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  1. LOL, good game guys and the League is going pretty good. Thanks Erion for the effort you put into this, its really good!
  2. KAMUT

    National Forces

    its certainly a thought, but perhaps in the question is the answer, being that UCORs are governments themselves, I would rationalize a certain degree of import/ export. I would probably get away from the idea of the UCOR itself providing everything to its citizens, down to the bar of soap and toilet paper. I would reason that to some degree, nations would have a much broader spectrum of production, industrialization and agriculture, whereas UCORs are dominant perhaps in notes, banking and industrial goods. Perhaps that is really what a UCOR is, a group of investers whose assets grow outside the control of their parent government. what it amounts to in my mind is corporate dictatorships. Are there any elections in a UCOR? How do its citizens impact the economy of the UCOR? What protection does the average worker have against the big Business? Are there trade unions? A UCOR is granted a charter by a parent government, its only fair to assume that this government will take measures within that charter to secure their interests and perhaps even maintain some leverage against that UCOR. Perhaps what we are seeing with the future of these UCORs that the governments have noticed the irregularities of the UCOR production numbers and could consider them a threat to their interests. With that in mind, I can see the governments reninging on these charters, saying "the UCORs are in breach of their agreement." Now the governments are simply taking charge and pacifying a percieved threat to their interests.
  3. LOL, hey but sometimes people capitolize on things like that; If I know Frank, I'm willing to bet, the cagey ole veteran had it in his mind "Hmmm, lemme do what I gotta do, while these two tear each others head off!" LOL, congradulations to second and third place winners too; Frank, sounds like next year, your a marked man.
  4. what do you mean bad? its great! the only thing I suggest for online reading is, you put a space between the paragraphs for online viewing, it makes it an easier read. When copying from Word, the post losses format information, so you have to physically make the changes in the post.
  5. well, look at variants like this; take an M1 Abrams in the US and compare it to an M1 Abrams in Saudi Arabia, and a K9 in South Korea. All three tanks are identical, but there are three variants being used. I beleive we the US are still using M1 Abrams A3, while the Saudis are using the A4 (slightly more sophisticated electronics) I'm not so sure about the K9 tank, but the Koreans probably have an entirely different electronics rig in them. Variants have little to do with elite military forces, but rather the preferred doctrine or finances of the country buying the units they are using. Of course, when you get into stuff like the Seals, Delta or Omega, they are on a whole different playing field, even when there isn't a "war" being fought. So look at these section limits as a target budget, every army maintains a unit by unit budget, and it varies from country to country, situation to situation. Elite forces may have a little more to play with, or access to stuff the regular army doesn't have. They are taught the weapons and tactics of their enemies as well as their own. In a nutshell, they have to be able to survive on their own, and adapt to many sitiuations, their budget allows for that. For example, we have 1500 points per CAV section for both Rach and Terrans, it may be a simular budget, but perhaps the Doctrine is different, for example. The Rach training Doctrine introduces the average Rach Soldier to trial by fire, to account for this, the majority of their excess points would go to Pilot upgrades, maybe WSO upgrades, the Rach focus on their crew training. The Terran training Doctrine focuses on research and equipment; the Terrans may be better equipped, so they may focus on armor upgrades and chassis' with a bit more cost to them. Though Terran Special Forces are apt to use more expereinced crews in units like Katanas (like the fluff says). the 1875 points can differ from Ritterlich, AEC and Malvernis in the same way. Stock units are factory built, nothing more, armies tend to modify what they can to suit their overall warfighting doctrine.
  6. Congradulations Frank! I heard the news and am impressed, Lone Wolf salutes you bro. Good Job!
  7. KAMUT

