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  1. MjrTrauma

    Reaper Bones 3: US Zone Complete

    And some 9 weeks late, the package from Reaper finally arrived. Appears the contents are complete, save for an extra Stoneskull expansion. Thanks for getting it shipped.
  2. MjrTrauma

    Reaper Bones 3: US Zone Complete

    3 weeks later, still no action on this. Wave 1 shipping, no shipping notification, no delivery no indication that any work has been done whatsoever. Full pledge is missing. In the meantime we have people with individual items missing, reported, shipped, and received in the same time frame while I'm still waiting for word on the pledge. What's going on?
  3. MjrTrauma

    Reaper Bones 3: US Zone Complete

    Wave 1, Canada. No shipping notification. No delivery notice. No tracking number updated on Pledge Manager. (No rewards magically showing up either.) Contacted help@reapermini too, told they would look into it. I know this is unlikely to get resolved before everyone takes off for various conventions, but I'd like to find out what's going on. Thanks.
  4. Hey, I'd still like to get anything I'm owed from this kickstarter. Brett's had my money for 3 years now, and his "4 months to maybe reply to an email" timeframe is kinda annoying. Edit: also, I thought I saw a message in this thread directly from Mortal Arrow earlier this week? Was it nuked for linking directly to a storefront?
  5. MjrTrauma

    Marrow Productions - Journey Wrath of Demons

    Still in Canada, still waiting on shipment of base game. This one will be open for a while yet, I imagine.
  6. MjrTrauma

    Reaper Miniatures Bones 3, Launches July 7th

    So I have VERY GOOD NEWS for you. We're changing the system now so that you don't really Lock In an order, you Save it. We'll explain it better in an Update, but the Nuts & bolts are this: During the project, it's all in Pledge Calculator Mode. You can make changes all day every day and nothing is permanent. It remembers your selections, but they can be changed at your heart's content. After the project (about 3-4 weeks, if memory serves) we go into Pledge Manager Mode. Everything you chose from calculator mode is still remembered, but now you have the option to Save your selections. At that point, if you spent more than you pledged, you can pay additional funds for the additional rewards. Any Saved items, now paid for, are Locked. Tthis works like before, but with one major difference! Note that you MIGHT choose to Save your rewards while you still have an outstanding balance (maybe you pledge $150 but accidentally selected only $120 in rewards). In the past you'd have been up a creek, but now you can simply go to the next bullet point If at any time you want to ADD MORE rewards, you may do so. Simply make a second, third, or nth payment (as appropriate) to cover the cost of the additional rewards (and shipping if any) and we'll add those to what's already saved. When we ship, we'll ship all of your different Saved orders as one order, combining them for your convenience. Edit to add: At some point, probably right about the time the boat hits the water, we'll make an announcement that no more additions can be made. At that point, all backers are on equal footing, whether you saved all of your selections on Day 1 or Manager Mode, or on day 300) Edit to ALSO ADD: Be aware that Saved Selections cannot be removed. We'll try to be accommodating to reasonable requests, but to remove an item from your rewards we would have to directly enter the database and manipulate the data by hand - not a thing that is always safe or reasonable. It helps if you think of Saves as permanent. You can always add, but subtraction just isn't practical except in extreme cases. Yes, money added in Pledge Manager Mode does not count towards unlocking new goals, and if every backer added only $1 and then decided to add their funds afterwards, in Bones II we'd have only raised $14,000 and not have even met minimum funding. Obviously this would have not been as good of a bargain in that case. Please balance this knowledge with what is financially responsible for you and your family. We would rather have you not pledge than pledge and endure significant hardship for our product. Thank you, Bryan. The confusion and conflicting information regarding the pledge management (from both Official and unofficial sources) was one of my chief sources of concern* with the Bones 2 Kickstarter. I'm happy to see that some steps have been made to address this. The lack of any clear distinct indicator of the state of the pledge (being told to "lock-in" when no such thing existed) was needlessly obtuse. One concern about the current set-up is shipping though. With International Order in Bones 2, there was a breakpoint where the shipping went up dramatically above a certain level (I think for myself it was about $420 or so), where it increased by about $40-50 outright, even if I only added a $10-20 add-on. I don't object to the shipping charges, but I'd like to know in advance. Especially when a small net increase can sway the total. So, is there anyway that shipping can be included (or estimated) within the Pledge Calculator / Pledge Manager. That would be swell. Ray *: The second would be the relatively poor communications, especially with respect to delays. I'm thinking especially of Update 97, when the backers were informed for the first time of significant production problems and delays, shortly before the initial fulfilment date. I hope that kind of thing doesn't happen again.
  7. MjrTrauma

