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  1. hmm, She actually has that mini, but she's planning to do something else with it. This has been sitting around for a bit, and actually she was inspired by Lanse's comedic diorama several months ago. A dragon holding a woman saying "Mine". We had the dragons, so she figures, just a straight up fight scene would be suffice. I really like the green dragon, its hard to see it in this pic, but it has like a blueish tint to it, really nice looking. Its sitting on a shelf with other little trinkets, and she has plants and flowers around it.
  2. My wife asked me to post this diorama she did. The pic quality doesn't do it justice, but we're very proud of it Hope everyone enjoys
  3. KAMUT

    Tango Incursion

    We played the Tango incursion twice this weekend; the first one was done on Saturday outside in front of the Comic Store. As people passed by, we got many people asking questions, and explained some things about the game. We also let some interested folks take an activation and issue orders to a section in the midst of the battle. This led to some interesting situations that wouldn't be exist if my wife and I been in full control of the strategy. Anyway, to give you an idea of the scale of battle. Red Sentinals/Ortiz Battery (15,000 points) 20 CAVs 16 Despots 6 mechanized infantry sections disabled anti aircraft defenses Tango Rangers (15,000 points) 20 CAVs 8 Sabres 3 mechanized infantry sections 8 Gunships One damaged Condor Dropship Battle 1: 3 turns Red Sentinals lost 12 CAVs, 3 Despots and 4 Infantry sections Tango Rangers lost 3 CAVs, 2 Gunships and a Sabre Battle 2: still in progress at turn 2 (this one done in the attic) Red Sentinals lost 3 infantry sections Tango Rangers lost 1 CAV Ok, these pics are of battle two. Objective: Destroy firebase depot and delay counteroffensive against the Wild Apaches crossing the Bayamon River further south. Firebase (WIP) heres more pics of it Rigah Squadron and Toyo Squadron were both deployed to protect this area, Toyo Squadron was further down the battlefeild, Rigah Squadron was in Garrison. Rigah Squadron CAVs in the mecha bay. Command section holding position inside a CAV Bunker Toyo Squadron CAVs holding position east of the facility, under fire by gunships Tango deployment This is the current battlefeild at the bigining of turn 2 we'll play this tonight.
  4. Erion's League is complete, he hasn't posted much on the AG Boards so thats about as much as I know.
  5. I like this alot, and I'm happy to see more conversion work with CAVs taking place. This is really a No nonsense, big kills type monster on a low budget. I bet though, its briming with electronics upgrades, possibly armor and crew upgrades. Color was again is a no nonsense approach, I like it, as for worn looks, its the commanders ride, hey, it could be fresh off the line, or in garrison. I can see the effects by looking closely at the side view of the twin GKw. Its there. Nice work on smoothing the shoulders, looks really good. this is certainly a monster CAV to contend with.
  6. KAMUT

