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  1. heh, I just had to jump in here.LOL Yeah, the British Dictator was the one that got me seeing the kind of thought that went behind such and such an upgrade/revision. Its something I see thats a tendacy on the other side of the pond, but within good reason. We spent the better part of this weekend reorganizing LWC for the umpteenth time, to accomadate "factions" so LWC will be mostly terran. (I'm not getting rid of my sabres, they stay until SyRAM or MT puts out a light vehicle that fits their role) Okay, our Ogres, Rhino's and Mastadons all found themselves in the Tin Lizzies, and
  2. (to the groove of Marvin Gaye) dun........ dudun, dun dudun,dun dun dudun,dun we're gonna have a cav paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarty! and shoot some slugs dudun dun!
  3. KAMUT


    hehehe; man, I've won and lost games on account of infantry. We usually go by a mechanized format, and group our grunts into "platoons" we tend to split our grunts of course; AT23/FA45. we tweak our APCs into spotters for double mortar troops. Our typical platoon is one mortar section and 2 sections of infantry/APCs with AT23/FA45. most of the time they're light. we've been experimenting with HINF platoons no APCs with a light spotter CAV for our mortar section. they work well enough, but I'm not a big fan of it. these will mostly be "airborne troops" for use since we're usin
  4. KAMUT


    I think I've come to a realization a while ago that the best defense against a gunship, is another gunship. especially with the JoR2. Its hard to negate the Kharl and Tsuiseki's range, especially with CAV heavy forces. On smaller tables thats when I opt for fire saturation using IFM. I'm not even trying to target them, just throw enough splash in their area, I'm bound to scratch a point or two if i'm lucky. make it easier for my own gunships, I'll admit, my gunship handling isn't all that, but thats one area I'm trying to improve.
  5. KAMUT


    Statwise, my personal favorite is the Starhawk V; As Stuart pointed out, I'm one for balance, we tend to favor high speed, and good range over armor and firepower. It works either way of course, so this is personal preference. We've been upgrading these with a few weapons swaps to adjust their abilities, favoring a Diedre mark one replacing the right arm. We swap both arms for heavier hard target opposition. Not only do we favor balanced CAVs, but we balance our sections and overall fighting forces as well. Basically by doing this, we can challenge any threat hard or soft within an activat
  6. KAMUT

    AG People?

    Kamut Your one of the Harrisburg guys right? So you've seen me around from time to time.
  7. Get rid of the Rhino, replace her with a Hawk VI and throw in perhaps a Regent for IFM and some anti aircraft support. spread those points around, and don't be so quick to brawl with them, pick off as many targets at 37-40 inches and close in when you shaved about 3 points off of a 5 DT cav, roughly. The Hawk V has the tower missile, you have two hawks in that section. double up on targets with the missile, only if you can move about 18 inches away from your target after you fired. Prioritize fast movers if possible, Mantis, Dictators; shave them a little before they get close. the
  8. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. Frank. Whasap wit the gloves, brotherman; look like your gonna work on a few ribs; hit the 20 pound bag for a bit and hurt somebody. LOL sounds like everyone had fun. thanks for the pics LadyStorm.
  9. N’dee Legends (The Ancient One- many tribes) The old man sat in a recliner, his lips pressed around an old pipe with the sweet smell of tobacco throughout the observation lounge. It was a bit late and many of the troops were returning to their quarters. It was a bit early before the next shift took to the observation lounge, and the old man was taking a moment to recollect himself. Two bottles of Corona later, War Chief Cruz felt a little at ease, mellowed out a bit, and pondering the words of the Arroco-al. Lillian had entered the room, and ordered a drink at the bar. Hmmm, Napoleon
  10. KAMUT

