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  1. Pixel, definitely ask the PO to hold onto it till you can pick it up - politely, if you can.
  2. ...an ongoing problem, for some! I put in a $66 order earlier today, and am actually considering another 70 tonight - the only thing stopping the 'order now finger', is the fact that we had a high of 10° F today, and there's a bunch of paint in the cart. ...and I'm out of town for the holiday week (which is probably when it would arrive). ...nearest neighbor is a half mile away. Okay, I talked myself out of it. :(
  3. ...so now I'm scouring my minis for a decent Psylocke ...thanks Cash.
  4. Hopefully the grab bag/stockings have some variety in the selections, because the cart for 12/17 (2004 Con Sophie) is looking like a glorious wrap up for the season: 02539: Silver Dragon 03126: Ghoul Queen & Servants 03395: Ghostly Summons 14106: Dark Maiden (the tiny one) ~ 66 bucks!
  5. What types of bones minis did you get with your stocking? Honestly, I'm not sure if I want you to answer. May ruin the surprise. ~_^ I'll tell you what, I'll post a few that were in the stocking - actually, the paper header on the bag says "..sampling of some of our favorite..", which leaves me wondering if all the stockings are randomly packed, or if they're all the same assortment...anyway : 03461: Goldar the Barbarian 03255: Callie, Female Rogue 03337: Terezinya, Bone Pander Wizard The Owlbear The translucent red female fire elemental (which is really cool) And I wasn't going to mention it, but "no name pirate girl", which is my favorite! - oh those ID numbers are for the metal versions, obviously I received the plastics...
  6. So, after all that, I decided to just spent the extra 6 bucks to get the 08706: Paint Carrying Case from Reaper (which is already in the post, so...). As for the Deathsleet case...eh, it'll be fine for toting a few extra proxy figures around.
  7. Cash, totally misread that as "no panties freebie". ....not even kidding!
  8. 09659 - Ginger Cookie MSP promo paint bottle in my stocking (which, is now the only red fishnet stocking I own!)
  9. Thanks. I would have not have found that :)
  10. Quick question: I just ordered the Deathsleet Box Set, right? Now, what I'd like to do (after removing the Dragon, of course) is convert the box to hold some of my overspill MSP's. I looked in accessories and found foam pieces, but nothing that looked like the foam inserts in the paint sets (like the HD sets, for example). Does anyone know if Reaper even offers those? or where they might be hiding? Thanks.
  11. Grabbed the Deathsleet Dragon (10016) this morning. I've been looking for a good reason to get one, and free Sopie Ringleader/Mr Bones stocking is a better deal than I expected. I'll be back for some paint and Sci Fi Soph later. (now, to go adjust this avatar....)
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