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  1. This is at my AG brothers, since the conflicting schedules make it hard to get out to Harrisburg during the week. Weekends is the only quality time I have to go out of my way for gaming, but understandably, schedules are different, and many fellow CAV players aren't available Saturdays or Sundays, which is fine, but unless I know for sure people are going to be available, I'm not going to drive an hour or so. Sorry if it seems I haven't come around as much, just letting ya guys know.


    Of course, you can always pay us a visit; the Comic Store is limited in space, so our games happen in the ole attic.......... I got tables (joined up to make a 7' by 9' extended to 15' playing space), reasonable terrain, lots of props. Sumicus (you already know the hood here) and Erion, the both of you already got the open invitation. Ain't a thing but to bring it..........


    As for Black Lightning demos, I'm not officially a BL member, since CAV here is a relatively small crowd, mostly related, and its far too convenient to schedule games in the ole attic. Its much easier for us this way, but any Lancaster oriented aspiring BL reps, will most certainly have my support, assuming CAV is assessable to everyone.



  2. Pics are around for some of the games and stuff, look in the show off section.


    Fear????? hehehe, Bro, I have the utmost confidence in ya.


    Well, this weekend I should be around, preferably on Saturday. I'll bring my Brothers HM stuff if any of you are still interested in trading. we're trying to build Zulu as a SyRAM/ Mitso Ta force.


    If a pickup game is possible, I'll bring Tango with me for a spin. I got so many make up games to do, I wouldn't know which one to start with.

  3. "Well, while we're waiting for an answer...." Goz smiles.


    He reached for his black goggles in his shirt pocket, then pulled a sonic harmonica afterwards.




    "I said a hip hop, a hippie to the hippie, the hip hop you don't stop the party rock.............."


    the Sonic harmonic puffed smoke then snap crackled into a haze of electrical fire; Goz dropped it to the floor.


    "Cripes! I thought I fixed that!"


    "hmmmmm" well he figured he could use the Harmonica to short any acoustic sensor systems, perhaps then we could get into the Mitso Ta factory.


    And the exploding Frisbees might help too, once we get inside the perimeter..........


    "Ok, hey" Goz begins punching data through a laptop he pulled out of his other coat pocket. "Running a search on all Mitso Ta facilities, lets filter the low level security facilities and concentrate on the tougher nuts to crack."


    "Ok, guys, lets pull an inventory of what we have to work with, I got an old buddy who worked TACOPS for the UTDF; Kev, I'll pass along any op order you can come up with once we get some more info."

  4. goodness. we let this one slide away, So I'll give up the answer, and whoever wants to continue this can add a question at their convenience


    The answer.............


    A Falcon!

  5. The hulking figure at the table next to everyone stands up, his breath heavy and timed in a menacing aura about this man. He looked rough; a huge and muscular black skinned male, bald head with a lazy eye. He takes a step foreword steadily eyeballing the Malvernian, scrutinizing him with a scowl on his face. The Malvernian of course, was un impressed.


    “So you got a job for us, HUH!”


    He crossed his arms and inhaled a breath, extending his chest muscles foreward. Just then, a buzzing noise sounded and a small trail of smoke rose from his ears.




    That’s when the image faded and in the place of the muscular man, was a nebbish 6 foot, light skinned male, weighing no more than 140 pounds. Around his head was a silly looking helm similar to the ones used by sports fans who were too lazy to leave their recliner for an extra drink……………


    “Uh, hehehehe”



    he looked pale. “The name’s Gossimer, Walter Gossimer."


    He placed his “Hot Pocket” in his coat pocket, wiped his hand on his shirt and extended it to the Malvernian for a handshake………….

  6. I know for a fact that the military is looking into combat applications of these types of machines..............


    Lord, knows how many times Red and I got into lengthy discussions on this, but it comes down to a rudimentary AI. the calculations to walk are incredible, but in wartime conditions, manuevering under forced conditions, is a fluid pace for any machine to handle, no programmer can write enough code to cover every variable possible, and conflict tends to create new variables everytime.


    SO the computer on the Mecha has to be sophisticated enough to make a rudimentary guess, "When I step, do I balance my torso this way or that way to evade that 7.62 round coming in at a vector of 30 degrees from the target at 400 meters." and the AI has to be able to learn the consequences of either action, and commit to memory.


    The tech to make these machines are there, AI technology is really whats holding back the development of true combat mecha; that and its currently too expensive to lose a machine like this to a few simple 7.62 warsaw pact rounds..........

  7. And yet another note:


    Tsuiseki! yeah its Mitso Ta, but Hughes Marreita has a license to produce them................



    and don't send your hard targets without a section of Sabres or Stilleto, or even "Stillabre" providing close and fast support.............

  8. we're going with the electronics swap from the Talon, since his force is still predominantly part of our collective. Basically the LWC and UTDF was more in line with SyRAM, Mitso Ta and a hint of HM.


