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  1. That is impressive. It is such a captivating piece. The paint work is superb. The cloth is great.
  2. That is awesome Inarah. Glad you are reaching out to the community. It is impressive to see the community support. Encouraging and enabling. Hopefully we get more hobbyists. I like the samurai type guy. Many of these show promise.
  3. Hello all. Been a bit preoccupied with life. Last I checked in randomness was 7 I believe. Lots of people improving. Anyone need a shoulder I am here. Any texas country men living the state of dallas or fort worth? The forum mascots brother? Cousin? John the goblin will be here in October.
  4. Ohhh!!!! It's got chicken legs!!-Gir I think you did a very excellent job painting him up. I like the semi lunatic expression of the gobbo. It looks like he's coming back to finish his prey. One thought for an added interest. Maybe if you feel confident a dark wash on his lance/spear. I think it would give it a Lil added death. But honestly it looks great.
  5. A quick tip you may or may not know. Heat up some water. Not boiling or lukewarm. But somewhere in between. Shake the can vigorously. Submerge it for roughly a minute and a half. Shake the can again. Submerge once more for another minute. Shake off the excess water and spray. It helps to atomizer the paint into a very fine pressurized mist. Hope that helps.
  6. Good work on the TMM. I concur with the sculpt of the helmet. It adds a great focal point. Looking forward to more great work.
  7. Nice painting. I like the OSL on the weapons. And the base adds to the finished model. Looking forward to more work.
  8. Buenos dias, greetings and salutations fellow reaperites. I am starting a wip for various reasons. I am trying to motivate myself to complete a few more lead/bone dollies. I hope to continue updating this as I make progress. Feedback of any kind will be greatly appreciated. Even the harshest critics. But you guys are an awesome bunch. For starters I am half way done on this Warg. Sculpted by Jason Weibe and in the bones material. I am attempting to make the warg appear if he is prowling on a moon lit nite. The shadows are a blue paint I can not recollect off the top of my head. Up next is the hell hound. The sculptor is Ben Siens and the material is bones. I am trying to give him a battle worn appearance. To give him that appearance I have painted on faint scars. Now how to improve them and give them depth is a condrum. The next one I have up to finish is a mind eater. The sculptor is Patrick Keith and another bones miniature. The mind eater is an experiment using various mediums. I am also using him to work on different forms of shading techniques. And here is two different kroids. Sculpted by Gene Van Horn and in pewter. The details are amazing. I am trying to figure out the right zombie color I want for the kroid sniper. And finally an oop rackham figure. I really like the sculpt and had bigger plans that I had to scale way back due to reality. I originally envisoned his skulls to be painted asgalaxys and a cosmic scene in the back ground. My talent is not up to par yet. Thank you for viewing. And yep, need to work on editing and pic taking more.
  9. Can not wait to see your take on this. Now another company to invest in. Those buildings look amazing. Like the cottage set as well. There is a myriad of detail.
  10. It does wonders to come here once again. Glad you got to see your kids. And your style is an inspiration to behold. Like a darker more twisted version of Norman Rockwell. The fairies look great. The garden looks like a scene from a more adventurous wonderland. I wonder how long it would take to read your wip from start to finish,, hmm. And can not wait to see your marvelous work on more future endeavors. I wonder how the stitch golems are going to turn out.
  11. O.0 wow. Good sir that is most impressive. That is some amazing terrain. Are you using rare earth magnets? What size is each tile? How much do they roughly weigh? I can not wait to see the progress on this project.
  12. We'll done. The effect is well executed. It looks good. Like how you made the mini volcano. Welcome to the forms. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Being a 'southpaw' it is hard to think how of something. This does remind me of a simpson episode. Ned flanders opens a lefty store. Left handed scissors are awesome. Doing drill and reenacting it is a pain. Everything is right handed. Loading and shooting black powder the right handed way is an adjustment I am still not adjusted to.
  14. Welcome back. It is rough when life gets in the way. I like the "snow" effect of the bases. Looks pretty convincing. I have two tips that might help. Decals are best applied over a coat of gloss. Decals also do well soaking in warm water. I do look like the look you have going for them.
  15. Well done Knarthrex. He looks menacing and a formidable foe. I like the lava effect as well. Adds to the character. The cloak and metallic portions are well done.
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