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  1. Started attempting some NMM, been at least two or three months since I tried NMM and watched any tutorial videos on it, aaaand I'm not feeling inclined to watch anything at the moment, so I'm most likely messing things up. I don't like the axe. was going for the cutting edge being completely in shadow and that being the line where the light hits it.
  2. Put on some Heather Blue for the base of all the darker metal, and started to think about lighting. Really late, I know. the light source should have affected the skin, but I missed that chance and I'm not going back. Maybe next time I'll plan ahead. anyway, I'm going to have him looking into the light source, I really wanted to have the light over his left shoulder so I could play around with the shoulder pad, But I just don't think it fits the stance. I'm not too sure about this though, I've only really dealt with light source one other time, when I tried NMM. My light sources on this guy are all over the place, and wow that sword looks so much better when your not zoomed in...
  3. Did a heavy drybrush of Woodland Brown, followed by a lighter drybrush of some Scholar Flesh on the fur. at a glance you can tell its fur, and I've seen some videos on making wolf or bear fur, I'm just not good at that. Which means there will be some furry creatures in my future. not looking forward to it. put a coat of Dragon Red on the cloak, had originally planned on using GW's Mechrite Red and blending it up to Reaper's Brilliant Red, but decided I liked how dark the Dragon Red is. Now I'm not sure if I want to lighten it with some orange, maybe use a white, or just a lighter red and then up to either orange or white.
  4. After finishing the skin and deciding I was done with it, here are the following steps I did in order. put some Harvest Brown on the leather straps, and fur. In the hopes of getting a more even and vibrant color on the but cloak, I based it with Mountain Stone. Mountain Stone on the base, it was overly thinned and didn't cover evenly. Put a GW Devlan Mud wash on the fur. and a coat of Dragon Red on the leather straps, cause I like my leathers a little reddish.
  5. Added some Scholar Flesh to the Naga Green and Leather Brown. Seems to have worked as a nice highlight, and that's probably it for the flesh. currently running the D&D 5e starter kit, mines of phandalin or something similar. So I believe the back of the loinclothe (but cloak?) will be red. And pretty much par for the course for how the game is going, Droop the goblin has been adopted, and is now a Coward Druid that has aspirations of being a world class chef... unfortunately no Goblin Chef available on the Reaper site that I could find. I hit up the collarbone with a little more of a highlight, looks like I need to smooth out the transition on his pec too.
  6. As Glitterwolf said, that could always be mold, moss, or some such crud. I entirely agree with you on the priming, throws me off every time I go to start painting.
  7. Lightened up the skin a bit, I don't think I'm going to get away from how green he is. and that right leg has darker shadows... he never skips right leg day! I'm thinking 1 more coat. I used Reaper's Naga Green and Leather Brown to try to bring him to a bit more humanish color. Didn't really work, but its less neon green so I can live with it. 1 more lighter coat, I'm thinking of adding some Scholar Flesh to the mix and I don't know, go from there I geuss. Some day I'm going to actually know what I'm doing, maybe. Any advice is welcome, and appreciated!
  8. Holy Crap, that is one good looking Goldar! If mine turns out half as well, I'm going to be very pleased indeed. Due to life, work, and not wanting to tackle this issue, I haven't picked up a brush in a bit. I was thinking about using a little light brown or a dark cream to lighten him up a bit without getting to bright green. not too sure how it's going to turn out. Not that it matters much, my Half-orc barbarian player said his character has a glorious mane of hair. Just another excuse to get more models really.
  9. Great looking Orc! Grand, Time, Glazing, I don't think those words mean what I think they mean I don't expect anything awesome, just enjoying myself a bit. maybe learning something new. The last few figures I've done I was trying NMM and getting better at blending (at least I think its called blending, cant remember half the time) anyway. started experimenting on his leg, did the overall green then the shadows, didn't like how I did it so I swapped to shadows first and then going to clean it up as I paint the rest of the flesh. felt like it was going to be quicker. I plan on lightening up the color once more adding either yellow or off white to the green. did get sloppy on the face, may do the eyes first.
