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  1. great) and inspired me how to pain my own goroloth miniature it looks that it's usual problem, my goroloth comed without fin too...
  2. Yes, Im thinking about adding some more miniatures of my faw BG chracters, and other lovely characters, maybee Nameless and Annah from PT and other)
  3. I've sculpted base myself and done some minor correctives to friends conversion
  4. Wel, I was always wondering, why in the world this pair of epic and charismatic characters has no representation as miniatures, neiter oficial or fan-maded... but Every hamser has his day at last)) (thanks for my friends resculpt of Reaper bones barbarian)
  5. A few last paints This miniature that attracted my attention by likeness with SOULS series game, so I've painted it in typical grym colour scheme (I think, it's needed some moss and ivy on base) And first of terrain and dungeon interiour project, - I have a lot of tavern and dungeon furniture, and started to apply detales, made from FIMO cast and bits on it
  6. usually 2 (sometimes more) layers of foam sticked with pure whiteglue to make carcass, I've used toothpicks to stuck it together When foam dried I've started to wrap whet papertowels around (3-4 layers), I use 50% watered down whiteglue to fix paper, and finali appeal dry layer of paper and press it around. I've made base for tile from roller down and glued whet piese of watertowel, but it may bee formed from hotglue/cardboard or so on... when it dryed (about 24 hours) I've used pure whiteglue to reinforce surface of tiles, and its time to paint/flock and addind details)
  7. actualy all my miniatures in my collection tend to be used as game figures,in times, the scale and form of base is not so nesessery and I usualy pick that one, which fits better, ever sculpting miself
  8. the foam carcass and mashed paper base makes enough weight to protect against accidentaly knocked around, and it could be reinforced by hotglue and sand
  9. well, thanks for coments first) about size of bases: The storm giant is plased on 65mm GW drednought base, (as a lot of other my dragons and giants), and the giantess, instead was placed on 50mm base from warhammer fantasy ogre, couse it's not enough bulky to stand on giant size base
  10. Here it is my first attempt to kreate modular cave terrain tiles from some scrap)
  11. yes, green hair make him more alien looking) little guy is -viking from "Gripping beast" plastic box
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