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  1. Gotta admit brother this is a mighty nice site you got going. I flipped through the links and looks like everything is jiving right. I'll play with it some more later and see if theres anything I can find all in all, really nice
  2. http://blackboxvoting.org/ you make your own decisions and come to your own conclusion; whether you choose to believe or not is entirely up to you, but at the very least, stay informed. this is all I have to say, thank you.
  3. LURK MODE OFF I am the Muslim that was offended and I sick and tired of your Bullstuff. Do you want to know What I think? It isn't like I haven't expressed my views already.... http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?...=5877&hl=muslim So while your trying to imply things that aren't true, Your only making yourself look the bigger fool by trying to suggest something about Muslims in general. Instead of regurgitating fascsist Bullstuff, try reading a Q' uran or attending a Jumaat. Lurk mode ON
  4. KAMUT

    The Hellcat

    We call them Smoker Pumas; they work great in close quarter battle against hordes of soft targets. The last time we used it was when we played out a few scenarios for the Battle of Campa. I remember the body count was at least a squad or two, and some vehicles. Pretty decisive killer. (We also upgrade the ECM to +5) This is one of our regrets for going with mostly SyRAM and Mitso Ta; some of these really wicked killers are considered legacy equipment for us.
  5. KAMUT

    Boneyard parts

    Got my answer via PM take care dude, and God Bless!
  6. I have several types of unit organization for our own national army (UTDF), and adopted into Lone Wolf Company. This information will be available whenever the site is ready for the public.
  7. KAMUT

    CAV AFV roles?

    So its called the Cutlass, excellent. I like that name much better, and so shall it be called in our fluff. Yeah, What you see is what you get, So model any physical changes you make on your models. I'm yet to use the flail, but I've had my eye on that C14 IFM for a long while, thinking about swapping the FA45 on the Dingo whenever it comes out. I try to keep my swaps within the same two UCORs (SyRAM or Mitso Ta), but in the case of Hughes Marietta, I'll make a few exceptions. Thats one thing to look at when you go modding things, look within the same UCOR before you go shopping ou
  8. KAMUT

    CAV AFV roles?

    We used them recently in a Tango Rangers mission assignment, they didn't score any decisive kills for me against my Brother's Zulu Guard, but he couldn't get his Gladiators through them without taking some heat. thus allowing my Redhawks to rip em apart at range, only taking a track or two each in damage. I love these things to the point, that A) even though most of LWC uses mostly SyRAM and Mitso Ta, my Special Forces (Tango) use 4 sections (2 sections per group). Basically, the fluff behind them is a Templar license since Hughes Marietta uses the Tsuiseki. B) I never glue my tops o
  9. KAMUT

    CAV AFV roles?

    So keep your CAVs out of their range. Make your opponents CAVs come to you. Now in order to get them into the range of your CAVs, they have to put themselves within range of your AFVs, then have at em! Your AFV's are screening your opponent from the real target of your CAVs, that is, anything hard that might give your AFVs trouble, like Sabretooths, and Pumas. How do you slow a Mantis or a Rhino? with a few Stillabre, while your CAVs focus on overwhelming things that might be used to target the AFVs. Thats what I mean by a screen, of course CAVs can shoot over them..... @ Stormina
  10. KAMUT

    CAV AFV roles?

    I'm probably very agressive with my AFVs in particular my Sabres and Ashigaro. I have the tendacy to use them to lead an attack most often against superiority CAVs like the Dictator or Mantis. Many superiority CAVs are average to great hard hitters but often don't have much punch against soft targets, so guess what will most likely be in their face? So use your CAVs to knock out Fire-support vehicles and Anti Soft CAVs, and you can stop any CAV advance with a few well placed infantry and AFVs. They can screen for your CAVs, making them an obstacle to get through, before your opponent's CA
  11. KAMUT

