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  1. @kitThanks! Yay makes things easier and cheaper now to do some shopping....
  2. @Gadgetman! Did you order from this site then?
  3. I read somewhere that reaper has a uk site is this one jus switching to gdp or is there another one somewhere just tried google kept bringing me to the main reaper site ( as well as individual stockists)
  4. and last one made Veta Ton Aka Venus De Milo a female teraton that Leo and his brothers met with the ancient Teraton battlemasters. with an uncanny accuracy and love of explosives, Venus joins the Blinking Shadows using her expertise to fire and load her automatic missile launcher.venus is famous for taking down heavily armoured opponents and vehicles. Eager to please she takes Leo orders quite easily often annoying Raph in the process.
  5. Miikto Gon aka Michaelangelo the youngest but by no means weakest member of the Gon family. Less serious and highly relaxed armed with wrist mounted assault rifle and Kamachucks. Michaelangelo is a seasoned ninja and oft relied upon to help several of the younger recruits. Skore Ato aka Scorpio is one of the blinking shadows rising stars, with an aptitude for heavy weaponry scorpio wields an oversized onslaught cannon with glee and abandon. for close combat he prefers using Tengokon punching blade which extends from his right arm
  6. more models made Donaato Gon aka Donatonello like his brothers is distantly related to the great and infamous Kraato gon sponser of DBX Robotic teams. Like Kraato, Donatello is smart, clever and resourceful, with his variety of tech and moddified glaive weapon which is extendable can fire like a rifle or blaster weapon, it's produces an energy field which allows it phase through armour. Dontello is also responsible for weapons maintenance, building, and experimentation. Donatello is also responsible for Metalhead, Metalhead is Donnie's major achievement to date. It's a combination of ter
  7. Teenage mighty ninja teratons,Tengokon Tech's Teraton Dreadball team. They are actually the rebel cell known as 'The Blinking Shadow' inspired by Earth legends of a group of mighty turtle warriors Leo Gon took the mantle and image after seeking tutledge from ancient Teraton battlemasters, he and his three brothers with ther friends and alliies have joined in the rebels to fight against the GCCP. Leo Gon, renamed Leonado is the master, strong and wise beyond his years wielding ancient blades as well as a Tengokon Tech compact sniper rifle (or rifle depending on mission loadouts) and his stealth
  8. In the grim darkness of the future there is only CHEESE, for the greter gouda, edam corsair warriors. That said im planning on use them as enforcers in deadzone, genetically engineered mascots of war to battle in deadzone, project anti vermin.
  9. very inspiring how old is your daughter i'm planning on getting y daughter into rpg's with mouslings and pony miniatures fro impact miniatures
  10. the blackstar corsairs are going to be black cat corsairs wet work officers of the vile nova corp enemies of mousling in space who are agents of imef-ingtergalactic mediation extraction force
  11. How bout clear or coloured translucent oval/menhirs, the oval man sized shape would work for an invisible figure and also work for magical spell effects and decorative columns thus giving us a piece of terrain, spell effect and character size clear status effect(invisible) thoughts?
  12. i had dm run a game where a necromancer was saved from death via a soul drain spell by an angel (neutral deity) who made the necromancer a soul sucking vampire the player was trying to be a 'good' necromancer and didn't find it funny but went with rule of cool and deus ex some what machina
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