    Darklands: Metal Age by Mierce Miniatures (Live)

    No idea how they're coming up with that figure. Right now it's $90 for 15, or about $6/per. Even the individual unit of troops clocks in at $40/10. Add in exchange and shipping, and it gets pricy again (though still less than resin). That being said, I think I may jump in just to get Eirik Longaxe in metal. I have the resin version, and he represents a PC in one of our D&D games. The resin cast is beautiful, natch, but isn't the best suited for tabletop play. We're had a few accidents already.
  8. MjrTrauma

    Hardwood Hobbies Sinbad Pulp Horror minis

    Was pleased to take delivery of the miniatures from this kickstarter today. (It's still ongoing, as the above mentioned issues with some models, but the ones I had weren't among them). Clean casts, nice figures, and just a few limbs and weapons to attach - nothing major though. I'm looking forward to getting them cleaned up and putting some paint on them.
  9. I don't use greenstuff, myself. I have a jar of Golden Molding Paste, the stuff that GW colors green and sells at ridiculous markups as "liquid greenstuff." It's a matte white filler made from acrylic medium and marble dust and fills gaps a right treat. Thanks for this recomendation. I picked up an 8oz jar of this at the campus art supply shop the other day, for the cost of maybe 2 pots of GW LGS. More than enough to last me through many, many projects. It also flows much better, and is much more malleable than the GW product. I'm a little concerned on the drying time, as the test I did is still a little - flexible to the touch after 36 or so hours of drying. About how long do you find it usually takes? (And I may have to blend a little colour in with it just to distinquish it from the surface of the new horde of bones that arrived. But like most of these products, it takes pigment well.)
  10. MjrTrauma

    Ravenfell 28mm Fantasy Village

    No. As per update 59 (Mar 2nd), the Steampunk skins are still a couple weeks away, so it's still incomplete.
  11. I can can confirm that my Wave 1 ROW (Canada) showed up yesterday, but I haven't had a chance to do more than check and see if the items that were on the slips were in the box. All good on that front. Detailed inventory will have to wait for the weekend. But I did get a chance to dry-fit Khanjira, just to check of course, and see how he compares to both the PCs and Cthulhu. Result:
  12. Got a letter today - no official confirmation letter or domestic tracking # - just a blanket "1000+ of you still need to lock in your pledge..." email, which manages to be both annoying and confusing at the same time - but the UPC mail innovations tracking code is showing hand off to the international carrier (Canada Post) yesterday afternoon. This is for ROW Wave 1 - not sure if those shipped out first, or all the ROW didn't just sit on a truck out back of the Reaper warehouse until they were complete. So, +/- another week for customs, should see them in about 10 business days, with an outside chance of end of the month. Cool.
  13. MjrTrauma

    On Target Laser LOS tool.

    Warlord Games already sells one of these through their Army Painter line for under $10. I picked it up a while ago, and we use it for Shadows of Brimstone, and Deadzone.; Works fine. Why would I back this at 3x the price? Here's a non-store link; they call it Targetlock if you're googling. http://www.warlordgames.com/new-targetlock-laser-line/
  14. MjrTrauma

    Mantic announces Mars Attack Kickstarter

    Sigh. Still waiting... I've reached out and they said they are sending it, but as typical with Mantic, no shipping notice. I never know until it's on the doorstep.
  15. So "Paid on XX" = Locked in? Thanks. I've spent the last 3 days with no idea if anything was going to be sent or not. I appreciate the response.