  10. I'm apparantly having issues posting today, thats two posts that didnt make it or save... odd. I agree with you on basing with brown for gold or yellow colors, seems to help the color coverage and uniformity. Ended up with the cloth darker than intended, bright mini skirts do lend towards a rather unsavory image. And I do want to hide the sculpted portion. Was going to have the neck piece gold with some kind of gemstone in the center, not sure what color though for that or the eyes.
  11. Got the first coat of skin on. I kind of want to go through and keep working on the skin, but I should probably block out the other colors. so boring... went ahead and put the purple on the hair too, I think I'm going to darken down some purple and thin it more for the hair before lightening up with some black/gray with a hint of purple in it. not light enough to look geriatric but, well see. Apparently I didn't post this when I thought I did, it was just sitting there waiting for me to hit "Post" or save or whatever...
  12. Actually after playing around with the color wheel a little bit, I kind of like this better. It's more green than originally intended but I like it better, and adding more orange to the yellow should make for a more convincing gold color, and balance better.
  13. not really "Green stuff" Tm, but Apoxie Sculpt, and it's probably about 10 years old or so. I got 16 oz of it for really cheap, but have only ever used it to fill gaps. I originally said I'd be back with progress, but another post made me think I was missing something. Which caused me to watch a nice video on color theory. I was using some terms incorrectly... but I also reevaluated one of my color choices. Rather than going with a turqoise I'm now thinking of using more of a green for the clothes. Maybe a little closer to a greenish blue, not sure anymore. color wheel available at http://paletton.com/#uid=34X0v0kmZs8bRISiaw0rwnCvphR
  14. Sounds like the next thing I'm going to start practicing, looks like I'll be watching some instructional videos with my coffee break. OK, not what I was originally thinking, which would have been something about mixing the paint, but a good refresher nonetheless.
  15. I haven't heard of doing purple/yellow or green/red before, so I'm looking forward to seeing it if you go that route. I would have thought to start with either a very light brown or creamy off white and painting yellow over that, kind of like basing with a gray when you want something white. It's looking good, and I can't wait to see more.
  16. True, and I definitely need to practice human flesh, but I already started going the other route. I started with a yellow coat so the successive layers of green will be a bit lighter, but I don't think I shook the bottle well enough. It came out kind of grainy. I thinned it more than normal too, so I wasn't really expecting this kind of result. I will be starting on light green flesh next, first darker, then getting lighter and less green mixing into some lighter off white or human flesh tones. The goal being a greener tinged human color. Not too sure how I'm going to do the face, normally I'd have some more red or purple in the recesses, but I don't know how that would work with the green. I'll be exploring the show-off and other WIP topics to see how others have handled this, usually i'd try greens with a hint of blue and highlight up into a greenish yellow.
  17. WOW! Those look awesome! I like how you did the tails, I didn't even think about painting them that way. Definitely going to attempt to emulate it. I've been working on my layering/blending lately so I'll be skipping the wash, I plan on starting with a med/dark purple from a 1:1 mix of Dragon Blue and Brilliant red, and adding more off white with each layer to lighten it up. oh and mixing paint even though I don't need to cause I kind of enjoy it, odd I know. I'm not really happy with how the sculpting turned out, it was more sticky than I thought it would be, except to itself and I kept making too much. Looking at it now, the shoulder straps should be thinner, the chest seems a bit lopsided, and it's overall too rough. I suppose I'll just have to buy more figures to practice on... Overall he seemed happy with it, and I need it complete so we can use it, so on to painting. keeping the Purple skin, turqoise cloth, and yellow gold idea. Though he wants the horns a kind of brownish color, I'm thinking a bit of a creamy brown, kind of complimentary color to the purple, instead of a contrasting color like I was originally going to go with, anyone have any opinions on this? Do Tieflings have feet? I thought it was hooves, and I'm not really sure what this ones modeled with. Some of the Sinessas here in the forums appear to have slippers on, but that seemed too small and out of proportion to me, again any thoughts are greatly appreciated. I'll be back in a bit after I've made some progress.
