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  1. ok ill get pics for you guys once i get me a digi camera, or borrow my buddy's
  2. I picked up some spiders(mini's) and decided how cool would it be if i made a little home for them. so i started building my cave and what not and wanted to add some spider webs to it and well as a spider sack or two. So here is what i did if you guys have any cheap or extra crazy glue laying around the liquid kind not that gell stuff. Take some water in a little dish kind of like what you use for a pallet to mix paint with and add a couple drops of crazy glue to it and with a hobby knife or a tooth pick start mixing it around and lifting it from the water it will form thin, wide, and broken strans what ever you wish to your hearts content. When the strands are still wet you can bend and twist them how ever you want once it dries they become glues to what ever you applied them to and then you can add a wash to them to bring out the folds. For egg sacks just take a couple a strands and bunch them together like a ball and put several strands over it. The effect is looks great for me and i will try to post some pic for you guys to see. (ohh btw, don't mind the spelling and grammer)
  3. look great but i was wondering what did you use for the leafs, cause i was wondering what i could use for them or if some company already had them done.
  4. I know some people use mini painting as a hobby and some do it for a living for me its a hobby that i can do to relax when ever i get home and have some time so usally in a week i am able to paint two to three hours during the week and maybe fours during the weekends. So how about the rest of you???
  5. lol the saying "wanna be like mike" comes to mind with a tweak to it "WANNA BE LIKE JESTER" i just love that cape.
  6. I agree with you completly with the gloss when I frist started I asked the guys at my local hobby shop (local being 15miles away) he said do a gloss finish and do a ton of coats to protect you mini's
  7. Here is a link to some of the minis when i frist started since then i have gotten alot better mainly thanks to the great i get here from all of you guys. Once my new Cannon Powershot s50 comes in I will post some of my newer ones. http://joe-james.com/scott/paul/ Any feed back would be great
  8. The mini looks great and in some ways reminds me of jester.
  9. well if the paint if dried all the way and is as hard as a rock i would do the same and toss them but if they are kinda paste i add some water and flow improver to them and use them mainly for washes.
  10. do you guys have any suggestions on camera's??
  11. I actually am doing the same thing as I am switching over from paints I have my cuz over to paint and he loves and it great to have some one else to paint with.
  12. Yes that is pretty much what im looking for.
  13. i have quite a large mini that i want to base and i really want a look for him to be standing on large i have several rocks that i have glued together and made on with some putty the effect that im looking for is where the spaces are between the rocks i want it to look like there is a sheet of ice under him where you can see water. So my question is does anyone know a material that will dry clear but still thick so i can pull off this effect.
  14. I use a 50/50 mix of pinsole and water stuff works great with no damage to my mini's I usally leave them in for two days and if i forget no big deal ever the glueing that i did before with crazy glue gel or what ever will become loose so you can clean them up well no damage will be done to your mini. I used this on Gauth form the reaper mini box sets to redo him after i learned many many tricks and tips from here and he is looking better then ever.
  15. i know some where on these message boards some one had a great link on how to do marble effect on the bases i looked threw them all and couldnt find it if anyone knows it would be great to have. also if you have any other links to web site that would be great as well.
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