    Boneyard parts

    I am asking for an availability date for Starhawk VI parts, among others, being available in the boneyard. Any idea when that will be possible? Some Monster CAV Garage techs want to know......
  12. The Empire wall of force is impressive indeed, but lets not rule out another wall of force that is impressive, are those big battle scenes in Robotech. the Macross seems to be pretty tough, sure the Empire can destroy a planet (and lets not forget the Suncrusher) but that Deathstar would would have to get into the system, and through an impressive wall of force, that being the Earth forces in Robotech.....
  13. Wrong Kato, hehehe this Kato, is supposedly a student of "the Northern Devil" later discovered to be a Japanese god of destruction. If it wasn't for the whinings of the Goddess of fertility(Yukari), Kato would have pulled the moon out of orbit using a magical chain he created. It is discovered in the first episode, he has the power to invert magic against itself, and manipulate it to his end. dude, possesses a young woman (later found to be the goddess of fertility) into carrying a demon child he could sacrifice to reawaken the spirit of Tiara no Masakado, as a berzerker that would des
  14. Every once in a while these discusions come up, so I'll play devils advocate and start a little bit of noise. Topic is dream matches, you know the kind of crap like, who would win in a fight, the Death Star or the enterprise, how about a fatal three way and throw in the Space Cruiser Yamato? hehehe I know everyone here can play nice so it shouldn't be an issue. other matches, the ole Mighty Mouse versus Superman debate, For all you mecha lovers, Voltron versus Gigantor? How about Tranzor Z? hey, how about the Steiner Atlas versus the KDM Rhino?. What triggered this was
  15. yep, Katos final revenge on Tokyo is that he tries to pull the moon out of orbit and right atop Tokyo! this guy is one of my favorite villians of all time (him and Keyser Soze). the man has the ability to inverse magic against itself, basically he can reverse any magic cast at him and manipulate it to his ends; plus he got a few devious tricks of his own.............
  16. alrighty, thats pretty close, but no. The movie is called "Doomed Megalopolis" a Anime horror about a powerful sorceror named Kato (the Devil) out to destroy Tokyo. http://www.animefu.com/index.pl?lastnode_i...90&node_id=9972
  17. Older than that actually, but good guess! additional hints, the entirety of the movie is played out in 4 chapters. this qoute is in the 1st chapter
  18. While everyone is thinking on that one, heres one with a hint preincluded, cause its tough. Its a Japanese Anime Classic "And the people of this city shall know me as Death.... You consider yourself light and me darkness, but we are both light and darkness combined."
  19. KAMUT

    OK, Fluff Trivia

    The group was T-1, they stole several Archers, but can't remember how many, its in the Ronin's battle history. Yeild my question; just keep it going guys.
  20. A typical UTDF CAV point superiority section Starhawk VI - ARM and pilot upgrade Starhawk V -Redhawk Charlie/Pheonix variant (armed with 2 diedre mark ones) Starhawk V -Redhawk Charlie/Pheonix variant (armed with 2 diedre mark ones) Starhawk V - Redhawk Alpha - modified TL and Breeder usually designated as a troop command section A typical UTDF Flank Superiority CAV Section Regent -Samurai variant (armed with 2 MT96A) Starhawk V -Redhawk Bravo variant (armed with one Deidre Mark one) Starhawk V -Redhawk Bravo variant (armed with one Deidre Mark one) Regent - Strike Regent var
  21. KAMUT

    Ok i'm in

    Lone Wolf Company kind of specializes in high speed deep flank or wing attacks, though we use special variants of some the same CAVs to acheive these needs. Since we are considered a Terran Security firm, we stick with SyRAM, Mitso Ta, a touch of Hughes Marietta or Koda Works (very limited), and a few creations of our own.... The key to this type of unit is balance, since we operate on the flanks, we have to be able to move through any target that presents itself, hard or soft. the idea is to be able to fade and manuever, you can't do it with a section of say Dictators, since they can be i
  22. Your pretty familiar with the little layout we did a while back for some of our characters in the Blood Apach campaign. We tend to go with a general idea based from movies. An interesting thing happened concerning one character in particular, Sabian Reyes of the Wild Apaches. (Apache Lead Actual) His character model follows Sergeant Elias (William Dafoe) in the vietnam movie Platoon starring Tom Berenger, Charlie Sheen, Corey Glover (lead singer from Living Color), Johnny Depp, Forest Whitaker, Fransesco Quinn, Tony Todd (Candy Man) and Keith David. (in fact, a lot of the Wild Apaches
  23. I'm in the simular camp whereas CAV only works for me with several sections. I can't imagine how anyone can hold interest to the same 4 CAVs game after game; at least with combined arms, you can find yourself using these CAVs in a wider variety of playing styles. You want a decent game of CAV, you minimal investment might be 40 to 50 dollars for 4 CAVs, assuming you want to have something different than the starter set. Perhaps I don't like the look of the CAVs in the starter kit, I have to pay more to get what I want..... 20 dollars for Rulebook, then the JoR, then the next JoR; thats
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