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  1. At this point we have each made our points, I do not agree with yours, you likely do not agree with mine, and I doubt that either one of us is converting either the other or any of the other readers. I do not believe that too many will agree with your rendition, but if they do, then oh well. :devil: To each his own.

    It wasn't spell/psych-casting or an angry alien rant. Think Elder belch. Happens to me all the time after waking up groggy and eating up smaller unfamiliar creatures.


    Aside whoever thought up this as the final stretch goal was a freak'n genius and should be appointed dictator of Reaper Games for life.

  2. I have to agree with the other posters and say that her pose is more like a giant talking to a smaller being.


    Strippers are typically in way more provocative poses than how she is depicted.


    Okay, how about this: I'd like to see the artist take a photo of themself in that pose to prove that it's possible.



    I don't mind the pose but this was too funny not to salute.

  3. I know a lot of people are going to be using a little of everything to make inquisitorial henchmen squads...which reminds me, we need another chronoscope pack, with one of those space orangutans! I need a Jakaro Weaponsmith.

    That is freak'n ingenious! Consider your idea officially stolen errr borrowed.


    Mine are going towards a project with my dungeon molds to build a replacement for my Warhammer Quest dungeon. Unfortunately I forgot to look at Gencon for a used (or new) second edition rule book to see what changes have happened with the RAGE system.


    Oh yeah and some kind of zombie stuff. Not sure what but as someone who doesn't own any zombie movies yet I have hundreds and hundreds of zombie figures from different game systems something has to give.

  4. The concept sketches for the storm giants look really good, but does the female giant have to be in the stripper pose?

    Something about the pose seemed a little off to me too. While a combat stance would have been preferable this one is okay. When compared to the male storm giant counterpart it made allot more sense. He's running around with the (about the same) leg and more chest exposure. Also his loin cloth is shorter than hers so the dress/kilt comparisons apply. So there isn't anything conceptually off with the concept art. Further going off on the tangent I don't think there is any suspicious message being presented either. If the model had been released by itself the case would have been different.


    At least we aren't seeing the weird weapon/pole-dance sculpt Rackham had when Confrontation was still being made in metal.

  5. So the pledge cycle is done and payment has been made. When does the pledge survey take place? The last information I had was something was going to be sent out when something was ready, now I can't find even that information source. Thank you in advance, peace out.

  6. The only thing that gives me pause is that there are only four male body types, I don't know how many of the combos will look 'natural'. Remembering the Wargames Factory ones, most were cool, but you could end up with some odd combos.

    You're right, repeats happen allot. I dropped $80 during Gencon at the Wargames Factory booth and walked out with 197 zombies. The main plan is to attempt to vary coloration on clothing enough to hide the similarities.


    It's funny but these remind me of the first WF zombie set. Then again if you've witnessed one undead guy in tee-shirt and jeans then you've seen them all.

  7. Almost picked that game up at Gencon. Priced was high enough to stop that, if there was time for a demo my mind may have very well been changed. The game was being played outside the convention, seeing it played in some of the hotel lobby tables and the such.


    Was this the game that had the Ash Wasteland supplement kickstarter being talked about?

  8. Some time ago (years) I was able to log onto the main website and download CAV rules. That no longer seems to be the case. Local Black Lightning reps seem to be able to do it. One of them even uses the same browser that I do.



    • “Featured Downloads” or whatever the title is does not show up when I log on
    • My log-on is valid, checked it using “lost password” and peeped my email
    • No apparent issues with my browser, Firefox.
    • No apparent issues with Norton Utilities and my firewall. It is set to notify cookie or other requests from a website. No alterts have been made when trying to log on.
    • Indavidual log-ons have been tried seperately at each area "Reaper, Warlord, CAV"

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