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  1. Mitso Ta Katana

    UTDF Wakizachi

    Point cost 395 (4DT)


    Mission Role:

    1: High Speed Fire Support

    2: Combat support (Some assault capabilities)



    1: Intense fire saturation with dual MT64L IFMs

    2: Moderate defense against hard targets

    3: Incredibly fast at 22MM, few fire support CAVs can keep up.



    1: Lightly armored, not ideal for prolonged assaults

    2: Expensive at 395, More if TL systems are upgraded




    The Wakizachi is an awesome asset to the UTDF Ranger Corps, although the dual Conqueror IFM variant Tyrant has better range (60 inches) and thicker armor, the Wakizachi is ideal with cross country deployments. often fire support CAVs tend to slow down a large manuever, the emphasis on the Rangers Corps is speed, thus the Katana serves as an inexpensive solution to the constant cross country deployment of the average Ranger group.


    The secondary mounts are fitted with 2 MT64L IFMs for a potent blend of fire power, devestating against soft targets, and capable of saturating hard targets with effective fire support. In tight situations, the Wakizachi can perform light assault capabilites, and some clean up operations.


    Battle History

    Currently, the Wakizachi, (Nicknamed the Wacky Zack) is untested, Tango Rangers have 3 of these CAVs in a unit with a Strike Raptor acting as a spotter. Before this variant was cleared, it was reviewed by Lone Wolf Company staff, and evaluated against a slightly more inexpensive Tyrant variant with two of the Conqueror's IFM. The deciding factor was its usage and availability of models, Bravo Spear had already several Katanas as training CAVs for the Jolon Combat Trials.


    Tango Spear Cheif Hugo Lopez JR, seeing the technical data, quickly petitioned LWC administration for the Bravo Spear Katanas to be reassigned to Tango Spear; Bravo Spear was given several Archer models to replace the Katanas, and the modifications are currently being made enroute to Cassini.


    When the technical modifications were first suggested to Prefect Marcus Wheatley (Who actually dislikes Mitso Ta and their products) he threw up his hands in disbelief saying, "What the heck are they gonna need a total of 7 IFMs in one section for?" Principle War Chief Charles Cruz answered " I'm not sure either, but whatever they hit is sure gonna be in a world of hurt!"


    How to create

    My eyes lit up at the possibilities of this performer, and its a fairly simply upgrade. Remove the stock missile packs, (they would make some nice secondary turrets) and sand down the shoulders to a nice smoothness, the tricky part is the back on the main chassis itself, its not particularly favorable for the MT64Ls (two available in weapons pack with Duelist arms)


    Saw into the back abit to shorten the heightened area to match the cockpit, I also decided to angle the cut a bit so the IFMs appear at a 30 degree incline. take a tiny ball of green stuff and join the missile pod onto the Katana's back, do both sides. shape the green stuff and our physical changes are complete, this model actually looks pretty good too.


    Stat wise, swapping the secondary DFM and IFM for the MT64Ls will bring the model up to 395, but some guys, like myself aren't satisfied with that and upgrade the TL to match. I tend to stat with simular UCORs but the Koda Works Conqueror has a tasty front loaded TL, though you'll pay for it. I opted for the +2mm, to bring it up on par with my assault units.


    Basically, this is one CAV that'll keep up with a faster assault unit, and deliver crippling support. Though the dual Conqueror IFM Tyrant has better range and armor, the Wakizachi Variant Katana can close up a range deficit in a turn, and return with an equally potent flurry of IFM, and better primary fire power with moderate soft killing potential as well. (Katanas Primary weapons are front loaded +4/+2 which is respectable.


    Tactical Note

    From the start, one should always consider the Katana as a secondary or supporting CAV. Putting experience in the cockpit always pays off, and try not to ever task her(stock or variant) with more than she's capable of, she's a "Delicate Woman". This variant augments her role a bit, to where she's supporting heavier assault units, and forfilling her function as clean up in a pinch. Its certainly multitasked to keep her in the fight either as support or clean up.


    Quote Yoshi Takada: "Its only flaw is corrected in the hands of a master."