  18. Barbarian for the D&D campaign I'm DM'ing. Realized halfway through throwing the first paint on that the character is supposed to be a half-orc. Not too sure if starting with a dark green would work better, not that I can't greenify it up a bit. How green is a half-orc? Should I go with a green tinged human flesh tone, or go full on green like a 40K or flesh tone, or some where in between? Anyway, comments, critiques, recommendations, conversations, anything really, is welcome!
  19. I felt that the front was a bit too thick and bulky, so I sanded it down a bit to fit in to the scale of the figure better (hopefully). Then went and attempted to fill back in to hopefully make it more realistic (well as realistic as a half demon casting magic could be, i guess) would it be wrong or frowned upon to put this in a post in the sculpting section of the message boards? This is the first time I've attempted anything like this, and I'm not certain if I'm missing something simple I can be doing to help it turn out nice.
  20. Really nice! I really like your Magical and Colorful Snail, perhaps he magicked himself some eyes? Looking forward to seeing the winged evils you have up next!
  21. I started a D&D campaign for my son and some of his friends, and using it as an excuse to acquire and paint some new minis. Here is my son's Tiefling sorcerer (sorceress?)The plan: We don't really like the "combat bikini" on this one, so I am going to attempt to add, well something to it. It won't be great, probably wont even look good, but hey I'm only trying to get better, so please comment, critique, advise, instruct, and what not. Going with a light purple skin because its for a Tiefling character, and I think purple is an interesting color to paint. Turquoise colored garments as a complimentary color, and some yellow gold metal for some contrast. And some color after the nip tuck. I went with blue for a base cause I'm guessing it will work better with the purple skin. We decided to chop the staff and try for a glass orb for the arcane focus. Any recommendations are appreciated. Finally to end the night with some Green stuff. I started with a "sheet" of it for the Front and Back panels. I'm going to try to add some detail tomorrow after this dries. Overall I don't think the cloth is laying quite right, or the size is off. Either way I hope I can fix it in the next session.
  22. http://s1374.photobucket.com/user/RandomExtra/library/Reaper forum/Familiars 2 Fire Elemental?sort=3&page=1 I am honestly not sure if this is how I link to my photobucket. They may be out of order, but this library should have my Fire Familiar WIP pics.
  23. Shouldn't be an issue for me. I don't prefer NSFW stuff anyway, and I feel... weird, posting minis from other brands on the official Reaper forum, seems wrong I guess. Upon review of the rules it states "sexual content" which isn't constrained to nudity, and seems to apply to a majority of the female figures being sold at the store portion of the site. Really I'm just irritated, at myself for not considering it to be an issue, and for the perceived hypocrisy. All I wanted was some feedback on my abilities before I started painting an adventuring party, and now I'm not even sure if I can post pictures of my next project (Sinessa, Hellborn Sorceress) which I thought was too scantily clad anyways. looks like I get to play with greenstuff and add some proper clothing to it. Thanks for adding a little depth to the whole thing for me.
  24. I guess I am a little confused. Reaper feels it is acceptable to accept monetary gain from a product that it feels is unacceptable to display on its own forums? Don't worry, I won't display any such thing again. the easiest way is to simply not pay Reaper for the product. I did go back and find the forum rules, taking me longer than expected, but I will research before I post any pictures of any Reaper products I paint from now on.
  25. right, sorry about that. I attempted to go back and add "stickers" in photobucket to conceal the naughty bits, but by the time I got that accomplished with photobuckets resistance to anything other thank uploading and linking it was too late. I will be sure not to post anything of the sort in the future.
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