    Light Striker Company

    hey I'm learning to enjoy the Vector primary guns on the Tsuiseki +3/+6 at range 40 and you still get to keep the secondaries as is, I'm debating just making her my primary bird, and keeping kikyu around for clean up.
  8. Dude, you bash yourself a bit, ease up. You played very well in our game, and have no reason to complain. mind you, we've been playing a little over a year, and some large games at that. Don't ever rule out the JoR1 Dictator, cause when you do, she normally puts fire to that ***. If you ever, ever, ever, ever split fire, its probably better with something like a Sabretooth against infantry at range. Those guns are pretty effective. Smoker Pumas are nice against multiple infantry, cause the high damage usually means at least 2 points, most infantry never survive a +8 with +4 TL. the danger being of course, now both stands can return fire. (Keep a good pilot in that seat.) or like cleanup when you have a Gladiator or Falcon, and two busted up CAVs as your enemy, catch them at range to finish them off, assuming you can negate their return fire, if not, again, make sure your armor, and pilot is nice. hopefully they'll only shave you a point.
  9. looking at the numbers perhaps its worth a try. Our light Striker sections work pretty good what if 3 sections were assembled with a 4th section as a light fire support section. to round them off abit, we threw in 4 tsuisekis and 2 OBCS. So here it is, a Light Striker Company Light Striker Company 7500 points 2 OBCS Command troop (1598 points) Talon (446) -Ace Pilot -Elite WSO -armor upgraded -strip the ECCM -+2mm upgrade Strike Puma (399) -Elite Pilot -Veteran WSO -Armor upgraded -TL system modified -ECM system modified -Breeder upgrade -ECCM system added Strike Puma (399) -Elite Pilot -Veteran WSO -Armor upgraded -TL system modified -ECM system modified -Breeder upgrade -ECCM system added Strike Raptor (354) -Veteran pilot -Veteran WSO -Armor upgraded -Breeder upgrade -TL upgrade -ECM upgrade -Breeder upgrade -ECCM stripped, CLP added Light Striker 1 (1518 points) Talon (366) -Elite Pilot -Veteran WSO -armor upgraded -strip the ECCM -+2mm upgrade Strike Puma (399) -Elite Pilot -Veteran WSO -Armor upgraded -TL system modified -ECM system modified -Breeder upgrade -ECCM system added Strike Puma (399) -Elite Pilot -Veteran WSO -Armor upgraded -TL system modified -ECM system modified -Breeder upgrade -ECCM system added Strike Raptor (354) -Veteran pilot -Veteran WSO -Armor upgraded -Breeder upgrade -TL upgrade -ECM upgrade -Breeder upgrade -ECCM stripped, CLP added Light Striker 2 (1518 points) Talon (366) -Elite Pilot -Veteran WSO -armor upgraded -strip the ECCM -+2mm upgrade Strike Puma (399) -Elite Pilot -Veteran WSO -Armor upgraded -TL system modified -ECM system modified -Breeder upgrade -ECCM system added Strike Puma (399) -Elite Pilot -Veteran WSO -Armor upgraded -TL system modified -ECM system modified -Breeder upgrade -ECCM system added Strike Raptor (354) -Veteran pilot -Veteran WSO -Armor upgraded -Breeder upgrade -TL upgrade -ECM upgrade -Breeder upgrade -ECCM stripped, CLP added Light Fire Support (1378 points) Talon (391) -Veteran Pilot -Elite WSO -armor upgraded -strip the ECCM, add CLP -+2mm upgrade Strike Raptor (329) -Veteran pilot -Veteran WSO -Armor upgraded -Breeder upgrade -TL upgrade -ECM upgrade -Breeder upgrade -ECCM stripped, Strike Raptor (329) -Veteran pilot -Veteran WSO -Armor upgraded -Breeder upgrade -TL upgrade -ECM upgrade -Breeder upgrade -ECCM stripped, Strike Raptor (329) -Veteran pilot -Veteran WSO -Armor upgraded -Breeder upgrade -TL upgrade -ECM upgrade -Breeder upgrade -ECCM stripped Air Support (1272 points) Tsuiseki (318 points) -Veteran pilot -Veteran WSO -Armor upgraded Tsuiseki (318 points) -Veteran pilot -Veteran WSO -Armor upgraded Tsuiseki (318 points) -Veteran pilot -Veteran WSO -Armor upgraded Tsuiseki (318 points) -Veteran pilot -Veteran WSO -Armor upgraded Any suggestions and modifications are welcomed.
  10. alrighty, we'll see what happens, Silent Jon seems like he's pretty consistant, might be a learning experience. cool. see ya tommorrow!
  11. I can't argue with that logic! sounds like a great idea for an exhibition. will do. Sumicus, looks like I'm going to be shooting again, wife might stay home. we'll see.
  12. Actually I run light striker units all the time, and they have a valid tactical sense. High speed Recon with moderate assault capabilities, mostly against soft targets. they are incredible effective especially on larger tables, where their movement can be really demonstrated. Cross country on a tactical map, units like these would be invaluable. CAV Recon (Light Striker unit) Talon Strike Puma (modified) Strike Puma (modified) Raptor (Modified) Also as suggested by Frank Vickers, another good light organization is Light Fire Support Talon Raptor Raptor Raptor I have been tempted to try 3 light Striker sections, with a light fire support section. Could prove to be interesting, with more than enough pointage left over for more air support and OBCS. (our typical 7500). Small unit sections have their place as with all things, and a unit like this, I'd definately put some experience in the seat to maximize their effectiveness.
