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  1. It's been awhile but I'm back. I think I had painter's block or something. I just could not get in the groove for paining. Now I am better. Here is the hill giant Krug. Hope you all like.
  2. Keep in mind that this is a year long contest. This gives people a lot of time. Even for people that are very busy. This way it gives people time to change it up a little. Try things they might not normally do. Push their own limits. I like the fact that time is on our sides. For me I like the larger figures but that is not to say I would not get into this if it was for the smaller ones too. I like the ideal of an adventuring party/squad but why not have it your party/squad acting out a scene of what they are fighting. Maybe they ran in to something large and in charge or maybe they ran into a
  3. Thanks. I was trying to go for that glazed over eye look. Thanks. :) Thanks.The base came from a milk cap. It was the only thing I had at that moment...lol
  4. It's been a while, but got back the paint bug. Here is my take on the flesh golem. I was looking for the walking dead style but without the blood and gore (for the kids).
  5. This looks epic :)
  6. That would be so much fun. I just might do it. ;) Thanks. I am glad I did buy this. It was a very fun paint. This mini is done to the point of show off but I am going to build a diorama with the worm being the main focus point with just a bit more added to the base. The build will be in the near future because I just got my box of KS2. So I will be busy with those for a while...lol
  7. Wave 10 here and just got my big box of mini's. Dang, going to be busy for years....lol
  8. Here is another great monster in the D&D world. These type mini's are so much fun to paint. I can't wait to put this down on the map in our d&d adventure game night. Hope you all like. Here is the WIP thread - http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/59921-dd-collectors-series-purple-worm-wip/
  9. Finally got this thing done. Here are last of the WIP pics that I have. There are some pics that I did not post but you will see it in the show off thread. This was very fun to paint. I really like the look of the sculpt. Now I can focus on the big box of KS2 that just showed up today. Here is the show off thread - http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/forum/4-show-off/
  10. I used to use the primer I could get at the local auto parts store. For me it dried too tacky. I would put very thin layers on but still seemed to tacky. Maybe it was just me as I see some of you are having no problems. I went round and round with some other primers until I bought Vallejo. It goes on smooth with my airbrush and does not dry tacky. So far (for me) no problems with this primer. Some times I thin it down a little, some times I don't. It depends on the model. They do sell them in different colors. Just depends on what color base primer you want to go with. Not always do I use the
  11. Looks really good so far. I will be keeping an eye on this build.
  12. Thanks. Here is an up date. You can see from the pictures there was a big gap on the belly side and a smaller one on the top side. I had to fill them with some putty. I tried my best to follow the armor plates on the belly into the putty. The putty is easy to work with. Hopefully it blends and does not look too bad. I used vallejo primer and started to put some base paint down. The paint did dry a little shiny but I will fix that after the wash and highlights. The teeth will be the last things I paint. So far so good. This mini is very fun and looks killer. More to come soon.
  13. Agree. The eyes turned out excellent. The color blend is flawless. I can't wait to see when this is done.
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