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  1. East Grand Forks, Minnesota Cannot start a box, have very little in the ways of basing stuffs. So I'd prefer to be later in the shipping order.
  2. The Supervillain in Training's Owlbear that she painted herself. Zombie painted by the sister that isn't the supervillain or the pink fanatic. Back shot of the necromancer, showing the interference blue really well.
  3. Just the fist as far as I can tell. The arm is pretty flat on the outside, the shield, however, is not. It looks like the best way to get optimal surface to surface contact would be to have the shield's long axis going parallel to the arm instead of perpendicular. It's why I'd like to know what model that is, so I could find some completed ones to look at for reference.
  4. Finally managed to find where I'd put my loot from the Marvinbawks. rather than in my luggage, they were in my backpack. Literally the only thing in there aside from my laptop. Having never purchased basing supplies before, I'm not sure if those baggies contain proper basing supplies, or pre-injected marijuanas. Can anybody ID the loose Bones minis and the metal dude? And does anyone have any idea on how his shield is supposed to be attached? The thing is kind of hollowish with a lip around the edge, and a big ol divot in the middle. He's got a nice, flat arm there, but I don't see enough surface area on the shield to glue to him.
  5. Last year I let my niece and her three friends rummage though my box of Bones minis and pick one out for me to paint. This year I let them pick out a set of dice from the three or so pounds worth of dice I'm not using, pick out a mini for me to paint, and pick out a mini for them to paint. I'm not sure of the model numbers on these, so if someone could find them so I can reorder the snake guy, billowy cape dude, and spiky dog thing, I'd be grateful. So my niece picked this one, as I figured she would. Last year she picked out a dog from the familiars sprue, so I figured I'd better toss this one in the baggie because it was a big spiky dog thing and was sure my niece would be picking this one. She did, of course, and wanted me to paint it mostly Sapphire Blue with orange on the spiky bits. She painted a Pathfinder Goblin that she named Yoda. The budding supervillain in training that picked the Eye Tyrant last year is adding to her army of darkness with this fellow. I think I did the best on this one out of the four. Used a base of black, painted the staff and armor bits with Honed Silver, mixed an orange and Pale Saffron for the mask and loincloth (I was told specifically to mix those two and put them on the figure somewhere), Oiled Leather for the boots, and then I painted the cloak with Interference Blue. I put an ink wash over it, and it looks absolutely stunning in person. Will be using the interference on black coloration again for something in the future. The SVIT of course decided to complement her evil swordmage and eye tyrant by painting an Owlbear for herself. The worst of the lot. My slightly shaky hands do not do well with trying to get flesh tones onto little bitty attached arms. I had nothing to do with this one's coloration, the decidedly evil color scheme was chosen by the eventual recipient. Snaky dude! I've mentioned before that I have somewhere around eight bottles worth of Reaper Ginger Cookie paint. So I was delighted when I was instructed to give it a desert coloration. Oiled leather for most of it, Walnut Brown for the bow and belts, Honed Silver for the swords. I can't remember what yellow I used for the eyes (which I had to do twice, shaky VK had to dab the paint off with a paper towel because it got the eye, and everywhere else. There's still a bit that I couldn't get). The ink worked very nicely to bring out the little details in the images with the flash on. I don't remember which of these last two went to last year's unicorn and mage holders. But Purple Unicorn Girl decided to give her pink maned unicorn a fellow member of the pink haired animal club by painting the Bones II lion with a pink mane and proceeded to add more pink to give the poor thing a pink poodle cut. I'm trying to remember what mage girl picked for her model to paint, but it escapes me at the moment.
  6. Marvinbox has been sent out. Will take pictures of my takings later when there is actually sunshines, rather than the bleak, overcast hellscape.
  7. Ok, got an addy from Drusander. I'll be away for Thanksgiving with family, so the box will not be going anywhere until sometime next week.
  8. Haven't received an addy from Drusander, who hasn't posted anything since the thread sign up. Sent a PM asking for an addy. Sent a PM to UlfHeathen as well asking for an address, just in case I get no response. Did a general pick over of the box, but haven't opened any bags to get a good look at the collections of stuff yet. Been too occupied by breaking computer gear, misbehaving web browsers, an equally misbehaving dog who things that the apartment's bedroom is an acceptable potty place, and making a post-apocalyptic summer camp. No, really. I'm literally theming up a settlement as a summer camp in Fallout 4. I'd probably have made the effort if there was somebody chomping at the bit to get at the box, but I have nowhere I can mail it to at the moment and have been waiting patiently to be informed of such. I am a lazy dragon who needs to be prodded into doing things. *grumbles* I still have no idea how I'm managing to top out 16 gigs of RAM. Will be looking for a 32 GB deal over the Black Friday-Cyber Monday span. And continuing the trend of something breaking every 2 months (chair, monitor, uninterrupted power supply, and a game controller that has recently started hurting my hands, thus needing to be replaced) I now have a broken bicycle helmet, a broken glasses stem, and a broken pair of headphones to add to the tally for November. Fortunately the bike helmet isn't broken, so much as a bit I never noticed fell off (a rubber band), and the glasses are covered by my health coverage.
  9. I got the Marvinbox on Monday. I just haven't bothered to post on the forum (or much of anything else) because I just woke up from the coma I was in after exploring the radioactive wasteland for 36 hours, most of which was spent on making elaborate, pretty houses that settlers ignore because they cannot pathfind the stairs I put down for them. "Whinge, whinge, whinge, we don't have any beds!" There are two beds for every person in the settlement. Do people push four beds together and lay across them longways? Is that what people do these days, 210 years after the bombs fell?
  10. While they look a lot like Reaper bottles, they're not official Reaper bottles. I got several hundred off of Amazon from a Chinese seller. Due to the massive shipping time, a second shipment was sent after the first failed to turn up within 90 days. The two shipments arrived on the same day. So I ended up with several hundred of the things. Of which I added like 4 dozen to the DSmiles box.
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