    N'dee Legends

    http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?act=ST&f=24&t=8566 If you have any comments, please post here, I would like to have a good discussion, or answer questions if you wish. this is the final chapter of our Battle for Cassini campaign we have on the mil net.
  11. N’dee Legends (Rainbow Warriors - Many tribes- as told to me by Cacique Guyenaki Torrez of the Jiati Bonico tribe of Tiano peoples) It was several weeks into the journey to Cassini that the “Gatekeepers” finally boarded the starships of the CETFOR fleet. They brought with them a rather odd assortment of equipment, old Rolex watches, cyclometers, analog odometers, string, and lace. Principle War Chief Cruz observed the old Arroco-al with a whimsical sense of amusement, though Principle War Chief McLemure scathed at the idea of a Blood Apache helmsmen at the control of their ships. Stil
  12. I have to remember that next time I play a 7500 point game or show up to the league in Harrisburg. Critisism is hey, I don't like the way this CAV looks, or, the stats on that one suck. you've actually gone on the CAV HQ to question their professionalism, that bothers me. I know I've even got into some intense moments even with Matt Ragan, but in the end we was always cool. Don't know, I've always thought they were on the level with me, perhaps its how your approaching this? Fluff issues? sistergirl, that was crushed a while ago, yeah they could use more, well heck, more is always
  13. Sorry about that Lanse, I was just getting a bit pissed off.
  14. I read it, and frankly; I didn't care for your comments, Nadin. Okay, I understand you disagree with some of the decisions being made, and everyone is entitled to their opinions. I respect you, and value your insight as an aspiring writer; I've listened to you blast the company about unprofessionalism, yet I trying to figure out much professionalism your demonstrating by coming on to their forums and blasting their decisions. Now if you want to hock your stuff and do something else, thats cool, yeah your coming up with your own system and setting, excellent. Thats on you, girl, you do
  15. KAMUT

    Buying strategy

    hahaha. I always thought they had a feminine look to them myself, guess its kind of how I got into regarding them as ladies.....LOL
  16. KAMUT

    Buying strategy

    A British Dictator 70? now thats just not right, LOL! Well, understanding your not a fan of IFM, but I wouldn't glue them just yet. the Regent got the same IFM punch as the Spider, on a faster and better armored chassis. I really don't see the Regent as a fire support CAV, its got better stats than some superiorities. The Ronin got the same IFM, but with the kind of primaries that make me say, yummy! Good Armor, solid model with an option of being a heavy fisted fire support CAV in a pinch. OK, at 375, even with my section limits, I can feild 3 of them and a regent for chaining stuff i
  17. http://www.walthers.com/ Heres a link, but you can also go to any hobby shop (Selling model railroads) in the states and ask to see their Walthers Catalog. Not sure on your side of the pond, but try it out and see.
  18. KAMUT

    Buying strategy

    Baah! your British Dictator Rocks, you should have no trouble adapting to Mitso Ta if it comes down to that. Hey, the Templars thing sounds like a great idea actually, heh, Ok might be seeing a lot of Templar factions in the future right? LOL and I always thought that bright orange Firehawks were Rach???? LOL
  19. No, the Walthers Catalog is an index of a truckload of N scale manufacturers and products for model Railroading. I'll check around to see whats available in the UK, but a lot of European models find their way into the catalog. companies like Preiser, Roco Minitanks, etc,etc. theres a lot of N scale manufacturers on your side of the pond, and in fact Walthers does a lot of importing from your end. DPM is Design Preservation Models, they have a modular building set where you can mix match parts and design your own buildings. also check in the back of the Walthers Catalog, for super detai
  20. KAMUT

    Buying strategy

    I guess the question being, will weapons swaps be allowed. fortunately, the Samurai and Redhawk Bravo features swaps from the same UCOR, and that type of swap was intentional for just this reason. that perhaps in the future, there may actually be some kind of compatability rules in effect for various weapons. OK, but still, I currently have a heavily modified army, with lots of physical changes to the models. lots of money spent to get it this way, and lots of time invested; don't mind any of it cause for me, its all a part of the hobby. what I do mind is if the new rules make my "investme
  21. KAMUT

    Buying strategy

    yep, from what I understand though, the new system should be fairly adaptable concerning the mods like Samuari and Redhawk Bravo. We have to wait and see, I guess. but it shouldn't stop you from your enjoyment.
  22. (a ray of light shines) oooooooooooooooooooooooooo The Walthers Catalog is your bible DPM DPM DPM now off, spread thy good word, and no mercy on thy enemies.
  23. hey, I'm always game to some extra beef to blow up. LOL.
  24. hey all I know is, my Regent toasted a barnyard with the MT64L and my Cherokee Rangers got a few good steaks out of it..... hehehehe
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