    I didn't want LWC to part with it but all our KW stuff went into the Red Sentinals, all five squadrons worth...........


    jumping back to the topic though, on an interesting note, you could of course strap a chainlock pod to a Gladiator and have it call out targets for your Sovereigns. Use your Duelists to scrap with the enemy up close and the support section pummels them at range. If so, add another assault CAV section of simular ability.


    Another interesting note, if you have say two sections with a pair of Warlords/Duelists, and conduct a WING ATTACK (Attack from two opposite sides), each Duelist has 9 radius, 18 diameter of ECCM coverage, if you try to overlap that radius a bit from 2 to 4 angles, you can spread ECCM coverage (with some dead zones) to roughly a 36 diameter area. heck, a stock Spartan could chain into that..................


    Haven't used the Knight much, but its a wild mix, I would probably keep a pair in support of other units, the Warlord is a good banger, but I think the Gladiator still holds the reign........

  9. I ended up trading my KW stuff to my brother for all his KW stuff and a few bucks, this is what he is currently fielding. 6 sections at 1275 points average, he's emphasizing range and fire saturation. Whatever good advice comes of this, I'll probably pass along to him as well.



    7500 point force


    Section Command




    - Vacant (extra Spartan)


    Striker 1


    Gladiator II

    Gladiator II



    Striker 2


    Gladiator II

    Gladiator II



    Striker 3


    Gladiator II

    Gladiator II



    Support 1






    Support 2








    Its tough to get around him........

  10. Its probably the cat I have at home.............


    Just asking about these two in particular, I think once these are available, my vehicle needs are satisfied for my revised LWC army lists featuring mostly SyRAM and Mitso Ta. Currently planning a "budget" around the availability of those two in particular. When they are available, I want to pick up a lot of blisters at one time. at least 10-16 blisters in one shot........

  11. I'm just looking at this dude as a super techno freak, that can hack into systems, working as a WSO just keeps him out of trouble, has friends in "low places". Prefered food of choice is a beef hot pocket, so he keeps a few with him at all times. The question being, would Spartans character let him install a microwave in the Starhawk VI. (Adds to his survivability). dude would like to tinker, and occasionally comes up with a nifty little gadget that may work......


    He wouldn't be too good firing hand guns, but if he did, it would be something small and full auto; like an MP5 styled weapon. He would be great for getting in and out of tight places, cause he's so dang skinny, and can run like heck. probably doing a 2 mile run in a little over 10 minutes.


    inside the Wizzo seat, he's awesome. can respond or improvise in an instant, but sometimes gets a little carried away trying to "impress" his peers. for example, he may have an enemy CAV assigned, and targeted the primaries for Spartan to wail away at it, and taking out the city block behind it by accident.



  12. just vibing a bit, anxiously anticipating the release of the Dingo and the Tsukei. Any idea of a when or even where they rank on the current totem pole, just trying to get an idea of a timeframe, since the Tsukei will be a big order for me.

  13. dang, I'm not one for pictures, and don't take a whole lot, but I realized I have one from a few years back, when I was in the service. So this is me, minus the 20 pounds, goatee and glasses and pretending to be hardcore in a raspberry beret, but never had the honor of actually jumping with the 82nd.




    What can say (in the Farrell voice) "You know I'm frontin'"

  14. I think if Turtle is willing to allow Wizzos to supplement pilots, it could work with a few supporting characters


    Jeremy, if you really want to get in, I can wait, and you can jump in there. its cool with me; perhaps I may do something simular with our campaign, doing an RPG version here for certain missions. either way, is fine.

  15. yeah, ok, got my corny movies mixed up, but yeah thats the dude.

    Dj Qualls, thats his name. thats what I want my wizzo character to look like, a straight up geek(but a cool geek nonetheless).


    I can have some fun with this.


    PS:bet ya lots of cats thought I was going to play a Blood Apache or N'dee, hahahahaha

  16. LOL,

    he's that same tall skinny dude in "Dude, wheres my Car?" he ended up with the big sista and a few cool points.


    I'm just in the mood to be silly I guess, but I think I can make it work.


    call it a case of character study, lol.


    In the backseat of MY CAV???


    see, its already working............

  17. This is nice, really nice. Looks like you were paying attention to speed too hence the speed upgrade on the Sovereign. The soveriengn is nice, because its range allows you a little leeway to mess with concerning speed.


    This section is very simular to the ones we used for Cherokee, only at one time the D70 was being filled by a Duelist. Then, we went to the Sovereign being replaced by a Regent, the D70 being replaced by a modified Regent (Samurai).


    If your not too concerned about the points, perhaps heres a place where you can go with a Starhawk VI instead of a D70. heres why, the D70 is lethal by overdriving the main weapon to get past 36 inches; use a Hawk 6, and she can deliver a respectable punch past that same 36 inches, without costing you a DT, and she is as fast as your older hawks.


    Though with the D70, thats still a rough section to mess with, to get your best work out of them, keep your targets past 36 inches, and prioritize your targets by speed, then firepower. Maybe put the speed upgrade on your D70 instead of the Sovereign, she'll need it more.

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