  13. I don't necessarily consider home built units to be "junkyard", and in many cases we used the design rules to create things that weren't available but what we felt would be necessary. The key to using these things in league games, is to have the custom units brought up before your players and having them agree on its use or non use. those who dislike a certain something about a unit, would often have a reason why, so perhaps it may be a means to improve it. Stuff that gets accepted, put on a list and its info should be readily available to everyone involved in your league. We keep a "Tolucan Registry of Technology" (ROT) for just this kind of stuff, and sometimes you might come across neat stuff that appears on the net, for example: the Duelistan, or the Recluse. Legally, this stuff should never appear at a tournament, but a league game, so as long as everyone in your league is in agreement, is no problem. (Check with Reaper first to see if they award points for league games) We have a special tournament (Tolucan Deathmatches) we run, (try to run frequently as long as people are available). Now, this is like a testing ground for custom stuff (Apukeena was borne here) but its like a junkyard war, only some of the stuff that finds its way in here is pretty advanced. in the case where special rules may be required for a unit, or peice of equipment, again EVERYONE MUST BE IN AGREEMENT. The Happy Apple is a 4dt, 4 ARM, 16MM oddity with +6 guns strapped on a chassis which is basically an "Apple with a smiley face". A joy to watch in the Deathmatches. (though we forfieted this years Cinco De Mayo, not enough players)
  14. http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=7497 this whole topic was asking for advice on dealing with the threats encountered, mostly heavy static emplacements. basically like Frosch said, think of it like a CAV minus the MM, and ACA. We group them in sections of 3 to 6 turrets, classed as Primary turrets (the big 6 storey palookas) and secondary turrets. Coming up with a "base" is easy, our firebases usually are associated with an Alpha Tower. Alpha Towers are the "turret control centers" commanding all the other primary turrets in a chain (section). If guncrews are present, they'll usually be here, but otherwise targeting information (TL system) is handled here as well as ECM systems. this tower goes down, the chain is compromised. Most Alpha Towers have ECCM towers providing a constant screen of interference (with an very wide area of effect) units within this area are given a +2 to TL unless the ECCM tower is destroyed. Stand alone ECCM towers are often positioned in potential bottleneck areas where troops can capitolize on the extra targeting. Halo is our code for Primary Ground Defense facility we used in the Sagauro theater, but Alpha through Zulu can be used to mark various regions. Each Chain is numbered, and the link in that chain is given an identifier. Halo 79 Charlie means the third turret in the 79 chain in the Sagauro theater. Now when firing, these big guns draw from power facilities, so the "Breeder" is handled as a facility all on its own. It has a power number, and several chains draw from it, just as a CAV draws power from its breeder. in many cases these same facilities also power neighboring bases. Secondary turrets are like they imply, secondary systems, most of the time, they are mounted onto a Primary tower, but in a lot of cases, they may be placed anywhere within a certain area of the primary tower they are linked to, sometimes a Primary Turret may have dozens of secondaries or a group of secondary turrets equal to a primary Tower in a chain. (Pop up turrets are often protecting a primary tower) Basically the Primary activates as well as its secondaries, remember Primaries activate as a section, and may have as many secondaries as power would permit. A group of unwitting CAVs can walk into a gauntlet of turrets, or find themselves taking fire from hidden turrets as well. Basically its a stationary defense, not a target for CAV crews to shoot at, so the idea is to be able to stop the enemy dead in its tracks! Primary Towers are heavily armored, count as hard targets, and mount the heaviest weapons imaginable, sometimes with a boost in performance. (Our Opex Gun Towers mount 2-4 maxims overdriven to range 40.) the same tower could mount a GKW14 in a constant state of overdrive with no ill effects; it was designed to do that. Special Turrets are often anti orbital facilities, and coastal defense guns, BIIIIIIIIG stuff, that usually wouldn't be able to fire on smaller units like CAVs and stuff, they're meant for scuttling a battleship, or picking off dropships from orbit. They are often heavily defended, by as many as 2-4 Primary Defense chains. We have some stuff abrewing for capitol ships, posted a few ideas before, but is in the process of being fine tuned.
  15. KAMUT

