future MBT you guys are talking about. carry on
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