    Ok, so any comments are welcome; she's yet to be tested, but I have them built up and ready for Tango Colors.

  2. in a way, its no different than what Reaper has done with their fluff on a whole. hehehehe


    Thats exactly what I'm trying to point out about the way Reaper approached this, thats what I see. combine a few things and you get the full story.


    I'm thinking your talking about another one of my babies, the Raptor, but then again, I think it applies to the Mastadon as well.

  3. The Rock Rovers captured the Triton White Cross Starshipyards during the Galaxy War. perhaps the Triton may actually be one of the captured ships, if implied.


    Core Rulebook Page 48

  4. Keep the question in there Jeneki, in fact throw a few more.


    Full Auto, in the Core rulebook


    Pro Reveals the secrets to bigger body counts.....


    Hey while everyone's chewing on the first question I put out, heres another to play with you :poke:


    What Mitso Ta CAV shares the same IFM as the Regent and where did it first see action?

  5. my freind its when infantry lure you into their range with AT23s (spike ATs) using battle write off CAVs as Bait! first few pages of the CAV rule book.


    Dr Korb is responsible for what Threat Response, Define

  6. yeah, these are the buildings, Cher, found the manufacturers and I'm checking to see if they're available through Alliance.


    A little large for N scale, but in a Sci Fi setting its not too unreasonable to imagine 10 foot doors, and big ole bubble domes for observation (the tower with gun)


    Trying to get some more peices

  7. Welcome to the addiction; pick up those JoRs if you haven't bought them already, and jump on the CAV fluff trivia thread. heck, I've been at this a while now, and have to admit, a lot of these stumped me, even with the books.

  8. Really good stats.


    as stated before, good job on keeping the stats moderate, though i personally feel you didn't have to keep the arm low on the Hurricane. I'de raise it one point, and drop the Reign missiles by one for hard targets. The power could be reduced assuming these are missile weapons, the Rhino's Model 7 uses 1 power to fire. (You don't need that much power to use these types of CAV).


    Basically these are simular to the fire support CAVs already in place, only the primary weapons are comparable to superiority weapons, and don't suffer penalty costs for firing past 24 inches. This is fine, but its still a fire support CAV with teeth, give the primary mounts AA capabilities, and consider renaming the primary mounted Model 7s on the Maralith to perhaps Model 7 Bravo. (to signify same weapon, different mounting configuration.)


    I have to see pics, they sound good.

  9. Heres my final thoughts


    Archer (361 points) to play with the Rhino

    with 2 Diedre Mk1 (+5/+1 range 40)


    and Magician ECM +4


    Archer (374 points) to play with Tiger

    with 2 MT88 (+6/+1 range 36)


    and Magician ECM +4

    (Strip the IFM)

  10. yeah, thats partially to my slant towards Terrans and equipment they are more likely to use,(I think terrans would use KDM before RMI) but yeah, the Magician may be the better ECM for its cost.


    Ideally this scenario is geared towards teaching new players to expand on a chassis and adapt to a situation; I may switch up to a Tiger from time to time, even with 4 Archers, just to get people thinking, cause the two CAVs differ so much.


    The Rhino's maxims can be negated, so def fire from the model 7 DFMs is respectable to an Archer. Even when the Rhino or Tiger is at 50 to 75%, they are still somewhat dangerous, your not going to want to charge in there, not with an Archer. So when it does go down, it becomes a race to get to the downed CAV.


    theres a little of everything affected in this scenario.

  11. yeah I see what your saying now, yeah, its a little more gain, so the stock IFM is probably better in this scenario, but overall, my strategy would be the same.


    Any other ideas: an Archer no more than 375 points, in a kill the Rhino, and in a Kill the Tiger, what would you do?

  12. MT64L actually does +2 against hard, with a TL its +6, which is reasonable, anything more, I'de have to fish outside of Mitso Ta and it'll get costly.


    well, considering the Tiger is faster, I know I'm going to take more fire, and of a bigger variety than the Rhino, since I can deflect him with range. I'll end up giveing the Archer an Armor upgrade, bear in mind, the Archer is front loaded armor wise. so the lowest ARM, I will be at is +2, and at +3 for 3 DTs


    So for 374 points, I'm going to Armor upgrade, +1 MM, slap on the MT88s from the Ronin, and CMC Series 20 ECM. I expect you to find me, but I will come out fighting. (the missile is stripped)


    And keep in mind, we were doing this scenario against the Rhino with Katanas, LOL!