    Section Discipline

    Force Organization Doctrine Section Discipline From our UTDF Sourcebook Each section contributes a basic set of capabilities to the overall organization; this is called the section’s “discipline,” which defines the basic strategy for accomplishing objectives in combat. Understanding these disciplines also allows a player to understand the types of tactics that may be expected. It’s not just what you have, but how you have it and how you use it that can turn the tide of war in your favor. Mission Specific Role Mission Specific Roles have the ability to concentrate fire power towards a single discipline depending on the weapons profile. They are extremely good at what they do, but suffer in other areas; thus another specialized section may be required to cover for the areas this section type is weak at. Although limited in versatility, this section type is the strongest in its focused discipline. Pure Mission Arrangement Basically every model in that section is designated towards the same end, for example, a section of Dictators; it’s purely designed for hard target killing potential, for sake of definition, we’ll say the general premise is 4 of the same model types. Similar Mission Arrangement Generally the same thing as a Pure Mission Role, however you may have different models toward the same mission; thus you may have a better variety of speed, IFM capabilities, armor or such. Example: Gladiator, Falcon, Mastodon and Dictator Fluid Mission Role A Fluid Mission Role is where the models in this unit have a wider range of capabilities, for these arrangements, individual model roles are further divided into specialized roles. Ideally, emphasis should be on speed, the same balanced ratio (2 fluid sections for 1 mission specific) can be used in the tactical and strategic levels of operation, thus, flanking units would be required to be fluid, in order to be best effective. Balanced Arrangement -Point Superiority; usually a heavier model dedicated towards hard target killing weapons profile, sometimes ECCM is used -Flank Superiority; weapons profile is balanced between hard and soft targets. The ratio for this CAV type is 2 for every flank superiority unit. -Localized Fire Support; IFM capable usually with antiaircraft abilities, chain lock pod sometimes equipped. Example; A Duelist on Point, 2 Starhawk V on flank, and a Sovereign for local fire support. Reversed Arrangement -One Flank Superiority unit takes the role of point, while 2 Point superiority units take the role of flank. Localized fire support is still used. Example: A Starhawk VI, 2 Dictator 70s on flank, and a Sabretooth for support Split Arrangement Two of one model type is used for offensive punch; the other two in the section provide additional abilities, like soft target weapons profile or IFM capabilities. Example: 2 Mantis, 2 Sabretooth. 3 man mission specific with local support We separated this type of section because this arrangement although it works well for superiority, it can be incredibly effective for support roles. Ideally, 3 of the four units are geared towards a single discipline and the fourth unit enhances the abilities of the other three. For instance, a Recon or ESM CAV with 3 fire-support CAV, the light CAV is equipped with a chain lock pod in order to coordinate fire between the units. Example: Panther spotting for 3 Specters Another option is 3 hard target discipline units with a balanced, Fire Support or Suppression role unit to deal with soft targets that may prevent the overall section from effectively maneuvering. Example: 3 Ronin, 1 Thug for support, or 3 Ronin, 1 Specter for support, or 3 Ronin, 1 Sabretooth for support. Another option is a heavier hard target disciplined unit for point superiority, the two flank superiority units are also hard target disciplined and the last unit is localized support. Of course in both cases the reverse discipline can be used. Example: Rhino on point, 2 Tigers and a Blitz for support
  16. one think I note about Psyros, I don't think they would form units as distinctly as the other entities in CAV. whereas, combat to a psyro is merely a protocal, the convert their drones into fighting machines as part of a responce to a percieved threat, or an aquisition that may involve the use of force Drones are resource gatherers, basic labor. I would liken them to a bee hive, or ant colony, whereas everyone and everything has a specific focus. this is interesting, ah, lemme post some section disciplines to round out this discussion.
  17. Sure, I remember that BL Dictator I got as an AO, as well as most of the stuff as the AO kits, and points. Most of it was given away as prizes for our "events", both at home and whenever space was available at the Comic store. In fact, we still continue the practice as we evolve our TO&E, we give away lots of our older stuff to newer players. My wife has won plenty of KTRs, and assisted in my demoing of the game, believe me, if she wants to use one, she's more than earned it several times over. I will admit to also closing out our points by buying a lot of stuff from the boneyard, but otherwise, thats where our BL points and AO kits went.... More importantly, The newer guys at the guild never saw one, and it would be sweet to show them, especially in combat. Let them judge for themselves the differences between the 70 and BL.
  18. KAMUT