    Modular CAV Weapons

    We were thinking along simular lines before, and perhaps a dremel might be better suited. We're looking at criss crossed pegs, one to insert the arm into a prepared arm socket, and another going straight down into the shoulder to lock the arm into place. We'll probably look into it deeper in the next few months
  7. after perusing the gallery, I saw quite a few other projects that really impressed me. hey, you never posted the Starhawk V, she looks pretty good too!
  8. This bad boy is certainly a looker. I'm not a big fan of the Centurian, but your incredibly good paint job, makes it tough not to like them. You get much props for this beauty!
  9. Yeoow, the skull on the Ogre, that made my day right there. That is my favorite rendition of an Ogre to date, and I've seen plenty of Ogres in my day. this one tops them all. Great job. I've seen the Dictators already, but I certainly don't mind seeing them again. Really nice work, and those cockpits, WOW! I'll be back after I peruse your gallery, but thanks for the warm fuzzy feeling. We've been getting a bit more CAV love in the show off section, its about time.
  10. Excellent. Despots are a joy to paint; these are very nice.
  11. That is one of the more interesting color schemes I've seen in a while. I like this a lot. very nice!
  12. Excellent work! this must have been an awesome competition.
  13. Niiiice. and pretty cool name too. great philosophy, less painting - more playing. yep. though on occasion you might wanna get that one or two units nifty. really nice look to them!
  14. yep, going back to another post. Jester, your making it tough for me to only comment on the CAVs. As usual, your work blows my mind, but agian, heres another peice that just rocks! hehehe, I'm conspiring to get you and a few others painting a few CAVs to show off. gotta send some love our way. great work!
  15. you all are making me break my rules. I usually try to keep my rants limited to the CAV models in this show off section, but you and several others make it tough for me. This is really great work, WOW. See now you got me conspiring to get people like you, Zaphod or Jester to paint a few CAVs now and again. show us some love!!! keep up the good work, this is awesome.
  16. I'm not much of a painter but hopefully I can que you in on some help. First off the Red is striking and very nice on a CAV, but sometimes it takes another color to offset it a little better. I think a little more white, possibly on the arm missile packs, might really bring it out. I'm a big fan of white and Red on mecha, I think it looks really good, although I haven't used them on any of my tabletop mecha. My PC mechs usually have these colors, but in all, its a balancing of both colors to provide just enough contrast. I think Erion's suggestion is the best bet, maybe even using a light grey instead of white. either way, I think its a really nice job, and not bad for your first CAV. (not to mention the Raptor is a CAV that grew on me, its fun to paint!)
  17. really really nice, and these pics seem like they were shot professionally. Nice work!
  18. You gotta bear in mind, not too many people read these forums. either people are not interested or just don't know about them; so you can't let this be any indicator of anything, it just means, not enough people read these forums. Keep plugging away at it, I want to read more and I can vouch for a few others that regularly peruse these threads.
  19. No, I like your writing as well, I just haven't gotten around to commenting. but don't be discouraged, its very well written; more people need to visit these forums, thats all.
  20. Well Boogie woogie, there she is!!!! She seems a little darker than the others, but looking good. this is one of the few CAV section combos that make me nervous........
  21. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh nice a dark mysterious servant of the inquisitor; this is one of my favorite Malvie designs, and seeing this reaffirms that. The Butcher paints up sssssssssssssssoooooooooo well.
  22. WIKKED! Dishes out the punishment, and looks mighty fine doing it like the weathering effect especially, its something I don't with my units. (haven't found a really good way to do the ones I have) How did you get that Regent to look that worn?
  23. Rockin' and a Rollin Pretty good lookin unit. Whats the last CAV in it? My brother uses another Gladiator with great effect. Not bad, PB, Not Bad at all.
  24. 91 Alpha/Bravo on the line with the 1/506th, Alpha Company, then homeward hobnobbing with the IOC brass at Rock Island Arsenal. 4 Years, didn't want to crossover into Whiskey; got my 2 Year degree for drafting and Design, that MOS (51Tango) wasn't available so I didn't Reup; been out for 4 years, did some work off and on with various reserve units. I'll be totally out the system in a few months. CAV we gotta bit of a drama going on, part RPG, part tabletop. 104' by 104' tactical map, even using 4 digit grid coordinates to track various movements. Whatever happens to be there is there, and whatever player figures out how to deal with whatever is there. Standard Force Organization 7500 point manuevering elements (we call "Tomahawks") anywhere from 5 to 10 sections. but we've manuevered large scale operations using three elements at 22,500 points 15 to 30 sections per side (we call a Spear) . Tolucan Deathmatches are single CAV on CAV duels, with a few grudge matches involving teams we call "Tolucan Deathsquads". we have rules for bribes (Taking a dive), hits and something we call twists (When a hit is put on you, and your would be assassin splits the payday for you to take a dive in the matchs). Great fun, lots of other details, but these are probably the main things.
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