  13. Honestly, it looks more like Hunt the Archer to me. 


    how about 2 to 4 Archers versus a Rhino or Tiger.


    Remember the key is 375 points, you can do a lot to an Archer for that cost, but you have to be willing to explore.


    Me, I'de try adding an MT64L with a CMC series 20 ECM (+4) and a +2 MM upgrade for a total of 373 points. At least I have the option of not confronting the Rhino directly until I'm ready to, then get past 33 inches to confront direct, maybe when its on its 4th or 5th DT, if I take too much damage in def fire, pull back and repair, then try again.

  14. Saladin is a great name, the Kurdish general who captured Jerusalem during the Crusades. excellent idea, and concept to name the variants after political and military leaders.


    I came across a wicked idea for my current Bravo Spear trainers (Katanas), and they have a spot in Tango now, the Archers are going to replace the current trainers so I have an idea where to go with them.


    basically we set up a training curriculum which features a firing range (using Spartans) and a fever circuit (Spartans) then the final exercise is a Kill the Rhino (we're scaling it back to a Tiger, made to look like a Rhino [old Rhino].


    Anyway, the exercise is taking this CAV and modifying it no more than 375 points; rather than coming up with a set modification myself, perhaps we can do this to where the students modify it to their tastes, within 375. I checked it out, and most of your ideas are workable to this standard.


    So the question at hand, 375 points to modify an Archer for a kill the Tiger (or Rhino if it proves too easy) how would you work it?

  15. hey, heres a thought. stripping the missile takes her to 238, which is a really sweet number in my view, cause I could get a little creative and slap a tower missile system on her, to give her a little more bang. the only thing scaring me is the Breeder at that point.

  16. idea forms in head......


    Do you think Mr Kirby may consider some designs for Mecha Bays and 500 men capacity barracks? I think Ghostrider could vouch for them, the designs are nice.

  17. I can most certainly understand that cause I felt the same way for the longest time. they are eclectic indeed, and the typical configuration (2 primary 1 secondary) can be disconcerting for sure.


    The Regent is one of those CAVs that you figure OK, hey, I want to put an armor and speed upgrade on a Spector. You realize its cheaper to just use a Regent and thats where it started for me.


    Mitso Ta CAVs require a bit of finesse to get the most out of them. For me, the Regent is worth every point, cause you can do a lot with her, the Katana is another underrated CAV, I was thinking the DFM for her could find a home on the Archer.


    One thing I can say about the Archer is, with an Armor upgrade, she's pretty much a front loaded brawler, so that'll factor in what I do for them.


    hard to top the original for the Archer; one thing I notice is no Recon ESM CAVs for Mitso Ta, I may take a Katana and create a Recon Variant.

  18. Kamut, what about the GC's off of the Ronin? Could be cheaper than the real thing... then again perhaps not.


    The Ronin's GC are definately appealing, but then comes the cost, same with the Regents IFM. Thats why I went with the Archer's weapons instead of the Ronin's for the Samurai. at least the cost is in the same ballpark, where I can either go with the Samurai for speed, AA abilities, and easier modifications, or the Ronin for heavier resiliance (even a tad more firepower if I upgrade the TL).


    Alternatively, what about putting the Regent's missile on the Archer? Slower chassis means less points wasted in my opion, since Fire Support units tend to not need speed.


    I tend to value the speed of the Regent, kind of compensates for the "lack of Range" in comparison to the Conqueror and Soveriegn (range 60, but not quite as fast) though it doesn't mean I don't use them, just like the idea of having a local fire support that can keep up with my Redhawks.


    Mitso Ta is wierd cause their best IFM is pretty good, but many of their chassis are pretty fast as well. I feel its a really nice blend of abilities. The Archer seems to be the exception, and thats what has me stumped.




    How about the Scimitar?

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