    OK, Fluff Trivia

    buzz, incorrect. its a trick question though
  19. KAMUT

    Tango Mecha Assault

    For those interested, had to sit down and iron out what it was I wanted this force to do, but here it is. A fast moving, hard hitting Mecha Assault Troop for the Tango Rangers. Lone Wolf Company - Tango Spear Ranger T1MAT (Battleforce Tiamat) OBCS = 2 (7500 points) Command HST(1786 points) Starhawk VI -579 points- Veteran Pilot Starhawk V (Phoenix Variant)- 373 points Starhawk V (Phoenix Variant)- 373 points Vanquisher Ultra - 461 points - secondary weapons swapped for 2 Imkw Large SC - Armor upgraded - TL system from the Conqueror Tango Striker 1 (1456 points) Regent (Samurai Variant) - 377 points Starhawk V (Redhawk Bravo Variant)- 362 points Starhawk V (Redhawk Bravo Variant)- 362 points Regent - 355 points - upgraded TL System - Upgraded Breeder Tango Striker 2 (1456 points) Regent (Samurai Variant) - 377 points Starhawk V (Redhawk Bravo Variant)- 362 points Starhawk V (Redhawk Bravo Variant)- 362 points Regent - 355 points - upgraded TL System - Upgraded Breeder Tango Flash (1595 Points) Raptor - 350 points- Elite Weapons Officer - Armor upgraded - TL Upgraded - ECM Upgraded - Breeder Upgraded - Chain Lock Pod Katana (Wakizachi Variant) 415 points +2 MM Katana (Wakizachi Variant) 415 points +2 MM Katana (Wakizachi Variant) 415 points +2 MM Tango Colibri (1005 points) Kharl - 264 points - Armor upgraded Kharl - 264 points - Armor upgraded Tsuiseki - 238 points - Armor upgraded Tsuiseki - 238 points - Armor upgraded any comments are appreciated, but bear in mind, this force is already assembled....... PS: there you go Summey. Legend of the Red Faced Colibri Whats a Red Face Colibri? A Red Faced Colibri is a Hummingbird native to Puerto Rico, one of the most effective protectors of its kind, no smaller than a bee, when it is threatened it simply stings at your eyes with its beak. It is so small and so fast that by the time you swat at it, it has already caught you! The Red Faced Colibri is also the name of a real warrior society of the Tiano peoples, and the name appears in our campaign as one of the original 24 sects of the Blood Apache Nation. Tango Spear is designed to reflect that warrior philosophy, to use its speed and mobility to offset an enemy, and catch him before he can even train his guns on them. Hence the ideals behind the UTDF Ranger Corps, Tango Spear, Lone Wolf Company. Asuka!
  20. KAMUT

    OK, Fluff Trivia

    Was hoping this thread continued a bit, well, Colonel Doc "Rollover" Kranz is mentioned on page 44 in the first JoR. I got a tough one for you guys, ready! In 2263, in the Caph System, on the planet Sterling, Hughes Marietta used which CAV to defend themselves from a pirate attack. @Kelley LOL, don't tell me that was one of yours, you wrote!
  21. And why would you think otherwise????
  22. LOL, yeah its from the poke mech starter kit, I thought it was pretty cool. I'll be around on Saturday, hopefully we can play the reverse scenario. it was a good game none the less, and believe me brother, I learned a few things myself. we'll see next game. Edit; Next scenario, I think my wife wants to do, she has a little more aggressive style than I do, so she'll certainly brawl. If she does, she'll probably have a BL Dictator on the table. gotta check with Erion on that. If we can find a baby sitter, I'll jump in again. @ Erion; count Lesley as her own, that way we can settle a grudge match at some point.
  23. Yeah, I guess I got lucky heh....
  24. Honestly, you would cry if you knew how many King Rhino's I put down, with units most people would say are inferior. Numbers are meaningless, that +8, or +12 with target lock is worthless if it can't touch me. I go by the general premise, if you need to move more than 24 inches to get those big guns in range, its a waste of points, try a Starhawk VI instead. Me have no issues spending points on a some units, others I use stock (usually 6dts or more). A lot of my upgraded units like our Redhawk Bravos, although a little more expensive eat up stock units, especially on a larger table;. This can be negated by bounding from cover to cover, but think about it; where are my guns usaully covering? In the military this is like marking deadspace for artillery, I tend to use range to cover those areas, cause thats where the enemy will be, right? We do premeasure, and I have no issues with it. in fact I suggest it for newer players especially.
  25. thanks for the vote of confidence (blushes) Honestly, I was just revolving around the Rhino, staying away from him until I was ready to take him. Don't feel bad, Wife was teasing me on the way home about my decision for the Regent to go after that formation of Dictators instead of the infantry. Just wanted to whittle the Dictators down a bit before trying to engage at closer range. Take the suggestions from Frank Vickers on the Dictators, strip the IFM, and possibly the other missile pack, add an Armor upgrade, and speed upgrade, and they'll be more effective for your style of play. Great game! I might be around on Saturday!
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